60: South African Treatment

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“Wait there” i said to Abigail as i opened my wallet and brought out a €20 bill; then i walked to the driver’s side of the car.

“Listen Mr. Mykail, i know we have done many businesses together but i am disappointed in You. You crossed my girls to the UK with a loaded truck, yet you took money for private cars. I am sure the prices are not the same. I don’t know how much trucks cost but you will give me back half of the money i gave you” I said.

He cast a devilish look on me and engaged his gear, then he drove off, leaving the €20 in my hand.

I waved Abigail to come as i walked to the entrance of the Cinema hall and asked which movie was showing by 9pm.

One awkward French movie was to be shown in hall ‘A’ while an American movie will be shown in hall ‘B’.

I asked Abigail if she wanted any of the movies and she said she didn’t; therefore we waited at a bar until it was past 10pm before i told her that i needed to go.

She asked me to take her home because she was drunk.
I called a cab and followed her to where she lived.

Abigail was a student at the Lille University of Science and Technology and lived in a One room apartment in town.

“Please excuse my untidy room, i didn’t know i was going to have a visitor” She said as we entered her room.

Her clothes could be seen on the chair and bed while one pair of shoe was left in the middle of the room.
I didn’t care anyway because most of us were like that.
I for one have been living alone almost all my adult life and i knew that i also left things where they were not supposed to be sometimes.

“Please have a sit darling” She said as she removed the clothes lying on the leather chair.

“Thanks” I said politely.

“I have Macaroni and Cheese, bread and tea; which do i offer you?” She said.

“Beer” I said as we both laughed.

“I don’t have beer here but i have a bottle of wine in the fridge” she said.

“Don’t worry, let me get it. I don’t like it when i allow women to do what i can do” I said as i got up and went to the fridge.

“Aw, that is sweet of you.” she smiled.

There was a wine opener inside the fridge too. I brought it out together with the wine and opened it.
We sat down and talked and drank and waited for who will make the first move and the right time to Make it.
I knew that an opportunity will surely surface on its own; i have been in that game for long to know that there was no need to rush. There were some factors that will catalyse the process; factors such as alcohol and romantic talks.

South African girls were wild; they don’t hide behind anything especially when they wanted something.

“Have you been to Paris bef…” I was asking when Abigail decided that we have already had enough of talks.

Her mouth had quickly closed in on mine and every other thing had to wait; besides what was really the point of asking if she had been to Paris, knowing that whether she had been there or not was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

I shifted our glass wines with one Hand while concentrating my attention at the lips that were kissing me.

As we kissed, i thought about the bad stigma trailing every South African. Back in Nigeria, i had heard that many people in South Africa had AIDS even when i didn’t know what it was.

A man from my town died in Johannesburg South Africa in 2008 and the rumor all over the place was that he died of AIDS which she contacted from a South African woman.

As we kissed, i wondered if The disease could be contacted through kissing. But then there was nothing i could do since we were already at it.
What i was able to decide however, was that there won’t be any sex without condom; no not a single chance.

We were already hot and about to pull off our clothes when i told her that i have got not condom.

“Let me go and get it outside” I said.

She was disappointed and so was i but there was no chance that i was going to have sex with her without condom.
Sxs was a thing of the mind for me and i wouldn’t have enjoyed it if my mind was stuck in the virtual world of HIV.

I put on my belt back and went out to the street. It was late and raining slowly but i didn’t care.
Most of the shops were already closed but i knew that they sold condoms everywhere in Europe even at bars.

As i got down the street, i saw a ‘Plus’ sign indicating that there was a pharmacy there.
I quickened my pace and as soon as i got there, the white lady was locking the door.

“Excuse me, please i need something” I said.

“I have closed” she said and continued to lock the door.

Every plea from me landed on deaf ears because as soon as she finish locking the door, she entered her little Peugeot 207 and drove away.

Down the road, i found a taxi driver and asked where i could get a condom, he said at the Petrol station.
He drove me there and we bought the condom.

He drove me back to Abigail’s house and when i knocked at the door, she asked who i was.

“Abigail it is me Solomon” I said from the other side of the door.

“Go away” she said.

What on earth was the problem?

“What is the problem Abigail?” I asked.

“I said go away before i call the Police” she repeated.

“Alright, I am leaving” I said helplessly as i turned and saw the taxi driver who brought me disappearing down the street.

As i walked down the road, i brought out the condom and watched the small pack of rubbers that has been dragging me all over the place in Lille. The rain has soaked half of my clothes and i was a little tired coupled with the mixture of different kinds of chemicals in my body.

The worst part of it all was that i didn’t even get Abigail’s phone numbers. I forgot to ask for it all along until that moment when i walked away from her apartment.

Fifty Meters down the road, i threw the pack of the devilish condom inside a dustbin and continued my walk until i got out of the road.

Since the nearest bus stop was more than two hundred meters down the road, i decided to stand where i was and wait for a cab; then they came and stopped before me.
The French Police.

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