59: There Was Always A Way

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I called Nkechi Nsukka late in the night. She said she had repaired her phone but didn’t have my phone number to tell me about it. She thanked me continuously and said that his father was angry with me.

“Angry with me, why?” i had asked.

Of course i knew the reason but i was required to ask the question.

Nkechi went on to tell me how the old man i left in their place told her father that i might not return.
The news that i abandoned the Man who took Jimmy and I to Ezeagu a few weeks before, had gone viral in the village and since Okafor Ude knew about it, it was easy for him to believe that i had done the same thing to him.

“Have you been to Enugu before?” I had asked Nkechi Nsukka.

She said she had and that she even had an Aunty who lived there.

“Send me the phone number of your Aunty in Enugu” I had said to her before i cut the call.

The following day. The Monday boy returned from Onitsha and came to our compound with his father.
It was the first time Okafor Ude was seeing me since i abandoned him at Nsukka.

I believed that Okafor Ude had come to make trouble with me but the moment he saw me drinking Jack Daniel, he knew that i could turn violent without warning.

As a result, Okafor Ude had decided to start with a moderate tone.

“My son, lets not discuss what happened yesterday first. I want to know why you asked my son to return here without telling me” He said.

“Ichie Ude, the business my brother was handling belonged to him, me and my younger brother. Three of us registered the business with our names. So if my brother is not there, i automatically become the director. Monday your son is under me now. So if i ask him to return home, he must return home. He called me yesterday and was about to ask me some uncomfortable questions. Since my brother was abducted, Monday never called me and yet he knows that i am in Nigeria. Monday is one of the people who knew that my brother was going to the new building site that morning he was kidnapped there. I told him to return because i am taking him to the Police Station in Enugu to make his own statement” I said.

The dimension of my speech jolted everybody around. Monday himself didn’t expect that.

He started by kneeling down to beg me. He said that he didn’t know what to tell me if he had called.

“Its OK Monday. When we get to the Special Anti Robbery Squad in Enugu, you will tell them everything you know about Albert” I said and gulped down some Poison from the JD bottle.

Things had changed from bad to worse for Okafor Ude. He had just come to offer solution to my predicament but ended up involving himself into a problem that could swallow his son.

I watched as the old man also knelt down and started begging.

That was more like it. The issue of Nsukka and what happened there had been abandoned. The current issue was that Monday could end up with SARS police unit or Anti Kidnapping Squad.

SARS Unit of the Nigerian police happened to be a trained group That were specifically trained on how to extract the truth from criminals by all means.
I had visited their office along New Market Road Enugu. I had seen how they attempted to extract information from criminals.

Some of the methods they used was to bring out suspects outside, face them up to stare towards the blazing Sun in the sky and at the same time, hit them with metal objects.  I had also seen where they tied someone upside down from a Mango branch while the suspect revealed everything he knew about robbery incident in Emene area of Enugu. I had seen where they hit someone on his two hills, cutting the dangerous veins that joined the foot and the bones together. He was bleeding from the cuts but for some reasons i didn’t pity him. It was criminals like him that kidnapped my brother and subjected me to the sufferings i was witnessing.

Monday Okafor was most likely to witness one of those dreaded illegal torture methods if him and his father had not went down on their knees.

My mother told them to get up and assured them that she won’t allow me to do such a thing to Monday.

I wasn’t really concerned on what was happening right there, i was more interested in the fact that the Nsukka incident was going to die quietly.

Okafor Ude had suddenly learnt that i was a rebel who could do anything to anybody at anytime without thinking twice.

They had tried to force me into their belief system, just like every other institution. But since it was difficult for Churches to convince me that they were the right group, i didn’t see how it was possible for the Native doctors and their apostles to convince me.

The whole system was just like what PDP and APC political parties were doing in Nigeria.
PDP believed they were the right party while APC also believed they were the right party.
At the same time, PDP believed that APC was the wrong party and APC also believed that PDP was the wrong party.
Now when you sit down to think about them, you would find out that those two groups were the same set of people with no positive ideology whatsoever, just group of greedy criminals switching from the wrong party to the right one and from the right to the wrong,
the sufferers were you and I who fought all over the internet and streets to defend whichever name that was closer to us.
The Policies those two political parties were going to introduce must favour some people and affect some people negatively, but we were too mentally blinded to reason out of the box.

Freedom was the ability to examine everything thrown at you, chose those that fit into you way of reasoning and start living it.

“You can go Ichie, Monday can return to Onitsha tomorrow and continue what he is doing but i don’t want to hear anything about our mission to Nsukka. I am a Christian and i don’t want to be associated with any Dibia. Do you hear me?” I asked.

He said he understood and when they were ready to go, he left with his son and never said anything about the Nsukka Journey again.

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  1. Coach

    The best form of Defense is to attack. Boss you really played the script very well. Ride on Sir. We are solidly behind you.

  2. gr8tstar

    The tides is turning to your sides positively as from this moments, sooner your gonna know the whereabout of your brother!

  3. dejust

    are u not also wasting ENERGY, by attackin ur enemy on his familiar ground, …..
    they may just be force to fake bow to ur tricks and schemes for Now …..

  4. Konmight

    Baddest Boss himself.

    The matter died a natural death. First attack of life.

    Still following.

  5. obinoral

    PDP and APC are the same but with time we are going to get right in this country.

  6. olenyi

    This one is strong.
    Monday would have confessed to being part of the kidnap gang had he been taken to SARS office, despite the fact he may not no shit about it. Those guys at SARS, Golf estate, by New market, can be very ruthless to say the least. Lol.

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