59: Two Countries at once

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Chapter 59:

The second bullet cut through his thigh as he screamed once more. Nobody could hear him from the outside since every building was usually padded due to the harsh cold weather.

”This gun is loaded with 12 pieces of dangerous bullets. You have just received only two of them. More will be heading your way if you don’t answer my questions once more” i said.

”I know that you must be thinking of how to finish me off if you get another chance. Mr Clement, you may get another chance but know this: I have sent people down to your village in Nando and they have found your parents. If anything happen to me over here in Europe, your people will be murdered. I will continue with my questions now” i finished.

Mr Clement was bleeding from three different points on his body.

”Please i won’t try anything again. Don’t kill me. My mother is sick and i am the one responsible for her. Please have mercy, i won’t ever come after you again. I will forget what happened” Clement said.
He was visibly in pains.

”I am going to leave you under one condition. I don’t want you to tell anybody that i came here. If you do, i will definitely hear it and when i hear it, this war will continue. Remember what i said earlier, i am not afraid to die. If this war claims my life, so be it but be rest assured that if i ever come for you again, it will mean the end of you. Do you understand?” i asked.

He nodded numerous times and continued his sobbing.

I picked up his two phones and removed the batteries and simcards, put them inside my pockets and got up.
Beside the television, was also the house phone. I walked to it and disconnected the network cable from the wall, then pulled the cable out of the phone box and put it inside my pocket as well.

”I am leaving now Mr. Clement. I will stay outside and wait a little. If i hear any noise from you, i will return and finish you up” i said.

As i opened the door to go out, my phone started vibrating inside my pocket. I pulled it out and saw that it was from Robin. I dropped it back into my pocket and picked up my bicycle, the day’s job was over. As a matter of fact, the newspaper job was over.

I mounted my bicycle and started riding out of Ijburg. I had put back my face cap which covered my face.

People had started going to work as i heard some car engines coming at my back. I was sure nobody would pay much attention to the peasant boy who distributed newspapers in early mornings.

As i rode down the rode out of Ijburg, i diverted right to a neighbourhood in Diemen where i knew that Nigerians didn’t reside.
I got to a small Isolated Canal and threw the phone components inside the water. I also threw the entire newspapers inside the water and continued riding Northwards. I came across an abandoned old building and packed the bicycle inside it, Then i walked a few meters to the road and started waiting for a cab.

Less than two minutes later, a young lady stopped to give me a lift.
”Where are you going Mister”?
The lady had asked.

I told her i was going to the Centrum.
She opened her passenger door and i entered.
”Why are you out here in this cold weather” she asked me. She spoke good English.

I told her that i had missed direction and had found myself there.
She asked where i came from and how long i have lived in Holland.
I became suspicious and started giving her short answers.

I called Ricardo from inside the car and told him to meet me in front of a popular coffee shop opposite Central station.

I had spent only 15 minutes before Ricardo arrived with his cab. I had pulled off my Jacket which contained the gun and hung it carefully on the Chair where i sat. I wouldn’t have removed it but since everyone inside the coffee shop had removed their own Jackets, it could raise some suspicions if i didn’t.

When Ricardo came, i picked up the Jacket and went outside.
He was seated in front of the cab with the driver. I opened the back door and sat inside the long chair.

”Driver please take us to Schiphol airport train station” I said.
The driver said something to Ricardo in a strange language before engaging his gear.
Ricardo turned to me and asked me how the operation went.
I looked at the driver but Ricardo told me that it was Ok to talk.

I told Ricardo that i didn’t want to talk but that everything went fine.

I pulled out my wallet and gave Ricardo €400. He took it and smiled at me. I pointed to the jacket lying on the backseat and nodded. He understood what i did.

We got to the train station at the Schiphol airport and separated. Ricardo and The driver left while i walked down into the station and bought a ticket to Belgium.

The Belgium train which left from Schiphol airport was already there when i came. Since Schiphol was the largest International airport closest to Belgium, the people from that Country used it. As a result, trains to Belgium left the airport every hour.

We got to Belgium before 12pm. We had stopped at the large Brussels central station where i had walked out of the station and took a cab to my guest house.

As soon as i settled down, i called Robin. He asked where i was and i told him. He was clever enough not to mention anything about Clement.
I told him to be on alert for any strange news.

Since the Clement incident occurred in Ijburg, i knew that it will take days before the news could spread out to Bijlmer.

At around 1pm that afternoon, I picked up my Belgium phone and started making calls. I called people in Holland. I called Germany and even Nigeria. I wanted many alibi. Things could get messy later but i knew that it would be very difficult for anybody to bring me back to Amsterdam anytime soon.

My Portuguese resident permit was about to expire. I needed to start working on a new resident permit since i wasn’t going to Portugal for renewal.

The only people giving out residents permit then was France. It was clear to me that my next destination was France, but i needed to rest in Brussels for a few days.

” Not forgiving is like
drinking rat poison
and then waiting
for the rat to die.”

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  1. buddy

    Dudes like u are in holland making money and sending it down here in 9ja… Bkos they knw dat 1 day they wil return bak home! Buh, ur own case is difrnt,.. Jst runing around europe, fro holland to bellgium to portugal to france and if posible iceland! Nawa..oo!

    • gambit

      Dude, I noticed you have been making weird comments of recent , its obvious you just started reading, why not read from the beginning to understand the whole story? He sends money home every month, he is still doing his drug business through Robin bcos ppl are avoiding him in bijlmer, if you’ve followed the whole holland chapter, you should know that

  2. Nucci

    @buddy nawa you ooo.maybe you should start all through again from the first page so you could see where he always sends money home..nice write up zubby..thumps up

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