65: The Italian Assembly

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“Prince Sunny, Its Azubuike from Germany” I said.
Funny enough, most of the people who knew me right from Nigeria believed that i still lived in Germany. The reason was because during my three and half years in Germany, i bought almost every German car in the book.
I sent Volkswagen buses, LT buses loaded with goods, Mercedes cars and two BMWs.
People knew me very much back in town then. However, what they didn’t know was that i relocated to Holland in 2007 and since then, i have been here and there.
It was good that i was still believed to be living in Germany; it made explanations easier for me.

“Heeey my guy, how are you?” Sunday Yelled.

I told him that i was OK and that i was in Venus Park Hotel in Castel Volturno. He said he would come to the hotel in the morning.

I called Jack Solo. After trying to give me reasons why he couldn’t come to see me, i told him that i didn’t come there for business rather that i was in Castel to have fun. He eventually agreed to come in the morning.

Then finally i called Obi. He said he has been trying to reach me ever since i entered Amsterdam but never succeeded.
He was very happy when i told him that i was still in Amsterdam but that i was currently in Castel Volturno. He took the hotel address and said he would be there the next day by 10am.
I was sure he wanted us to start business but he didn’t know that i stayed away from drugs long ago.
He could have told me that he had no chance to visit me at the hotel if i had told him that i was no longer dealing on drugs.

Most of Our people who lived in Europe were funny and mean. They would immediately tell you that they were not in town if you let them know you were in town without business. That was the reason why i usually tell them that i was in a hotel.

It was time to sleep but unfortunately i couldn’t. Not knowing where Maria was couldn’t allow my eyes to close and each time i tried to close them, my mind will immediately be crowded with possible imaginations of what could be happening to her and the baby in the stomach.
A baby confirmed by European hospital to be there in her stomach.

I tried to pray with my eyes open.
“God, please don’t allow anything to happen to Maria and the baby. I promise not to do anything if you keep them safe for me”

Funny enough, i was planning on how to punish Maria and now that she was no where to be seen, i forgot everything called punishment and prayed for her safe return.

I knew that women were funny sometimes; they could fake anything but i was scared because i knew that Maria had enemies in Italy. That was why i wanted her out of the Italian Mainland.

Could it be that our apartment in Levanzo has been compromised?
Time will tell but as things were at that moment, there was only one operation and that was to find Maria.
Whatever discovery i make on the way will be treated accordingly.

Since i couldn’t sleep, i walked down to the bar of the Venus Park Hotel where i lodged and bought a bottle of JW.
I drank directly From the bottle until i slept off where i was sitting on the table.

The ringing phone woke me up some minutes past 7am; it was from Jack Solo.

He said he was at the hotel reception downstairs.

“Come to Room 209” I said.
Since my squad has started to arrive, i couldn’t sleep anymore; therefore i walked to the bathroom and cleaned my face, then i returned and gulped some Johnnie Walker from the bottle; there was no drinking glass.

Jack Solo came to room 209 and sat on the long sofa near the only window.

“You look big now Azubuike. Where have you been?” JS (Jack Solo) said.

‘Yea, Jack, we haven’t seen each other since you left Nigeria many years ago’ i thought.

“Here and there Uncle Jacob” I said.

He asked where i lived now and i told him Amsterdam. I had decided that since Obi and Sunday were also coming, i would stick with one story.

“Solo, i am not particularly here for a business deal. There is a problem i want you to help me solve here in Castel Volturno. My girlfrie…” i was saying when the phone interrupted me.

It was an unregistered/Unknown number.
I immediately picked the call and switched on the recording application.

The truth was that i had been waiting for a call from an unknown number or person. I believed that if some people captured Maria, it was most likely that she will tell them about me because they were going to ask. I was the person who initiated every operation even though Maria participated in some of the operations.

There were only two groups that could have kidnapped her if it was a kidnapping case; the Aunty Joy group and the Aunty Adesuwa group.

Aunty Joy’s squared has been ambushed and destroyed in Sweden; atleast to some extent. However, Adesuwa’s group was still there and that was the reason i warned Maria to stay away from Napoli and Castel Volturno.

“Yes” I said.

“Are you Solomon?” the male voice said.

“Who is this?” I said without admitting or denying that i was Solomon.

“I asked if you are Solomon?” he said again.

“Who are you” i asked again.

“If you like, answer me or don’t. We have your girlfriend here. We will get in touch with you again” He said and cut off the call.

I tried twice to call back but the phone was switched off right after talking to me.

I replayed the recorded message to the hearing of Uncle JS.

“Uncle this is why i am here” I said as my phone started ringing again; it was Obi calling.

“I am in room 209” I said.

Five minutes after Obi arrived, Prince Sunday came too.

After hugging and greeting, Sunday drank a sip fit from the bottle of Johnnie Walker and sat down on the chair.

“Gentlemen, let me apologize by dragging you out here this early morning; especially when i didn’t come for business but it is good for us to be seeing each other in this far away land every now and then” I said.

“That’s true my brother” Obi said.

I continued, “My girlfriend has been abducted here in Italy and i believe it happened here in Castel Volturno or Napoli. She is pregnant with my kid”.

” If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. Don’t wait for things to come
to you; take your fate into your own hands.”

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