63: Power of Tricks

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“What do you want Abigail?” i said softly.

“I don’t know, please don’t leave me like this. I don’t know what got into me last night” She said and kissed me.

As soon as she kissed me, i knew that i was going to use my condom afterall.
The first thing i did was to feel my pocket to make sure the rubber were still there; Yes, they were there.

“But I..”
she interrupted me with another kiss and immediately took my bag and kept it on the table.

It was true that i anticipated what she was doing but she was faster than i thought.

“I really liked you and wanted you to sleep in my place yesterday but i was ashamed at myself. I could bear starting all over again when you returned with the condom. That was why i did the stupid thing. It won’t happen again” she said as she started removing my pullover.

It didn’t take Abigail long to strip me naked and started sucking on my manhood.
I believed she was going to do everything to please the richest African Bachelor in France.
Money was such a good thing afterall.

I got dragged into the act at a stage and quickly forgot that she locked me out the night before.
As i fumbled with her boobs, my mind raced down to Italy like Valencia Rossi on a Power Bike.
I wondered what Maria would do or say if she finds out what i was doing in Lille.
To justify what i was doing, i convinced myself that it served Maria right. She has refused to send my money to me just to bring me down to Italy.
I was due to visit her in the Levanzo Island but she didn’t have to punish me by refusing to send me money even when she didn’t know what i was going to do with it.

“Ahh” I shouted as she swallowed the entire length of my manhood in her mouth. The act had quickly brought me back Lille from Italy. I was supposed to enjoy the moment and think later not the other way round; therefore, i pulled her up and sat her on the bed.

She stated removing her pullover as i picked up my trouser and brought out the condom from.
I tore one and slipped it into my manhood to prevent me from contacting whatever dangerous thing i could get from the South African Bitch.
Not that i trusted condoms that much but at least the manufacturers said it prevented diseases and unwanted pregnancies. If the whites who manufactured them for themselves said that it did all that; then i had no reason to doubt them especially at that very moment when my manhood has stood up and was nodding like Agama Lizard.

Despite all her please about not ever going to hurt me again, i already knew that our journey was going to end there in that hotel unless there was a reason to return to Lille again.

A well shaven cunt greeted me as Abigail threw her trouser on the bed.

“Lie on the bed” I said.

She lay on the bed with her back and spread her legs to expose the red lips of her cunt.
I slowly slipped two fingers into the slippery cunt and hit the clitoris on my way in and out.
If whatever stubborn disease she carried can get to me through the thick strong fingers, Then there was no hope for mankind because i was sure my fingers were trained by the harsh dangerous environments of the African Continent.

“Baby baby” she shouted from a muffled mouth as i vibrated my fingers inside her cunt in a bid to trunk her on.

It took me about two whole minutes to work on her and brought her to the state of mind and body i wanted her to be; then i turned her around, put two pillows under her stomach to bring up the hips.
The wet cunt opened up from behind as i spread her legs slightly, then i mounted her easily and slowly and pumped away.

One of my legs was on the ground while the other one was on the bed to give me a perfect position for the job ahead.

Abigail cried out as i hit her from behind.
“I love you baby” She said over and over again while i pumped her from behind.

I didn’t give a single thought to her ‘I love you baby’ because it was either that she was saying it out of the excitement and sun coming from my manhood or she was trying to keep the richest African Bachelor in France for herself. It was left for me to find out later but at that moment, i needed to do my job.

About five minutes into the pumping, i pulled out and lay on my back while she climbed me.
She slowly guided my manhood into her cunt and with her two hands on my chest, she started raising her hips up and down.
She started slowly but eventually increased the tempo.

I tried very hard to muffle the moans coming out of my mouth but it was difficult because i have not had such excitement for long.

“Fvkk me harder” I managed to say when it was obvious that i couldn’t hold it any longer.

She pumped and vibrated her waist to send a new kind of ecstasy through my spines.

Each time i was on my back during sex, i hardly released sperms on time and that was what happened in Abigail’s case because the moment i sensed that she was getting tired of raising her hips up and down, i pushed her down on her back and climbed her from the front; the good old dependable missionary style.

I pumped her hard as she cried out severally until i felt the sperm finally coming down through the opening of my penis.

As soon as i poured the liquids inside of the runner, i remained on top of Abigail and breathed heavily until i gathered enough strength to get up; then i pulled her up and we went to the bathroom together.

We mixed the hot and cold water and took our bath together while we kissed and touched.

When my manhood eventually got up again, she went to the room and get another condom.

After putting on the rubber, i raised her left leg and held it high with my right hand to expose the dripping cunt. Then i slowly slipped my manhood into her again and started pumping slowly.

It took us more than ten minutes before i released for the second time and brought her leg down.

We finished our bath and left the hotel together.

“Where are you going now?” She asked as soon as we got down to the road.

“Italy” I said.

Abigail stared at me as i flagged down a cab.

” The best way to predict the future is to
invent it. Your life is not decided by fate;
you must create the future you want by taking
the right actions now.”

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    @holabiyi u knw I came first,cuz I read d update before commenting,BUT u I doubt if u read b4 commenting well shea I wil mange STC

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    BTW the seven time moto gp champion is VALENTINO ROSSI.

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