59: Then Esther came along

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“Why are you suddenly upset after the phone call? You don’t even want to touch me again” Esther asked
“I don’t like what this your Madams are doing to you people. It is not fair and the worst is that they use Olokun to scare you. Olokun cannot do anything to you here. I want you to forget about what they said, they just scare you people with nonsense” I said. “Now pay attention. I want you to tell me how you came to Europe and who your Madam is”.
Esther suddenly got out of bed and grabbed her cloths. I watched as she put them on and when she finished, she grabbed her small handbag and turned the door handle, the door refused to open.
“Before you leave this place, i want to tell you something. My name is Solomon. I was the person who took Naomi and Lisa away. I just returned from Italy where i rescued another girl who is about your age. I have Lisa and Naomi’s phone numbers here. There are both in USA now going to school. Very soon, they are going to graduate and become Doctors and Lawyers while you will end up sleeping with two thousand different men before you can be able to pay up for your freedom. I am going to let you go out now. I am not holding you but one day you will regret the very thing you are about to do now. I will take your phone number and call you to know when you changed your mind” I said as I took her phone from her and dialed my number with it.

After my little speech, i showed her Naomi’s pictures on my phone and opened the door. She left and ran down the stairs. I locked the door and followed her silently. As soon as she got out of the hotel, she brought out her phone and started making a call. I walked to the reception and asked that they changed my room for me. I explained to the receptionist that a girl just left from my room and that i didn’t want her to know that i was still in the hotel. He agreed to do that for me after i promised to give him another €20.
The receptionist followed me upstairs and showed me a room opposite the one i occupied. I picked up my bag and migrated to the new room.
“Excuse me, please do not tell anybody that i am still in this hotel” i said. He nodded and walked downstairs.

Less than an hour later, i heard some knocks on the door of my previous room. As i watched the corridor through the spyhole, i saw two men with Esther standing there.
Out of precaution, i switched off my phone. After knocking and standing in the corridor for a few minutes, they left the hotel and walked down. I walked to the window and watched the front of the hotel until i saw Esther alone walked out of the hotel at exactly 12:28 am. I wondered what happened to the two men who had come with her. Apparently, they were still inside the hotel; peharps they decided to sit at the bar or even rent a room in the same hotel and wait for me. It was a cheap hotel and they could afford to pay for days at a time.
At around 1 am, i switched on my phone and kept it near my pillow. It started vibrating after a few minutes; it was Esther. I ignored it since i didn’t know what to discuss with her. After some moments, i slept.

Early in the morning of the following day, i called Esther. She answered after just a beep.
“Where are you, i returned to the hotel last night and didn’t see you” she said.
“Esther i knew you were scared last night and i believed you were going to tell your Madam that you saw me. Therefore i had to go to another hotel. I didn’t know you were going to return for me, I am very sorry” I said.
After a few seconds, she said, “Where are you now, i have thought about what you told me and i want to see you again” she said.

One thing about being clever was anticipation. It helped in almost every aspect of life. If you believe that your tyres could bust if you put a lot of pressure on it, then why put the pressure? If you knew that a trap was going to be set up for you, why not anticipate every possible trap methods and wait for them? One could argue that it is impossible to anticipate every possible method but that is where your common sense comes in. In every stage of life, there are things we can do and the ones we cannot do. A child of one month cannot feed himself but a child of five years can do that. While dealing with a human being, you must first find out his or her age, after that, pay attention to his or her ways of reasoning. After twenty minutes of discussing with someone and yet you haven’t detected a pattern of speech or behaviour, then that person must have had some unknown motives. But if the person was clean and had no motives, you are expected to learn something quickly.
In the case of Esther, the way she behaved and talked when i mentioned Naomi and Lisa, it was expected that she was going to do something unfavourable. Peharps she wouldn’t do that on a normal circumstances but she was scared of Olokun. She was never going to keep quiet because she felt Olokun would also strike her if she didn’t report what she saw or heard to her Madam. That was one of the things fear can do to human minds.
In the scheme of things, i was supposed to be way ahead of her. It would have been foolish if i didn’t anticipate what she did.

Since i decided to play the fool’s card, Esther was going to be surprised at what she would go through in the coming days.

“I left the hotel last night and went to another one. I didn’t want your Madam to meet me there” I lied.
“Are you sure you left because i………” she was saying.
“Because your Madam sent you with two thugs to visit me in my room” I said.
She kept quiet.
“I saw three of you entering the hotel on my way out and i waited until you left alone. It is Ok Esther. You are scared and i know that. However, you can always go to the UK or USA if you want to go. My hotel is close to Champse Ellysee now and i want to go and have fun at the tower. We will talk later” I said and hung up.

Ten minutes later as i stood on the window looking outside, i saw the two thugs leaving the hotel.

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