64: The Offia Deity

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Chapter 64. The Offia Deity.
While inside the cab, i talked to Esther.
“Do you believe that God is more powerful than Olokun and all other Deities?”.
“Of course God is more powerful than anything” she answered. One thing most Africans haven’t grasped about God/Gods was that everything that was worshiped was a god. There were god of sun, god of thunder, Amadioha, Ifa, Ogba, Allah the owner os Mosques, Jehova the Christian God, Dragons the south east asians god. Budha and many more. There were thousands of Gods in our planet however every Religion claimed that their own God is the best even without a remote knowledge of other Gods. We just all meant our own Good whenever we say God.

“You are right. That is why i want you to believe that God will never allow Olokun to harm you”.

On my own part, i didn’t care if God will destroy Olokun or not. To me, Olokun had no powers whatsoever. Its powers were humans. Even the God which the Muslims and the Christians believed in, their powers were the people that worshiped them. Every power of a deity was the power of the humans that managed it. There had never been any evidence of any action done and claimed by a God without a human being doing it. I recalled back in my village when we were kids. There was a deity called Offia. A man named Onuigbo was the chief priest while Aniokafor was the assistant. It happened that whenever people came to seek for solutions from the deity, Onuigbo the Chief priest would be informed and he would in turn, take a back road to Offia Shrine. Aniokafor who was also the chief scout for the shrine, would have given Onuigbo some hints of why the people came; he would delay the people until Onuigbo gets to the shrine, then he would take those people to the shrine. Onuigbo who must have positioned himself inside a wooden cave would then tell the people why they came. The people would be surprised at how Onuigbo knew what brought them there. Onuigbo would then continue to tell them the items that was required to solve their problems. Sometimes it would include Money, rams, many tubers of yam and cocks. Onuigbo and Aniokafor lived off those items; they ate cocks and rams almost on daily basis. People believed that the deity worked wonders, they believed that it had powers and that it sees the future. However it was Onuigbo and Aniokafor that sees the future for the deity, they were the powers of Offia. There was something Africans needed to learn from the whites, it was that every single problem must come to a conclusion in time; time is the mother of every situation.

I explained to Esther that Olokun cannot come to Europe since it required Visa and flight tickets to get there. She laughed at the way i talked about the fearful Olokun without fear. After my little chat with her, she became fully convinced that Olokun had no powers. Her logic was that if someone could insult Olokun as much as i did without the deity striking me down, it was then obvious that it had no powers. Logic was a very good thing if we know how to use it.

We got to Stade de France and stopped. I figured that Nonso Ukeh as usual, would be at one of the three joints. I was right. I found him at the betting house again. We crossed the road to the bar opposite the betting house and i told Esther to wait for me there. I walked outside and stopped a cab driven by a Malian man. I asked if he understood English and he said he did.
“I want you to pick up somebody for me there at the betting house, he is inside there. I don’t want him to know that i am here. When you pick him up, drive him towards the St. Dennis station, you will see me on the road. When you get to where i am, stop and i will enter the back seat. Then i will tell you where to take us. I will pay you very well” I said. He nodded. I gave him €20 advance and told him that i will give him more later.

I went into the bar and called out Esther, then we started Walking down the road towards the St. Dennis train Station.

Hundred meters down the road, i saw the cabman positioned himself in front of the betting house, then i called Nonso Ukeh.
“I am ready to meet with you now, where are you?” he said he was in his house; damn Liar.
“Take a taxi to the Stadium, i am near the entrance. I will pay for the cab when you get here. Start coming now” i said.

Five minutes later, the cab stopped in front of me along the road. I opened the back door and entered with Esther. Nonso Ukeh was on the phone when the cab stopped.
“Hey, I will call you back” he said abruptly and cut off the phone.
“You said you are in front of the stadium” he turned to the back and said.
The driver had started moving again.
“Take us to Chateau Rouge” I said to the driver.
“Who was on the phone with you Nonso, is it one of the thugs you brought to the St. Dennis last night? There is something you need to learn about me, i know every move you make and everywhere you go, i have people who watch you and what you do. You went to the St. Dennis station with two thugs. You are in contact with Aunty Franca now and you give her information about me. You don’t have to worry again because i met her last night. I don’t need you in my way here in Paris, it will be a pity that a stray bullet hit you on the chest” i said.
He kept quiet.
“I think you are a big fool Nonso, after everything i told you before i left Paris, you are still mixing yourself up with these lazy Benin people, don’t you know that you come from Anambra state, the most industrious state in Nigeria? I don’t know how much money they promised you but if you try one more thing on me, just one more thing, i will teach you some lessons here in Paris. I think you have received my letter from the French foreign office and you want to sell it to another person, i know that is what you people do here in Paris too and I know that is the reason why you are trying to make me leave Paris. I have already found your village in Ukeh, my boys are waiting for me to give them a go ahead and they will burn down your father’s house in the village. I also told them to burn the house if they didn’t hear from me in one week” I said.

“Two of us are going to the foreign office tomorrow to ask for the update on the application. That is the only thing that will save your father’s house in Ukeh. Here is €20, it is more than enough to get you back to the betting house. Use €10 to bet on Barcelona winning against Valencia, its a sure banker” i said and told the taxi driver to stop him.
Esther and I continued our journey back to the hotel where we lived.

“You are a devil” Esther said as soon as we opened our room door.
“Yes, a very good and important devil. Do you know that without the devil, people will not respect God” i said.
She laughed for a long time and when she finished, she jumped on top of me in the bed and started kissing my lips. The inevitable was about to happen again. Even though, i vowed not to kiss any other woman i didn’t wish to keep for long but when Esther started kissing me deeper and deeper, i suspended that rule; rules were meant to be broken anyway.

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