59: You Said it Yourself

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There were some anger in me and i needed to channel them to good use but i also needed to be calculative because the Taxi driver i was about to go after already knew that somehow, i was going to eventually find out what he did.

I knew that trucks crossed people to the UK but i didn’t know how much they took per one person. I also knew that it was nowhere near the amount i paid for Ini and Sandra.

I walked down from my hotel and located a McDonald restaurant. I sat at a corner with one big mac and yogurt and ate them as slow as possible. The purpose was to wait for a black young girl and i succeeded because Abigail came.

Abigail was a South African girl living in Lille France.
She had walked in to buy food in Mcdonald when i approached her.

“Hello beauty, you look Nigerian, are you?” I said when i walked up to her at the counter.
The young French girl selling burger over the counter looked at me as if i was a crook but i ignored her.
I didn’t go there to look at facial expressions, i was there for a purpose which could give me money; therefore i was ready to swallow any insult as long as i got what i wanted.

“South African. You are Nigerian, I can see that” Abigail said.

“Yea, you are right. Please give me the honour of buying your food for you” I said again, ignoring the French rat who was waiting and staring at us.
People where behind us but i didn’t care. What i was doing was not illegal coupled with the fact that i waited for close to twenty minutes before i found the kind of girl i wanted.

“My pleasure” She said and smiled as she demanded for yogurt and burger too.

We talked as we returned to a vacant table and sat face to face with each other as if we had known ourselves for centuries.
I liked Abigail instantly. Unlike some timid African girls who could have ignored me there at the counter or even rejected my offer to pay for the food, she warmed up to me and accepted everything without care. The French yellow rat could go and drown in River Seine for all she cared.

“I didn’t get your name” She said in the middle of the meal.

“Sorry i didn’t tell you, i was busy admiring your beauty and forgot to do what i was supposed to do” I said organically.
She smiled and intentionally exposed and flashed her open teeth.

“I am Solomon; you already guessed my Country right” I said.

“Do you live here in Lille?” She asked.

I told her that i lived in Paris but decided to come to Lille for a business.
She wanted to know the kind of business i meant but i told her that she would industry out soon enough.

After our food, we went outside and walked through the pedestrian way to a bar where we demanded for two glasses of wines.
She said she didn’t like stronger drinks and i decided that wine was the best drink ever to be manufactured by mankind.

Abigail asked when i was leaving Lille and i told her that it could be as early as the next day.

It was getting to 8pm, when i decided to activate my operations. I had succeeded in keeping Abigail longer than she wanted but i made sure i fed her whatever she pointed at despite the fact that my money was quickly running down.

I knew there was a €300 stuck in western union; i haven’t told Maria that i wasn’t going to pick it up because i knew that i could eventually need it.
I believed that even though i didn’t like what Maria did, it would still be foolish to get angry and abandon the cash since my own cash was about to finish.

“Lets go and see a movie if you don’t mind” I suddenly said to Abigail immediately it was 8pm.
She said that the best movie house was the Kinepolis but that it would cost us about €15 cab to get there.

“Fine, we call a cab driver then to pick us up” I said as i gave her the Rogue taxi driver’s number to call him, giving her a reason that there was no airtime in my phone.

Ten minutes later, the taxi driver came to where we were standing and stopped. A quick look at his taxi number told me that it was him.
He didn’t recognize me until i settled down inside the passenger seat at the front.

“We are going to Kinepolis to watch a movie, take us there” I said.
He looked at me for long and shook his head before engaging the automatic transmission of the vehicle.

I switched on the recording application in my phone and started a genuine conversation with the driver.
All along, i knew that getting money from him was going to be difficult; therefore i needed to resort to a more tactical way.

“What is your Taxi number, i need to know so that whenever i asked my girl to call you for a ride, she will know for sure it is your car” I said and smiled, making sure that the recording phone captured everything i said.

“Ah, You have my phone number, just give her my phone number and tell her to call Mykail. Anyway the taxi number is 59800” He said and shrugged.

“Mr. Mykail, i am a little disappointed in You. Why did you have to put those girls in the truck to cross them to the United kingdom?” I asked him.

I guess he knew that i was going to ask him about how they transported the girls because i usually asked him on the phone.

“Uhm, my friend, that is the best way to cross people to the United Kingdom now. The immigration searches every small vehicle thoroughly these days” He said.

“Was that the reason why you put them in a truck full of fish cartons, what if anything had fallen on them?” I asked.

“I cross people to the United kingdom all the time. I knew  nothing will happen to them” He said.

“But you should have told them you were going to use trucks to allow them make their choices on time, not when you got to your base” I said.

“My friend, there was no need telling them. I know my job very well” He said.

We were already getting to Kinepolis and it was time to break the conversation.

“Do you have any job for me?” Mykail asked me while looking at the girl sitting on the back seat.

“No, Mykail, i don’t cross people to the UK, it is illegal and you know that” I said as we opened the door and got down in front of the large Kinepolis Cinema hall.

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