63: Meeting the Angel

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Chapter 63. Meeting the Angel.

“Where are we going?” she asked me as we waited for a cab.
“St. Dennis, do you know the place?” i said.
She said she knew the area but not too well.
“You will give me transport money back here tomorrow; it is a far place” she said again.
I told her that won’t be a problem. As she thought about transport money back to Marcadet, i thought about how to convince her to run away with me. She was very young like the girls I had moved from the streets.
“What is your name?” I asked as soon as we both entered the back of the cab.
She said her name was Angel.
“Do you mean Angelina?” I asked sarcastically.
“No, just Angel” She said and smiled.
I told her it was a nice name and then i asked her age.
She said she was 18 but i didn’t believe her. She looked less than that but i guessed she was among those who were warned by their madams not to disclose their real ages to strangers. I was going to find out before she leaves the next day; if she leaves.
We talked about irrelevant issues until we got to the Vast compound of Hotel Ibis Paris.
“Is this where you are staying?” Angel asked as i paid the cab off.
“Yea, don’t tell me you don’t like it” I said sarcastically.
“No, i mean it is a very expensive big place. It is only rich people that stay in places like this” She said.
Immediately she mentioned rich people, i saw an opportunity to exploit her. There was need to claim that I was a rich man; women didn’t give a damn about poor men.
“Well maybe i am a rich person” I said and smiled as i held her hand and walked alongside her like lovers towards the large reception hall.
There were men in Black standing at intervals of ten or twelve meters all around the place; my guess was that they were the secret service men protecting the Senegalese President or may be there was another high profile personality in the hotel.
I didn’t care as I and Angel walked to the automatic door which opened itself for us to enter.
We walked to the reception and picked up my key card; then we took a lift to room 712 on the 7th floor where my room was located.
We got into the large room and removed our winter coats instantly; the room was warm due to the working electric heater.
“I like this place. What is your name? Sorry i haven’t asked you” Angel said.
“Call me Austin. I like it here too and that is why i stay here anytime i come to Paris” I said.
“Where do you live Austin?” She asked as i took her hand bag and dropped it on the table, it opened and I saw packs of condom inside it.
“My Angel, I live everywhere. I live in hotels most of the time but i have an apartment in Germany and Sweden. You can follow me to any of them if you want because i like you” i said.
“Wow, that is good but i can’t travel; i don’t have papers to travel out of Paris” She said.
“Listen Angel, I have money and connections; i can get you temporal travel documents anytime i want” I said.

“But my Madam will not be happy if i leave Paris” She said.
“Your Madam, what do you mean by that?” I asked.
She said there was a woman who brought her from Italy to Paris a few weeks back. Her name was Aunty Joy.
I asked where the Madam lived and when she said it was in Italy, my heart skipped. I wanted to ask her which part of Italy the Aunty Joy lived but that was too forward. I needed to find that information out through the back door.
Could it be that Angel was working for Aunty Joy? Maria had said that Joy bought girls off other traffickers and send them to other Countries. She was apparently building a large empire with the money she stole from the dead business man.
“So where do you stay here in Paris?” I asked trying to change the topic slightly from Aunty Joy.
She said she lived with one of Aunty Joy’s friends in Paris who also had two girls of her own; she lived with the two girls in the same room.
I asked the name of the Madam who accommodated her in Paris but when she mentioned an unfamiliar name, i knew that i was in for another big run.
“When did you come to Europe?” I asked her as we sat on the large sofa in the room sipping a bottle of wine found in the hotel fridge.
She said she arrived two months ago but lived for five weeks in Venice before she came to Paris.
“Did you live with Aunty Joy in Italy?” I asked trying to make the necessary connections by myself.
She nodded and said that i was asking too many personal questions.
“I am sorry for those questions but when i like somebody so much like I do to you now, i normally ask questions” I lied.
I had already made connections between Angel and Aunty Joy. She worked for Aunty Joy but i needed one last confirmation.
I put on my phone and checked Aunty Joy’s mobile phone number, It ended with 638.
“Let me see your phone, i don’t like it. Anybody who is my friend should be using a better phone” I said as she handed me her phone.
“I don’t have money like you to buy expensive phone” she was saying as i scrolled down and found ‘Aunty 1’ written on her phone book. The number also ended with 638, it was the devil quite alright.  She had just landed in a bigger trouble which meant that her money has increased by another €10 000. It was a coincidence that i bumped into one of her girls again but everything we did was predestined. It was said that when the gods wants a dog dead, they first of all stop it from perceiving the smell of feaces.

“I am going to call my friend who will get a traveling card for you. You will follow me to Sweden tomorrow or next. When we get there, i will find a good school for you” I said.
She thanked me but said that her Madam won’t allow that.
“My Madam will not like that. She said i will pay her €50,000 before i could become free to do what i like” she had said.
“For the three weeks you have spent in Paris Streets, how much money have you saved?” I asked quietly.
She said she had saved €600 since she didn’t go to work daily.
“At that rate, you are going to pay her up in 7 Years time. Remember they are going to be days when you get sick and tired. They are also times when you are going to lose money from men who won’t pay you after sleeping with you. You will be tired of life before you pay up” I said.

I told her not to worry about that because I was willing to help her pay up the whole money once.
“I will get the money and invite your Madam to pick it up in Sweden but you must not tell anybody that you are traveling. Your Madam must not know, she will really stop you if she knows because she won’t allow you to be free even if you finish paying her that money in 7 years time. I want to make you my girlfriend when we give your Madam the money and i don’t want anybody to know about it. You are the most beautiful Nigerian girl i have seen here in Europe” I said as she smiled and caressed the hairs on my bare chest.
“But the oracle will kill her if she refuse to let me go after paying her the money” she said. That was a new one to me. I never knew those evil women also told the girls that they themselves were also bound by the oath agreement, just to make them stick around.

Maria called me but i didn’t answer her. I sent her a text message telling her that i was in Paris and will be in Sweden in a day or two. I also sent a text telling her that i was coming in with a new catch from the street.
When she replied the text message, she said that i should have avoided picking up another person until we settled the deals we already had; only if she knew who was coming with me.

“We are not having Sxs this night, You are no more a prostitute from now” I said to Angel.
She looked surprisingly at me and said,
“You are flattering me”.

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