62: The Enemy you Know

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Chapter 62: The enemy you know.

“It is a pity that at your age, your best friends are condoms of different makes. Your mates are gaining admissions into different universities all over the World while you lie naked on the bed waiting for me to open one of this things and use it on you. Esther there is something you need to know about me, I am not interested in sleeping with you. I will give you your money before you leave here but I won’t touch you. Money is important in life but not important enough to waste your life. In the long run, nobody will remember you for being a prostitute in the streets of Europe. You may be telling yourself that when you are free from your Madam, you will then return to school and get a degree but the truth is that when you finish with your Madam, you will just become another Madam and on and on. This is the last time I am going to ask you to leave this prostitution business, it is something you will regret later. You are not my sister and I guess you don’t believe I have the right to advice you. The only reason i am even telling you about this is that your Madam is going to pay for every expenses in the course of your transition to a new line of work” I said.

Esther was already naked and ready for action on the bed but after my little speech, she started to cry. I liked it when they cry because it meant that something inside them had started to disagree with what they were doing, something like that must happen before they can change. It is the same for all of us; something deep had to happen but sometimes, our ego won’t allow us to welcome such things.
“Put on your cloths back, we are going out, when we return, we will finish our little chat” I said again as i threw her cloths to her.
After crying for about five minutes, she put on her cloths and refused to go anywhere with me; she just lay on the bed and closed her eyes.
“I am going out now, you can call your Madam and tell her that you have located me again. One thing i am sure of is that everything i am doing is just for your own good. I am not doing them just to sleep with you and i believe you have just found that out” I said. I picked up her phone, opened the door and locked it from outside, then i walked downstairs to the small bar opposite the hotel. The French barman asked what i wanted and i requested for a bottle of Johnnie Walker. He brought it to me with a receipt, it was far more expensive compared to what i paid for it in shops but i wasn’t going anywhere outside that vicinity that night. I had a feeling that some dangers were lurking around the Mercadet area.
After drinking for about an hour, her phone rang; ‘Mummy’ was written on the screen. I picked the call and said ‘hello’.
“Who is this?” the Voice asked, it was a female voice. Due to the fact that a name was used to save the number, i couldn’t see where the call came from. It could have been from Nigeria or there in France. As a result, i decided to play safe first.
“I picked this phone up and don’t know the owner, Please do you know who the owner is?” i asked.
“It belongs to my girl, please where are you?” she said.
“I am in Paris, where are you?” i asked. She said she was at home near Porte de Clichy Station in Paris. I told her that i could take a cab to the place if she would pay for my transport, she agreed.

I walked back upstairs.
“Get up Esther, we are changing hotels” I said.
She slowly got up and picked up her bag. She didn’t ask me why we were changing to another place, she didn’t ask where we were going, she just picked up her bag and asked about her phone. I told her that it is in my pocket already, she didn’t ask me to give it to her. Things were becoming strange already and i hated strange circumstances. I liked it more when i have complete knowledge and understanding of every circumstances i was getting involved with.
We got downstairs and walked out into the street from the hotel which was between two major streets. The street on the right was where we had come from and was the one that led to the prostitution arena in Marcadet. We took the street on the left and stopped a cab. During my first visit to Aunty Franca in Clichy, i had noticed some cheap hotels around the area she lived. There was one about 20 meters opposite her building which had two tall trees in front of it. The trees were as tall as the windows of the second floor.
We took a taxi to the hotel and stopped.
“What are we doing here? this is where my Madam lives” Esther said, it was the first thing she had said since we left the hotel.
“You mean Aunty Franca, i know she lives there” i said as i pointed to the house where Franca lived.
We entered the hotel and walked to the receptionist who was half asleep.
“Monami, i need a room in the second floor where i can be able to watch the road, i like the views outside” I said. After checking the list in front of him, he picked up a key from the rafters and pointed to room 21 on the list.
“How much is the room for a night?” i asked.
“€40” he said.
“What if i want to rent it for one week?” i asked.
He said i could pay €35. I counted five pieces of €50 notes and handed it to him. He returned €5 to me and said ‘good night’.
I picked up my red bag with one hand and with the other, held Esther’s hand as we walked up the wide stairs to the second floor. As soon as we got up, i opened the curtains on one of the windows and viewed the entrance of Aunty Franca’s building. One of the branches of the trees covered the view slightly but i could see the entrance to her house clearly. There was a white electricity bulb hanging in front of the entrance which allowed me to see the place clearly. As soon as i was about to close the curtain again, Esther’s phone rang in my pocket. It was the ‘Mummy’ once more. I picked up the call and put it on speakout. Esther looked at me with wide eyes.

“Where are you now? I am waiting in place de Clichy” Aunty Franca said.
“Start Coming to Porte de Clichy Station, i will be there soon” i said and hung up.

“Come on and stay here, I want to show you something” i said to Esther. She hesitated a bit before joining me on the window.
“What do you want to show me?” she asked.
“Just watch your Madam’s house. She will come out in a short while” I said.

Five minutes later, Aunty Franca came out of the house with her phone perched on her left ear. I wondered who she was calling, my guess was the thugs.

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