64: Touching the tail of the Tiger

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“Where is the airport here in Lille?” I said to the taxi driver who had stopped and rolled down his glass.

He said it was at a small nearby suburban town called Lesquin about 12 minutes out of Lille Centrum.

“I have your phone number, i will give you a call” I turned and said to the confused stunned girl beside me.
“I don’t even have your phone number baby” Abigail said.

“I have yours Abigail” I said as i opened the door and entered the cab.

“Take me to the airport” I said to the driver.
He rolled up his automated glass and drove off.

“She doesn’t look happy” The black taxi driver said.

“Yea” I answered and kept quiet.

“I am Julius from Ghana. You a Nigerian?” he said.

“Yea” i gave him a short answer once more.

He somehow decided not to say more as we headed to Lesquin through the highway.

We got to the airport in 15 minutes and after paying Julius, i told him to wait while i checked if there were flights to Palermo.

At the information desk, i was told there were no more flights to Palermo.

I returned to Julius and told him to take me to Brussels.
I had used trains from Amsterdam to France in the past and knew that Brussels which was along the route was very close to Lille.

Belgium was just a small country perched on the Northern part of France. Some Nigerian States were twice bigger than the country.

It took us 40 minutes to get to Brussels airport. I paid off Julius and told him to return to Lille because even if there was no flight, i wasn’t going back to Lille.
Netherlands wasn’t far from Brussels either and if there was no flight to Palermo, i may decide to sneak into Amsterdam in the night.

But then there were flights to Napoli and Palermo. I could have easily gone down to Napoli and go to Palermo as well.

The Alitalia Airliner cost far more than i wanted but there was not much i could do about it. The Italian flag Carrier wasn’t among the top airlines in Europe. It was the same thing with Spain. It reflected their economies as well because the three major airlines in Europe; The Lufthansa, The Air France and the KLM Royal Dutch were operated by the real Europeans with good Economies.
Italy and Spain were mixed races and not pure Europeans.
Italy and Spain were dominated by Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The three North African Countries were very close to the two European Countries because it was just the Mediterranean Sea that stood between them and in the case of Spain and Morocco, it was just a small body of water that separated them. One could see Spain from Morocco.

While the Europeans advanced down from France and Switzerland towards Spain and Italy, The North Africans advanced up towards the two Countries as well; therefore Spain and Italy were the buffer zones between Europe and Africa.

It was the same between Europe and Arabs. In their own case, Turkey was the buffer Zone. While half of Turkey were Europeans, the other half were Arabs. It was the reason why Europe, led by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Formerly Gerhard Schroeder Refused to allow Turkey into the European Union because it would mean to open the Turkish-Greece borders and that would automatically mean the invasion of Europe by the Arabs (I hope we are not out of line here because we are also trying to study Europe while running. I hope this will help intending travelers to know where they would be going).

We landed in Palermo airport that same evening and i proceeded to Levanzo through Trapani.

I didn’t tell Maria i was coming back. I wanted her to know that i was not happy with her over her refusal to send me money two days before.
She wasn’t in when i returned but Precious was there.

“Welcome Brother, I didn’t know you were coming back” Precious said when she opened the door.

‘Do i need permission to return here?” i wanted to ask her but remembering how i nearly lost her in the Arctic circle in Sweden, i decided to be more friendly in my approach.

“I didn’t plan for this urgent return, it just came by sudden. Where is your Aunty?” i asked.

“She went to Napoli” Precious said.

“Napoli, to do what?” i asked.

“She didn’t tell much, just that she was going to send you money through western union and meet one of her friends” she said.

“When did she leave for Napoli?” I asked.

“Day before yesterday” she said.

“What, she left since two days ago and not yet back. Did she call you?” I asked.

“Nope, i tried calling her last night but her number was switched off. I tried again this afternoon but it wasn’t going either” Precious concluded.

I abandoned every plan i had to punish Maria and called her immediately. Her number was off. It wasn’t dead battery, the battery was removed from the phone entirely.

Danger alert!
What was happening?
I warned Maria never to venture into Napoli in day time. What was she doing going there?

If not that she was pregnant with my child, i would have decided to ignore and abandon her there but remembering the little living thing i put inside her stomach, i was definitely going to do something about the situation.

“I am going to Napoli now. If she comes back before me, call me. Make sure your phone is with you every moment even in the bathroom. Wait for my calls and do as i say” I said as i left my bag right there in the sitting room and stormed outside.

It was dark when i got to Napoli. I knew that if Maria was in the area, it must have been at Castel Volturno; that was where she lived and worked.

I left the Napoli Central Train Station and took another train to Castel Volturno.
There was nothing i could do that night; i didn’t even know where to start.

I found a hotel and paid for the night; then i brought out my old Italian Sim card and started searching for the phone numbers of the people i knew in Napoli area.

Prince Sunday:
His uncle was the Igwe (traditional Ruler) of our town; that was why he added ‘Prince’ in his name.
He lived in Napoli and we met during my first visit to Maria.

Jacob a.k.a. Jack Solo:
He was also from my town and left for Italy in 1999, three years before i traveled to Europe for the first time; He never returned to Nigeria.

Another of my town guy who lived in Napoli.

I started calling them.

” If you cannot do great things, do small
things in a great way. Even if you don’t achieve any
impressive accomplishments in life, it is
important to do your best in everything that
you do, including the little things.”

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