63: Here is Accra

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The following day, I left for Accra without telling Daisy. She had promised to see me off but I didn’t see the need.
Before I left, I packed my car at the extreme end of our compound where it could not prevent any other car from leaving, covered it with Taupolin and left the keys for my cousin.
I also went to Trade fair complex and withdrew N200,000. I added the remaining N80, 000 I had left from my old money and changed them to US Dollars.

I boarded an ABC transport Luxurious bus and paid N5000. Beside my seat was Chinelo, an Igbo girl who claimed to be a student in Accra. She was returning to school according to her. We chatted casually until we got to Seme border where our international passports were taken from us for clearances.

Chinelo was 24 years old girl from Imo state. I didn’t believe her story of being a student judging by the kind of tattoos, lipstick and paints on her toe nails. She also wore bangles on her legs. She was more like a sexx worker in Accra but that wasn’t my business. But it was very good to be on alert.

As soon as we crossed the Seme border,more serious discussions ensured.

”What are you going to Ghana to do” she asked.
I told her I was going on vacation and that I would spend up to two weeks before returning to Nigeria.
She said serious studies had not started in school and that she would love to hang around Accra city with me..

Great! The God of Ozoigbondu had done it again.
It all seemed to me that I cannot run away from women nomatter where I run to. Although I had the options of turning down advances from girls but sometimes it wasn’t as easy as it sounded.

”I am going to stay with my cousin in his apartment. I don’t think he will like the idea of showing up in his doors with a lady” I said.

She said we could go to a cheap hotel and lodge. According to her, she knew cheap hotels where we could stay at a very cheap rate. She also said she had some money to pay.

Things were getting interesting.

”Lets see what happens when we get to Accra” I said.

We talked until she slept.
We got to Accra that evening and stopped at a place called Tudu. I called my cousin. He came with a taxi and took us to his place.
When we got to his place, he was excited to see me… I wanted to ask for permission to hang there with Chinelo but I knew that I won’t have enough space to operate. He was older than me and he had joined one Nigerian imported Church in Ghana. He could be angered by the continuous presence of Chinelo.

I gave him my bag and $1500 to keep for me, then I told him that I was going out with Chinelo and that I might not return until the next day.
I also borrowed 50,000 Ghana Cedis from him. I didn’t know what it was worth but I was sure it could be of great help.

I took $1000 with me.
It was so true that Chinelo looked fine and matured but I didn’t trust her a bit. I wasn’t scared of whatever might happen as well but it was necessary that I monitor her as much as I could.
We went took a cab down to the Kwame Nkruma park and rented a hotel near the place.

She took her bath, changed and said she was hungry. We walked out of the hotel and found a Nigerian owned restaurant.

We sat opposite each other and ate Rice with Tomato sauce and beef.

”Opportunities present themselves everyday – to everyone. We just have to be on alert and ready to act”

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