66: The Identifications

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“What are you talking about; someone kidnapped your girlfriend in this our own Napoli?” Sunday was saying as i brought out the phone and played the recorded message again.

“That voice sounds like Alaye” Sunday said after listening to the recording.

“Alaye, who is he?” I asked.

“He is a Benin boy who was smuggled to Europe here by his Army brother. He was among the people that blocked the Benin-Ore highway to attack night travelers. The Nigerian Government was looking for him but fortunately, his brother who was an Army officer smuggled him out of Nigeria. The blood of the people he killed is still disturbing him because he is always in trouble here. I heard he now works for the Mamas to shake down girls and get money from them. People fear him here” Sunday said.

Without being told, the description of the so called Alaye fitted someone who could kidnap Maria for Adesuwa. I was going to treat him as suspect number one but all other options will remain open.

“Do you know where he lives?” I asked.

“He lives here today and there tomorrow. I don’t know where he stays now. The last time i saw him was at a Child dedication party in Napoli and that was last month” Sunday continued.

“Gentlemen, i intend to locate this Alaye as soon as possible. But first of all, i have another possible lead. There is a woman called Aunty Adesuwa here. One of her girls decided to run away and begged me to help her the last time i came to Napoli” I said.

“Do you mean you have been down here before?” That was Obi.

“Yes, i met him that time at a party” Sunday said.

“Does any of you know Aunty Adesuwa?” I asked.

The ringing phone interrupted us; it was an unknown number.
I turned on the recording application again and put the phone on speak out.

“Yes” I said.

“Your money is 20,000 Euro. 10,000 for your girlfriend and 10,000 for your child; she said she is pregnant” The voice said.
He was still talking when Prince Sunday started nodding his head in confirmation that the voice belonged to Alaye.

“Why should i believe that you have my girlfriend; you stupid man” I said.
Maria cried out instantly;
the silly dog had hit her. I recognized her voice from the cry but to buy more time and make him commit more words to the recording device, i said, “Give her the phone, let me make sure it is her”.

“Baby please come and help me here, they blind folded me; it is Aunty Ade…..” The phone went off.

I was sure Maria wanted to say ‘Aunty Adesuwa’, She was the only ‘AdeANYTHING’ i took her girl and i have already started to connect her to the crime.

After replying the recorded message to my assembled group, i said, “Gentlemen, we have confirmation that the voice belongs to Alaye and we have confirmation that the Aunty Adesuwa has a hand in the kidnapping. We are going after them”

“Azubuike, i really want to help but i don’t have papers yet. If we get into trouble, i could be deported” that was Jack Solo.

“I understand you very well but there is something i want you to do for me; don’t mentioned about this problem to anybody. If you can do that, Then you have contributed to the rescue operation. When this is all over, i will call you so that we discuss the issue of your paper. You have been in this country for more than 10 years and should have some kind of papers now” I said as JS stood up and left the room.

“How do you want us to help you?” Obi asked.

“First thing is to locate Adesuwa. As soon as we have her where we want, every other thing will open up. Is there anywhere we can get a gun here?” I said.

“Gun, gun for what?” Sunday asked.

“I thought you said our Alaye is a dangerous man. You wouldn’t want to approached him without a good protective measure, would you?” i said.’

The way they both kept quiet told me that things were no longer going the way we expected.

“Sunday, i always like it better when i am not at the mercy of anybody or anything. The part two of you will play for me is just to locate where Alaye and Adesuwa kept my girlfriend, i will take things up from there” I continued.

“Man, this is Italy. There are many places we can get guns but i think it is better if we involve Police in this matter” That was Obi, contributing his own idea on the gun matter.

“That is a good idea. We will go to the Police and make a report. After that, we will continue to search for them on our own. I know i am a visitor but i will pay for every transport and food we eat in the course of finding them” I said.

They agreed.

They were more than three Police offices in Castel Volturno, according to Sunday.
“Which one is the biggest?” I enquired.

They said it was the headquarters near Via Domitiana.

We left the hotel and went to the police headquarters.

Three young black men entering any police station together in Europe was always going to be suspicious.
Every pair of police eyes at the entrance hall of the police stations were focused on us as we approached a smart young woman and asked if she spoke English; she did.

“My name is Solomon and i have come to report a possible kidnapping” I said.

She stopped everything she was doing and asked us to follow her.

“This is Detective Alex, please make your report to him” She said and left.

“Please sit down” The detective said to us.

We sat down on the long chair as he brought out a clean sheet of Police Letter-Headed paper and a pen.

“Yes” He looked up and said to no one in particular.

“My name is Solomon and this are my friends, i have come to report a possible kidnapping” I said.

“What makes you think it is a kidnapping case?” he said without writing anything on the paper.

“The suspects have contacted me through phone” I said.

“Did they contact you with a phone number?” he asked.

“No Sir, they hid the number” I answered.

“At what time did they contact you?” He asked.

I checked the call log on my phone.
“The first call was 07:14 while the second was 07:29. This morning”.

“What is your network carrier?” The police man asked.

“Orange France Sir. I live in France. I came yesterday night to visit her but she was missing” I said.

” You make a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give. The value of your life has
nothing to do with how much money you
earn; it is determined by what you give to

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  1. olenyi

    The police along side ZUBY going after alaye and Aunty adesuwa. That’s a block buster waiting to happen. Can’t wait to see the end. Someone may be deported back to Nigeria.

  2. kelechi

    Great words from a greatman. Only the matured mind will understand that quote. Have been following you from nairaland when you were updating on mazi’s thread. i have been a silient follower but, your quote brought me out. i really admire your vast knowledge in travels and experience. All of us in Jos dolph our hat for you. More ink to your pen.

  3. Crave4Stan

    I’m perplexed at characters such as JS. How is it that men like that are in Europe and I’m not? LAZINESS. 10-odd-years in Italy and didn’t hustle for papers?
    You’ve got to be kidding me!

  4. lightbearer

    ” You make a living by what you get; you make
    a life by what you give. The value of your life
    has nothing to do with how much money you
    earn; it is determined by what you give to

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