66: Monastery – Revealed At Last

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I sensed some Jealousy from Praise but i didn’t want to follow her lead.

She had suddenly wanted to know what i was discussing with a strange woman who had come to tell me how SuperHuman FR. Mbaka was.

“Nothing serious. She was just telling me how Mbaka used to climb that hill with his knees and stomach” I said.

“Its not true. He didn’t climb it with his stomach, he climbed it with his knees” Praise protested.

I asked if she had seen him doing that.

“I haven’t seen him but that is what people said”.

As we walked down the hill slowly, she asked whose picture i left at the hill.

“That’s my elder brother” I said, “He was kidnapped since two months ago and we haven’t seen him” I said.

“They killed him” Praise said.

“What?” I asked.

“He is dead. The Spirit flashed it through my mind while i was praying” She repeated.

I knew the meaning of premonition right from when i was a kid.
On several occasions, i had seen some things which would eventually happen on a later date.
Those things were never clear to me but when it eventually happen, i would easli find out that i had seen that very incident.
How this things happened was a mystery but i knew it happened.
It was one reason why i didn’t subscribe to the spirit world.
Everything from that realm had always been very vague but as soon as Praise mentioned that my brother has been killed, i began to give it a serious thought again.

Tears were running down her cheeks as we walked down the hill. I could also feel some tears forming around my eyes but i knew that it would end there.
Men were not designed to cry.
Men were designed to console women when they cried.

I wanted to ask her to tell me more about what she saw but she was crying.

“Its OK Praise. We were all born to die someday” I said as i crossed my left hand on her shoulder and tried to make her stop crying.

People were still climbing the hill while some were going down like us.
Many of them glanced at the two sinners who held each other very close.
I believed they didn’t like the idea of me holding Praise the way i did but then, i didn’t care.
If what i did was bad, they could tell me to leave the Monastery which i would do without thinking twice. However, i was sure to take Praise along with me.

Praise didn’t say anything until we got close to the Place where she left her bag and mat.

“You can go now” She said as she sat on her mat.

The whole thing she saw must have jolted her into reality.
The truth was that since i met her, i haven’t said anything about my missing brother to her.
The first time i told her was up there at the hill and that was when she told me that he has been killed.

Whether it was true or not, i was prepared for that news long before then.
I didn’t think that those who abducted the young man would keep and feed him for many weeks.
I had also believed that it wasn’t just a kidnap case. The Ransom money we paid to the bastard could have been a camouflage but whatever it was, it had happened and i was never Good at living in the past.

As i stood there looking down at Praise, i didn’t know the next thing to think about the missing guy, I didn’t know how to break such news to my Mother and my brother’s wife.

I knew that no matter how strong they believed they were, the news of the death of the young man would definitely spark up some kind of reactions from them.

I was going to continue my search but not foolishly.
I knew that time would eventually make them realise that it was impossible for the guy to still be alive.

“Praise” I called out.

She cleaned her eyes and looked at me.

“Is this where you are staying?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Why not inside the female hostel?” I asked.

“Its expensive, i don’t have that kind of money. Besides i didn’t come here to enjoy myself, i came to suffer like our lord Jesus Christ did” she said.

Yea right.
‘Just go inside the Vatican City and see how much Suffering Pope is going through’ i thought.

“How much is the money?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, you have already bought food for me” She said.


She looked up at me again.

“I asked how much is the money” i fired.

“They said i must pay 500 if i want to stay with three other people in the same room. 1000 if i want to stay with one person” She said.

“Alright, its getting dark, lets go and find you a room” I said as i held her hand and dragged her up from the ground.

We walked to the admin block and enquired for a room.
We were told the prices and we paid 1000 for one night.

I was discouraged to pay for more days because it was likely that i was going home the next day.
As far as i was concerned, i had found out what happened to my brother, he was dead.
He has been killed.
The Holy Spirit has revealed it to Miss Praise for free unlike Nwogwugu and Emeka Ozuo who want me to pay the spirit in Naira.

Not that i didn’t know it was Possible, but i never wanted to believe that they killed him.
It was just like what we saw in movies but then the only time we believe certain things was when it happened to the people we know.

Back in Praise’s little camp, i rolled her mat and picked up her bag.
We walked towards the female hostel until we got to a point where Men were no longer allowed.

I gave her her things and waved good night, then i returned back to the Men’s Hostel where my roommate was already snoring like a pig.


It meant that i wasn’t going to sleep all night.
I had always been very sensitive to noises during my sleep.

A rat couldn’t sneak past me without waking me up and there was a large Homo Sapien snoring away in the same room where i was supposed to sleep.
That was never going to work.

The first thing that came to my mind was to wake him up and suggest that we prayed all night but i was not going to do that because it meant we both won’t sleep.

‘A child that prevented her mother from sleeping will also have to stay awake’
That Igbo Adage was very clear on such matters.

I closed the door back and returned to the admin block.

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