64: If only she Knew

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Chapter 64. If only She knew.

Angel and I chatted through the rest of the evening. She had removed her trouser and was wearing a tight pant and Bikini. I had also removed my trousers and was on a boxer which revealed the small budge of my manhood.
We lay near each other on the large bed and talked about things in general. She said that i was Igbo but didn’t know the exact State of origin.
“How did you know i am Igbo?” i had asked.
She admitted that the way i talked revealed that.
“I had an Igbo boyfriend in Lagos. We dated for three months before i traveled. He said he will marry me when i return to Nigeria but i told him that i don’t even know when i will return. He is from Imo State. Which state are you from?” She had asked.
I told her i was from Imo State as well. Women were good at generalizing things. Since she dated an Imo guy and they didn’t separate until she left, i felt that she must have loved the guy; therefore i decided to become an Imo State guy that night. If i had said that i was from Enugu, she could have had a small problem with someone from Enugu which will make her believe that every Enugu person was bad. Black people were very good at generalizing things, especially the young ones.

“Wow, you are from Imo State too, that is good. Imo people are very caring. I am from Edo but i grew up in Lagos. I lived with my mother in Yaba while my father lived in the village. It was my mother who got the connection from one woman who came back from Italy. They took me to make international passport and Visa. That is how i came to Italy. I thought i was going to school but when i came, i saw the things every other girl is doing, so i joined them” She said.
“You could have told them that you are going back to Nigeria” I said.
“They took my passport when we came to Italy and I like Italy, it is a beautiful place”

“Did they take you to take an oath before you came here?” i asked.
“Yes, we went to Edo and swore an oath in the River. How did you know that?” she asked.
“I once met a girl who said that she did that before coming to Europe. She is in School now in London” i said.
“Were you the only girl Aunty Joy have?” i asked.
“No, she other girls. I think she has more than six girls, she is a rich woman” Angel said.
“Do you know any of them?” I asked.
“Yes, I know Peace, Blessing and Sharon. My Madam said that Peace and Sharon also left Italy but she didn’t tell me where they went” she said.

As we talked, our hands started misbehaving. It started with Angel who had migrated from caressing the hairs on my chest down to the hairs on the base of my manhood. I didn’t protest; i was enjoying it. She caressed the hairs until the manhood got excited and started enlarging itself.
She moved her hand from the hairs to the already standing manhood and started squeezing. It felt so good coming from the young hands of Angel and when i thought it was time to tell her to stop, she pulled out my boxers and started sucking. I guessed she wanted to impress me so that i would not go back on the promises of buying her freedom back from Aunty Joy. Little did she know that She became free the moment She told me she worked for Aunty Joy. It was extremely important that I allowed Angel to continue what she was doing; the last thing I needed was to make her lose the trust she was building on me. If having fun was going to make her travel to Sweden with me, I was going to suspend myself to that request. She was a very beautiful girl as well.

The following morning, i called the hotel restaurant and demanded for breakfast. I had seen on the paper near their room service telephone that breakfast was free. It was there that i saw the price of the wine we drank the previous night; i was going to pay €40 for the wine. It was a big amount for a bottle of wine for a black immigrant but i had some money with me and I was projecting myself as a well to do guy for Angel.
As we waited for the breakfast, i coupled back my France phone called Alicia.
She said she had a bad night and wanted to see me immediately.
“Listen Alicia, the problem you had yesterday was a set up from one woman i met in Italy. I am sorry for that and i will pay for your troubles but as it is now, we are not going to meet. I am sure the Police either tagged your phone or they are even following you; they may even be there with you as we speak. You may know or may not know about this but we are not seeing each other until i became sure that you are free from the trouble. Go back to Italy and wait for my call. The lady who tried to set us up will definitely compensate us for the troubles. She is a human trafficker and I am going to expose her soon” I said and dismembered the phone again. I added that last line just to throw the police off if they were either following Alicia or tagged her phone. I had spoken for about two minutes which wasn’t enough for the cops to pinpoint my location through GPRS If they were tracking me. They needed about three minutes to do that but one can never tell when a new and improved technology came to existence.
Angel had gone to the bathroom for her morning bath when i made the call.
As she was coming out, i called George, my Romania friend and told him to meet me at the Ibis hotel. He asked what i was doing in such expensive hotel but i laughed and told him to just come that morning.

When George came, i told him that i needed a resident permit card for Angel. He took some pictures of Angel with his phone and took €100 from me, then he disappeared.
We waited for him until around 10am when Angel’s phone started ringing. Her friends had started looking for her since she was supposed to have returned even if she slept overnight with a customer.
“Don’t tell anybody where you are, just tell them you are fine and will return in the evening or the next day. If they ask why, tell them you caught a big Mumu who has money” i said.
She told them what i said and they all congratulated her; they also asked her to make sure she drained all my money before she came back. I could hear them laughing from the other end of the phone. I wondered what they would have said if they knew that running away with my money was like running away with me.
At around 12pm, the reception called and said their computer was indicating that my bill had expired. Since i had Made the mistake of telling Angel that there was money, i needed to maintain the status quo.
“Its Ok, i will be down there to pay for a night again” I said on the phone.
I told Angel to wait while i took the lift down and paid for another night together with the wine. They asked if i needed another wine but i told them i wanted Whisky. They said Johnnie Walker was €100 and i told them i didn’t need it yet. However i walked outside to the street and bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker for €25 and returned to the hotel with it.

Angel was sleeping peacefully when i returned.

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  1. MEXY

    I have been following since Nairaland, just want thank you for keeping me in suspense, my day is never complete without numerous visit to ur site…..Okey

  2. SF-oluLESHIE

    They said Johnnie Walker was €100 and i told them i didn’t need it yet. However i walked outside to the street and bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker for €25

    this part got me laughing. . . .typical Naija man i hail oh. . .money cannot waste sh

  3. Chichi

    I wondered what they would have said if they knew that running away
    with my money was like running away with me.

    Zubbbbbbbbbbby more updates


  4. Danyyoung23

    It’s true a big fish, but it’s a fish dat swallow pple nt d one u swallow his money. We dey wait 4ur continuation

  5. bashman

    ur story is always intresting alicia will.definitly be compensated and and anty joy will be punished according to the gospel of zubby

  6. Anonymous

    They asked if i
    needed another wine but i told them i wanted Whisky.
    They said Johnnie Walker was €100 and i told them i
    didn’t need it yet. However i walked outside to the
    street and bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker for €25
    and returned to the hotel with it…………..This is Epic…..got me laughin

    g mercilessly……..

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    the story line just keeps getting interesting and captivating, atimes I wish it was a book I could divulge easily, keep it up bro…

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    More romance to the running, another imminent loss to aunty Joy is certain. Cheers!

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    Zubby continues to amaze me with his adventure, it seems the Scandinavian events would surpass others.

  11. SailorXY

    40 for the wine & 100 for whiskey?
    I can already imagine what kind of hotel it is

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    The Alicia part turned out in the way I did’nt expect. I expected her to be one of Zuby’s fish but then again, everything with Zuby is jst unpredictable.>.Kudos boss

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