62: All animals are equal

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Chapter 62. All humans were created equal.

The police opened the male toilet and checked but found nobody. The Ivorian Woman cleaning the female toilet had opened the door slightly and pretended that she was cleaning the entrance of the door. She didn’t even look up to know what the cops were doing. The police didn’t ask the old man anything as well, they just walked outside to the front the bar where the ladies were standing.
Alicia was in handcuffs. A third police officer had joined them from no where and was standing with the ladies outside. I had opened my door slightly and peeped as they stood outside the bar and wondered where i had disappeared to.
All of a sudden, Alicia said something and pointed down towards where our hotel was located. They waited for a few minutes before a Police van arrived; then they entered and drove down towards the hotel.
I quickly walked out of the bar since i already paid for my drinks.
I left my Red Jacket and my cap inside the ladies toilet and walked quickly towards the opposite direction from where they went.
As soon as i crossed the barber shop, i turned left and walked into a street i didn’t know. I needed to go off the major road. The major road led straight to Marcadet from Gare du nord; i had figured that it was a matter of time before i ran into a familiar face.
Who were those two ladies who came with Police to the western union. They were Nigerians apparently judging by their dress style. I was sure Aunty Joy sent them.
As i disappeared deeper into the street, i wondered what was going to happen with Alicia. She had just gotten herself into a trap set for me. The good news was that she had European Passport; the cops were not going to deport her to anywhere. All she needed to do was to tell them that a man sent her to receive the money for him; which i was sure she already told them. They would take her name and allow her to go. I was secured because Alicia didn’t know the real names in my resident card and passport. She knew me as Austin and that was it. The cops can go and arrest every Austin in town for all I cared.
Right from my days in Berlin, i knew how dangerous it was to withdraw money from Western Union especially when it was from a shady business. There were some alarm systems installed in all major western union outlets which could alert the Police if activated. Two of my friends had been victims of such things back in Germany. It was all over Amsterdam as well. The Police arrested people daily due to the high withdrawal rates from western union by blacks in Amsterdam. Most of the black drug dealers in Amsterdam used western union to receive their money from neighbouring countries since they had no documents to travel there. I did the same thing during my time in Amsterdam but i usually traveled to a small town to pick up the cash. When it comes to my security, I was usually clever.

I picked up a taxi and asked him to drive me to St. Dennis area which was very far from Paris Gare Du Nord where Police and the women were looking for me. At St. Dennis, i located the famous Hotel Ibis Paris, one of the largest in the entire Paris. I went inside and paid for a night there. The move took my €320 for the night but i didn’t care; the room was meant for human beings and the last time I checked, I was one of them. It was time to have some real relaxation from the streets; hardship and poverty had configured my mind to think that cheap hotels were better. I was sure the Police won’t be searching for a young black immigrant there.
The room i paid for was huge with bed for four people, wall mirror, reading Desk and lamp, a large wardrobe that could swallow every cloth in a boutique, a large television that could host a cinema hall and some other things i didn’t need. It was very bad to sleep in such a room alone; i needed to invite a girl to share that life with me. I decided to go out and pick a girl up in the street but first things first, it was time to have a chat with Aunty Joy.

I switched on my Swedish phone and called her.
“Eh Austin, your phone was off since evening. Have you received the money?”
“I don’t like silly questions Miss Joy. You and I are into the same kind of hustling here in Europe. You set up a trap for me but it caught someone else. That is one of the things i am capable of doing. We are going to try again but you will add €5 000 to the money; it will be used to take care of the girl your gang and the Police arrested at the western union outlet. Go and withdraw the money you paid to the western union, i will tell you where to send it again” I said.
“I didn’t send any…” She was saying when i cut off the line. I didn’t want to allow her lies and denials to drain my phone battery. She tried to call again but i didn’t answer her.

It was already dark when i took the lift and got down to the ground floor of the hotel. There was some group of black men in Suits, all gathered around one elderly man at a special carved out area near the bar. The light wasn’t very bright but a closer look revealed that the man was a very important person.
A security man had directed me straight out of the hall as soon as i got out of the lift.
“What is going on Sir?” I had asked him as he followed me towards the exit.
He said that the Senegalese President was there; bunch of Idiots.
I shook my head in disbelief and walked to the desk where i left my key card before going outside. There were cabs and more security men waiting for passengers at the front of the Ibis Hotel. I walked up to one of them and asked him to take me to Marcadet.
We arrived at Marcadet around 9pm. The usual girls where all over the place even in that cold condition.
As i was about to approach one of them standing in a dark corner, my phone rang; it was Alicia.
“Where are you Austin?” She shouted.
“Paris, I am still in Paris Alicia. Where are you?” I returned.
She said that she was arrested by some Police men at the Western Union and taken to their station.
“They left me a few minutes ago. Where are you?” She had said.
“We can’t meet now Alicia. Go back to our hotel and sleep there, i will find you in the morning” I said.
Immediately i finished answering the call, i switched off my phone and removed the battery and simcard from it.

“Hi, i need a beautiful girl for the night and i think you are the one i am looking for” I said to the teenage girl standing on a dark corner.
“You sound like a Nigerian” She said.
“Yes, i am and i know that you are too. How much do i pay you for the night” I asked.
“€300” she said.
“I will give you €200, lets go” I said.
She followed me down the road where we waited for a cab.

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