59: Dont talk about Drugs

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”What do you want” I said as soon as I answered the call.

”I heard you took Daisy out yesterday and bought her shoes” Amaka said from the other end of the phone.

”Yea, we also had sexx” I said and kept quiet.

”Good for both of you”. She said and hung the call.

Great! She had started giving up. It was a welcomed news and it could make me return to play with computers at the cybercafe.

I placed my phone on the table and mixed Dry gin and some juice from the ones I bought yesterday.

The phone vibrated. I looked at it and saw the envelope that represents a text message.

I opened it and saw that it was from Stella.

It read:
”I told you that you will break my heart but you promised you will not. Now you have done it. You even brought a girl to your place. I saw two of you yesterday. Why are you doing this to me. Is it because I left you in the Church on Sunday. I was angry. Please forgive me. I won’t do it again.”

Whoever told these girls to act before thinking. One great thing about relationships was that a smart girl or boy usually have more than two lovers.
Naturally, he or she loves one more than the others.
It was like a game of hierarchy where number one is loved ahead of number two and number two loved ahead of number three depending on the chosen criteria. Sometimes for money while sometimes for real love.

The advantage was that there would be a place to fall back if anything happened to the love number one.
I know some people would differ from my opinion above and they may be right in their own capacities but life is all about mental state.

A certain 30 year old lady who have only one boyfriend, have serious chances of running mad if the relationship collapsed. In our kind of society where men easily gets away with impunity over every relationship fallout, a woman needed some kinds of protection. Sometimes, our problem was that we watch too many fictions where a relationship falls apart and the lady finds a new boyfriend the next day. In the real life, it doesn’t work that way.

In this chapter, I am not advocating for girls to start running around but it would have hurt somehow if there was no Daisy to fall back on when Stella started to poke nose in my affairs. It was good that she wanted to know who Daisy was but not right there at the Church and not abandoning me after church. She acted on impulse and I did the same.

Lets see how it went..

”What on earth made you think that at my age, I didn’t know any woman before we met? How was it difficult to politely ask me who they were after the Church? I did not break your heart in anyway because you never gave me your heart. I found you and liked you and worked on knowing you better but I have found out that you are hot tempered. Please if you wish to discuss this further, come to my place. I won’t reply any other text message from you” I finished writing the above and sent it to her.

It was a gamble knowing that it would be very difficult for her to come to my place since we lived in the same building, but I was wrong because twenty minutes later, she sent a message and said she was at my outer door.

I walked and opened it and Behold miss Stella Osinachi standing there in front of me with a bumshot and a T shirt that barely covered her stomach.

I moved aside for her to come inside and she did….. I closed the door and walked back to where I was sitting.

”would you like something to drink” I asked. She kept quiet. I sipped from my mixture of Gin and Juice and handed it over to her.

She took it, sipped it, swallowed it and said that I had mixed alcohol in it.

Yea, there was alcohol in it, a 42% alcoholic volume dry gin which could make a soft headed girl fall asleep in less than half hour.

“Alcohol may be man’s worst
enemy, but the bible says love
your enemy.”

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