60: Time to start drifting around

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Chapter 60:

Since i wasn’t doing anything in Belgium, i started making some unnecessary phone calls. On one of those calls, i had contacted Chinelo in Lagos. She was in jubilant mood but first, she blamed me for not calling her for long. I had changed my phone and didn’t give out the numbers to Chinelo and my Cousin Andy.
According to Chinelo, they had asked for my number from my elder brother who claimed that he didn’t have the new number as well.
There was some good news in the air. Chinelo was getting married and it was to Andy my cousin.
I had hoped and waited for that news but ofcourse i wasn’t going to enforce my wish on anybody. They had already gone to Imo state for introduction.
Chinelo couldn’t contain her excitement as she told me everything that has happened during the period they didn’t have my phone number. She was already two months pregnant and the traditional/Church wedding was coming up.
After talking to Chinelo, i called Andy who also confirmed everything Chinelo said.
I called my mother in Enugu and she also confirmed that the wedding was coming up.

I called Okey in Jakande estate and asked him to release the bank Cheque i had signed for their wedding. I also called my account officer and gave him instructions to confirm the cheque for them.
I was happy for them, especially for Chinelo. The young lady was doing well. She had opened up her own beauty Salon somewhere in Tedi.
Andy, for some reasons best known to him, had decided to relocate back to Tedi in Ojo area. It was around the area we both lived together but not the same building. They had rented two rooms and parlour apartment and lived together. I had also told them to take over everything i left behind since i was sure i wasn’t going to stay in Lagos.
According to Chinelo, she was doing well with her own beauty saloon which had cost them some big money to put up. She had thanked me for the money i left behind for the saloon and said that her only wish was for me to be present during her traditional wedding in Imo State. She said she would so much show her mother the man who brought her back from the world of uncertainties in Accra and led her to the Man she now loved so much.
”Don’t worry, i will come to Nigeria soon” i had told her.

I also called Ify and told her that i had left Amsterdam. She complained that she couldn’t reach me for the past two days and was worried that something happened to me.

I told her that i was heading to France but that i was still in Brussels. She was very happy that i left Amsterdam. She said she was scared that something bad would happen to me in Bijlmer.
She asked when i would end up in Dublin, i told her that it could be sooner than she thought. Little Samson was fine and growing. He had started smiling and had also started to recognize the mother. They had registered at the foreign office and their resident permit was being processed fast since she already had a resident sticker from Holland. It was good for them.
I called Napoli and told Maria that i was in Belgium. I also told her that i was going to Paris. She asked that i come to Napoli instead. I promised her that i will soon be in Napoli but that i needed to visit France first.

Three days after i hit Clement, the news started filtering out into Bijlmer. The Nigerian community got the wind from nowhere. It had become talk of the town. According to Robin, some unknown men had gone to Ijburg and shot Clement twice on both legs. The news was that the men had worn masks which prevented Clement from seeing their faces. The Amsterdam Police had put up €5000 for information that will lead them to the two men who had shot One Mr Clement.

Despite the fact that Clement was a Dutch citizen, he was still a black Nigerian man. If the same thing had happened to a white Dutch citizen, the police would have put up more than €100,000.
In other words, it meant that they didn’t really care what happened to a black man.
They will eventually come up with a story on how it was a drug related shooting or anything that will dent the image of black people.

I didn’t know what Clement told the police. He might have told them who i was and the police might have decided to use the two masked men as cover. It was true that i warned Clement not to say anything about me but i wasn’t sure he would do what i said. I might have also scared him much with the gun. Maybe he didn’t believe that i was capable of locating him with a gun. Maybe he must have thought that nothing would ever bring me to Ijburg where peasants like me were not allowed to reside.

Whatever it was, i was already out of the Country and luckly enough for me, i had made a fantastic choice of going to a guest house where my documents were not required for admission. If i had chosen a hotel, they must have demanded for my international passport which would have been dangerous for me.
My name was written all over the African Bulletin Newspaper and if the Police started hunting for me, they must have circulated the names around Holland and the neighbouring Countries. Since i haven’t heard any news connecting the shooting to me from Amsterdam, i assumed that Clement actually didn’t tell them about me.

Five days after leaving Holland, i headed to Paris. I was required to purchase TGV train ticket with my passport and that was risky. Therefore i opted to use Snoda and pay more.
I had walked down from my guest house around 7pm and walked to the cab standing near the place.
”I want to go to Paris” i had said to the cab man.
He said he wasn’t going but had called another man whom he said specialized in long journeys.

The new cab had arrived fifteen minutes later and said that i will pay €350 to Paris. I agreed and we left for Paris around 8:30.

A toll gate welcomed us into France. The border near Lille which separated the two countries had been demolished.
There was no immigration control until we got to Gare Du Nord magnificent train station. The largest in Europe.


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    Great escape plan…Clement got wat he deserved, is gud he is stil alive to bear the pains.

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    guy but why Enugu and other igbos are jealous of anambra people, your hate for them doesnt stop them from prospering and you people continue being backward and poor.

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