61: The Expensive Message

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“Passeport S’il Vous Plait” one of them said.

They were two of them; very huge men that could defeat Samuel Peters in a boxing contest on a good day.
The worst part of the whole issue was that i didn’t know good French yet i was expected to know it since i had their resident permit. I knew the basic such as ‘how are you’, ‘thank you’ and the likes but i could not strike a good cohesive conversation in French.

Of course i knew that i was standing at an odd place in an odd hour. I definitely knew how the European Police operated.
They needed to know who i was and possibly take my name so that if there was any crime committed in that area that night, i would be arrested to explain more, what i was doing there by that time of the night.

I didn’t say one word as i brought out my resident permit card and handed it over to them.
One of them took it to the car and after checking it on the Central Database, he came back and handed it back to me.

“Que Faites-vous ici?” One asked me again.

I didn’t know what he said but i believed he was asking what i was doing there.

“Sir, i don’t speak good French” I said.
I avoided asking if they spoke English because some European countries were very angry at how English Language dominated their own languages.
I knew this because there was a business conference held in Germany where the richest French business man stood up to address the audience and started speaking English. That act angered the then French President Jack Chirac who stood up and left the conference venue. When question on why he did that; he said that he never expected the Richest man in France to use English to address the public.

I was intelligent enough to know when to avoid anything that could attract beating from the authorities. I never forgot the fact that when covered, it was usually safer to play to the rules of foolishness which i personally created for myself.
It was true that human rights were practiced in Europe but first of all, they had to regard you as a human being before giving you human rights. This is one thing most of the African living in Europe didn’t know.
Most of the white pigs never regarded us as humans; therefore asking for human rights was a silly thing to do. We needed to be recognized as equal humans first before demanding for rights in a foreign land. Those skin heads regarded their dogs more than Africans and the rest of the black race.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in English.

Great! He wasn’t going to press on why i couldn’t speak French while i lived there.

“I came to visit my girlfriend” I lied, Or was it the truth?

“Are you waiting for her out here?” He asked.

“No, i am waiting for a cab here. I have finished with her” I said and smiled foolishly.
I wanted to create the impression that i just finished having sex with her and trust me, it worked because they both looked at each other and smiled.

“It is late and this place is dangerous. The bad people could attack you here” he said. “Can you please drop me off at the bus station?” i asked as they opened their doors to enter the car.

They looked at each other as the driver nodded to the other guy who returned to me and searched me thoroughly before asking me to enter the car.
I believed they wanted to make sure i had no dangerous weapon with me.

As they drove me towards the bus station. I thought about the reason why all those things were happening. There was only one answer; Abigail.
The South African insane bitch had refused to open her door for me after spending over forty minutes looking for condom in the rain.
I felt it was one of the reasons why the Arabs turned violent against some girls in Europe. They won’t try that rubbish with an Arabic fellow because he would definitely get violent but as a Black Man from one Nigerian hills, i knew my boundaries.

The cops dropped me off near the Gare du Lille when oil told them the name of he hotel where i was lodged.

There were night cabs at the  station; therefore i took one and went back to my hotel.

The first hinges i did was to check the remaining money with me. I have always been in the habit of counting and re-counting my money regularly each time it remained small. I never ever wanted to be caught unawares when it concerns money.

I spread everything on the bed and counted them. For the fact that i saw only 20, 10 and 5 euro notes reminded me that i was getting empty and very fast.
The money on the bed was €80 and some coins.
The South African Bitch has taken a large chunk of my money and after sending me to the rain in a wet night in Northern France, she decided to shut me out of her room.

There and then, i decided that it wasn’t over between us yet.
I was going back to get to that pussy or get my money back; there was no two ways about it but first of all i needed to get my hands on money.

That brought me back to the recorded message on my phone. It was time to deal with the Taxi driver but i needed to sleep first; it was almost midnight by then.

I slept with my Jeans on and prayed that the next day came quicker. When i woke up and checked the time on my phone, it was 20 minutes to 4am. I had hissed and went back to bed.
All effort at sleeping again proved abortive until it was around 5:30 am, then i called the Taxi driver with another phone.

“Monami Listen carefully to this recorded message” i said as i played the recorded message to him on the phone.

“How did you get this” He asked after listening to it.

“Don’t ask silly questions because i don’t have time to answer them. I am taking this message to the police. Make sure you leave France because they will smoke you out from wherever you and you must explain to them who gave you the authority to cross illegal immigrants to the United Kingdom. I am sure the Scotland Yard of London would also be interested in this case” I said.

“My friend, don’t go to the Police please. Tell me where you are and i will come” He said on the phone.

” What lies behind us and what lies before
us are tiny matters compared to what lies
within us.
Your character is far more
important than your past or your future; it’s
who you are that matters, not what you’ve
done or will do”

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