62: Small Fish in a Big Net

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“Mr. Mykail, i am not interested in meeting you.
Search your phone and locate the phone number of the lady who called you by 8pm last night. The lady who went with me to the Kinepolis, call her and visit her place. Tell her that i forgot some money in your car and that you have been trying to reach me without success. When you get to her place, give her half of the the money i gave you and leave. I will call and tell her where to bring the money for me. The amount will be €1750. That is what it will cost you if you don’t want to go to jail in this Country” I said.

Immediately after talking to the taxi man, i left the hotel with my bag and took a cab to a small hotel i saw near the Pharmacy where i had gone to buy Condom the previous night.
I wanted to be very close to where Abigail lived.

As soon as i finished paying €40 for a night in the hotel, my phone rang; It was Mr. Mykail the taxi driver.
He said that Abigail wasn’t answering her calls.

“Send her a text message, maybe she doesn’t answer strange calls” I said.

When i finished settling down in the hotel, i walked down to the streetlight pole where i had thrown the condom i bought and luckily for me, the condom was still there. However, people had thrown some dirt on it but it was still good.
I picked it up and removed the pack, then i threw the four pieces of rubber strewn together into my pocket. A white woman was there watching me as i threw the something inside my pocket, she nodded in disbelief as i walked back towards my hotel room.

An hour later, Mykail called and said he has given the money to the girl. He wanted to know if i could give him the recorded message but i told him that it wasn’t necessary since i could duplicate it if i wanted to still go to the police.

“Mr. Mykail, we will still do business but you must always tell me the truth. If you want to cross anybody for me, you must tell me the method of transport first so that we can negotiate the process based on the kind of vehicle” I said.

Before we finished, i told him to send me the Abigail’s Phone number. He wanted to ask questions about why i didn’t have her number but i cut the call.
He sent the phone number immediately.

There was only one road that led from Abigail’s apartment to the major road where the Police had stopped me. It was the same road that passed through the Pharmacy and my hotel; there were some other shops along the road as well but i chose an open bar to wait for Abigail to either come in or go out.

I didn’t want to go to her house because Mykail could decide to get smart and ambush me somewhere. One thing i was sure of was that he knew i was going to meet with Abigail for my money. I didn’t want to neglect his intelligence and capability by taking the chance of going to Abigail’s apartment with hope that he won’t be anywhere near there.

The window where i sat and drank beer while waiting for any movement by both Mykail and Abigail was good enough.
I was even Ready to go and withdraw the money at the western union and fly away to Italy like a bird if i suspected that something was fishy.
I would call Abigail to send me the money hoping that she would do so and if she didn’t, i would threaten her with coming to The Lille University of Technology and Science to cause a scandal for her. But still yet, it was very important that i picked up the money while i was still there because money and women were just like Rats and Smoked fishes.

I waited for about thirty minutes before i saw our girl Abigail coming down fast from her apartment to the road; she was with a large handbag.

I finished my beer quickly and got outside before she got to the front of the bar.

“Hello Abigail” i said.

She stopped abruptly and stared at me.

“It was so nice for me to sleep at this bar yesterday night. I thought we were African brother and Sister. Well i was wrong but we must move on. You have a big bag, are you going for shopping?” I asked.

She started weeping like a 10 year old girl who lost her mother.

“There is no need to cry, you are now involved with the Mafias in this town. I already sent one of their taxi  operators to come and know where you live with the pretence of giving you money to keep for me. I am sure you met with him” I said.

“It is a lie, he said you forgot the money in his cab” she said amidst tears.

“People don’t forget such amount anywhere for hours” i said.

People were already staring at us.

“Lets leave here first, people are staring at you” I said as i held her right hand and led her down to the hotel room where i was lodged.

She followed me up to my room without putting up any kind of resistance.

“Here is the deal” I said as soon as she stopped weeping.

“I will tell the Mafias to forget about you because i still like you so much and you are still an African Sister. But you have to first of all, tell me what happened between us last night” i said.

“I am Sorry for what i did. It was just that i was no longer in the mood to have sex when you returned. I was angry with myself for not allowing you to have sex with me without sending you out to the cold to get Condom” She said.

“Lies” I interrupted.
“I don’t like liars. You are such a beautiful girl and it would be a shame if you resort to a life of lies. Let me have the money, it belongs to the Mafias”

She handed the stark of money to me and bent her face down towards the floor in shame. She was apparently going somewhere with the money.

“Here” I said as i handed her a 100 Euro note.

Her eyes opened wide as she grabbed the money.

“That is for you. As a student, you must need money but it is a pity you just lost one of the richest African Bachelors here in France. Forget that i am in this hotel, i came here this morning to wait for you and now that i have found you, i am leaving here. If you want us to settle this matter between us, you must visit me in Paris or Italy” I said as i got up and picked up my Red Samsonite bag.

“Please wait, I am sorry” she said as she got up and hugged me; She held me that way for long.

“What do you want Abigail?”

“Challenge yourself with something you
know you could never do, and what you’ll
find is that you can overcome anything. By attempting something really
difficult and outside of your comfort zone, you
will discover how strong you really are”

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