32: Jennifer in Asylum camp

Some days after Jennifer left, she called me from a pay phone. She said she had been posted to Bremen. A city in the Northern Germany near Hamburg. Bremen was only 4 hours away from Berlin. She was crying on the phone. She said life was boring up there in the Bremen camp and that they were not allowed to sleep outside the Camp. She wanted me to visit her the following day but I told her that I didn’t have time.
I still had to lay claim to the Bratown drug line. Removing Fadi was just half of the solution. Laying a claim to the city especially from outside the city was a huge task.

I told Jennifer to hold herself and remain there. It was only a matter of weeks before they transfered her to the permanent HEIM, then she could be able to return to Berlin and stay with me. She wanted to say something to me again but the line suddenly went off. I guessed that her air time credit had finished.
I didn’t feel too bad for her condition up there in Bremen, I was sure there were other people in the same Camp.
Why was she suddenly turning into a mummy’s baby, crying over every small issue. I knew she was a woman who deserved some soft gloves but the reality remained that she was a prostitute who was supposed to be tough through circumstances. I missed her so much and wished she was with me but the events of the days that followed her departure was dangerous. She would have been asking a lot of questions which I didn’t want. For Instance, she would have asked why the two Arabs came to our apartment or why I had to leave the apartment for another one less than two weeks after moving in. She was used to that kind of sudden relocation from me but she was the cause of the Portugal travails. She knew nothing about me in Berlin. She had only seen and heard people hugging and greeting me but she had no idea what I did in Berlin in the past.
She apparently wanted us to start living together and possibly start producing little Hes and Shes but I had another plan.
Unfortunately, mobile phones were not encouraged in asylum camps. It would mean that you had contacts in either Germany or whatever country you came from. It would contradict the silly lies we told the asylum authorities about how we came to Germany.
I decided to visit her in Bremen after one week but at that very moment, there was a war brewing in Brandenburg and I was one of the major actors. As a major actor in the 2A war (Arabs and Africans), I was supposed to be as close as possible to the war front.

After deliberating on Jennifer’s issues, I called Bolaji and asked him to get Jimmy’s mobile phone number for me. He said he had it since all of them buy from each other. He sent the number to me after a few minutes.

I called Jimmy. As soon as he found out it was me on the line, he started yelling.
The rumours that he was planning on how to get me was then confirmed. I allowed him to finish yelling and then asked him what happened.
I knew what happened,
I WAS what happened but in the game of drug war, every information is critically vital.

Jimmy said the police invaded the HEIM and searched only Fadi’s room. He said it happened the very first time Fadi had bought Drugs from me. ” It couldn’t have been a coincidence” he had concluded.

I told him that I didn’t know what happened to Fadi but if he wanted war in Brandenburg, I will bring it down to him. He threatened to bring the Police to my apartment in Berlin since he had been there with Fadi. He didnt know that I had moved. What an amateur.
He said he would tell Police that I was a Brandenburger who had skipped court and ran away from the HEIM.

After the conversation with Jimmy, I knew that the Brandenburg war of drugs had just started. Fadi was just the starting point. There were four other Arabs who operated in Brandenburg. They were planning to get me out of the way but unfortunately for them, I didn’t live in Brandenburg and they didn’t know where I lived.

The events of Portugal had thought me not to be afraid in times of troubles. It had also thought me that when faced with danger, don’t panic; Think.
Living alone in My apartment gave me time I needed to think.

The Arab versus Afro wars had been called and I was ready for it.

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