60: The Art of Argument

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Stella spent up to 20 minutes before saying anything about the feud between us. I was good at playing blame games and the secret was never to admit you were at fault. Argue! Argue!! Argue!!!.

”I followed you to the Church and you abandoned me there because I greeted a woman and her daughter. If I had greeted a man and his son, would you have squeezed your face before asking who they were?” I said.

”you should have simply told me about them when I asked” she countered.

”Stella, at this stage of our lives, we owe each other nothing, not even an explanation. We are not married or engaged. We are just two different people trying to come together and form a unit. I cannot say anything because it would make you feel happy. Your friend asked who I was back at the birthday but it was difficult for you to say that I was your boyfriend. You even said that I was just a tenant in your house. We must learn to have patience while we study each other. I had friends before you came into my life. I cannot just call them and demand that they stop talking to me just because I had found a beautiful angel like you. Sometimes angels also misbehave. Remember that lucifer was an angel of God before he misbehaved” I said.
I had decided to include Lucifer and God because that was the only language Nigerians understood.
Little wonder why they made their pastors the richest all over the world.

When I finished talking, she stood up where she was and walked to me and sat on my laps. Her right had had crossed my neck and she was looking in my eyes. The alcoholic in the mixture had started work on her.

”Baby I am sorry, it won’t happen again. I didn’t know what came over me and made me leave you in the church. Please forgive and forget” she said amidst small tears.

Damn! These girls knew how to confuse people. What was I supposed to do with my Daisy, I had started to love her and she was totally obedient and loyal, respectful and charming. I had risked making love with her without condom. What if she got pregnant? No No No! Stella was already late in this game of love and no emotion can make me turn my back on Daisy now.

”Its ok baby” I said, slipping my left hand around her waist.

I knew she had come for sex judging by what she was wearing and turning her down was out of question. However my mind had decided that the best thing for me to do was to leave town temporarily. Daisy was looking for admission into the University while Stella was already in the University. It was only a matter of time before one of them leaves town as well but it would be extremely dangerous for me to stay around. As a result, I decided to leave town but not before I tapped that soft ar.se sitting on my laps.

Her mouth lowered to mine as soon as I told her that everything was alright. The gin and juice had knocked her a little towards the direction of being Hot and it was all written all over her face.
We kissed and touched the private parts..

I had slipped my hand up her T shirt and squeezed her two pointed bosoms regularly while her mouth was busy with mine.
Suddenly I stood up while carrying her, turned and laid her on the long sofa. I opened the two buttons that held her bumshot and pulled it out of her legs. Stella was wearing no underwear. The special child of God, the Chapel specialist had come nakkeed to my flat.

”Some things are better than sexxx and some are worse than it, but there is nothing exactly like it”

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