I left Mary’s room and went back to Ugoo. Afam was there drinking beer when I came.
” Na inside that Benin girl room you day” he asked while smiling.
I was surprised but didn’t show it.

He said I was a fast guy. He had been eyeing the girl for two days now but had not seen the opportunity to make any move.

*Lecture: Opportunities are scattered all around us. We see it every minute of every hour. The problem is making up our minds. Afam had been seeing this girl since two days back, what opportunity was he looking for. I guess he was afraid to fail and that is the biggest obstacle to trial. Afraid to fail*

I told him that it was the girl who asked me to come and be with her. She was lonely and needed someone to talk to.

I, Solo, the messiah had granted her that wish and we only talked. Nothing else I swore.

We finished the beer and I told Afam that I would be going back to Brandenburg in the morning. He said it was a good idea and that I should find out what other people were doing in that Area.

I slept in Ugoo’s room and in the Morning, I called Afam and told him that I needed money for transport. He said he had no money with him and asked that I wait until the evening.

Instead of doing nothing the whole day, I decided to follow Moses, a guy I met in the same HEIM, down to a place where they worked. It was a warehouse were Business men from Nigeria load their goods for export to Nigeria.
we got a job to load a 40FT container with Used fridges and freezers. Moses asked his colleagues that I joined them.
We loaded the container and I got 50 Euro as my share. It was enough for my transport since it was weekend.
(Weekend tickets were usually cheaper in Germany. There was a ticket also called the Abend ticket which takes effect from 5pm friday to 3am, Sunday morning.)

There was one other businessman who had bought radiator and A/C fans. I helped him arrange them and he gave me another 20 Euro.

When I got back in the evening, Afam had not come to Ugoo’s HEIM like he said.
I called Mary and he asked me to come to her room.
When I got there, I told her I would be leaving that evening and that I would invite her soon.
We chatted for sometime before Afam came.

Afam gave me 30 Euro and asked me to use the Abend ticket. (Abend means Evening).

We went together to the ESSEN CENTRAL STATION where I boarded the Inter City.Express train (ICE, the fastest of all trains in Europe at 450KM/h)

We used a different route to Berlin through Wolfsburg and Spandau. I stopped at Berlin Zoo Garten station and entered a smaller train down to Brandenburg an der Havel.

That was my first attempt at hustling.

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