58: The Brazillian hair

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I worked slowly on Daisy until I was sure that she wanted to feel my manhood inside of her, then I slowly climbed her after removing my cloths.
I had decided not to use condom since every arrow of love was pointing at her. It was true that I wanted Stella so much but sometimes, we have to pay attention to those who wanted us too.

I slowly inserted my manhood into the wet cunnt as she cried out in pleasure and held my neck firmly. I entered fully after three attempts. The pleasure swallowed me as was the case during our first intercourse.
I moved in and out slowly while kissing her lips in line with the flow of my thumping.
It was a very sweet moment as she also started to push her waist upwards in constant anticipation of my thumping. I felt it when she climax and became weak but I continued what I was doing. I fvvcked her slowly but steadily until I felt the sperm coming out.

As the sperm was about to burst out, Daisy held my waist with her legs and stopped me from getting up. the entire sperm was released inside of her. I laid there on top of her for several seconds before I slowly pulled myself out.

”why did you do that” I asked as I saw her smile softly at me.

”Don’t worry, I won’t get pregnant. I know my menstrual circles very well. My mom had thought me about it very well” she replied.

Personally I didn’t know how the menstrual circle thing worked on women and I was sure that there could be glitches which could result in pregnancy.

As Daisy followed me to clean up in the bathroom, I thought about the possible outcomes of the action we had just taken. At most, pregnancy would be the result and things would be much more easier to handle since her mother already knew who I was. I wasn’t supposed to panic over such issues because I had seen little boys as young as 18. And 19 back in Europe having children. If it ever came to marrying Daisy, I would gladly do that.

After cleaning up, we did it the second time in the bathroom under the shower rail. We had cleaned up and started bathing together under the shower which was mounted on the wall of the room. We had somehow hugged and started kissing while the water poured slowly on us. My manhood had stood erect again and had gotten hard.

I had pushed her to the wall and raised her right leg with my left hand. Then I had inserted my manhood into the open cunnt and fvvcked her right there under the shower. She had circled my neck with both hands and kissed my lips while I pushed in my dicck in and out of her. We climaxed together some minutes later, finished our bath and walked back to the room.

We put on our cloths and went down stairs. As soon as we entered the car and started the engine, I saw Stella coming into the compound from outside. My glasses were up and my doors where already closed. I started the car and decided to put on the seat belt, the air conditioner and the car stereo without moving an inch. Those were things I usualy did while the car was already moving.

She walked past my car without glancing inside or stopping. Good a thing she was still holding grudges while I was already moving on.
”Every wasted minute or second holding grudges in this life is a total waste of time and emotion”

I watched her enter the staircase and disappeared into the building. I turned my car and headed to the Badagry expressway.

A friend of mine from Germany had returned and was selling some used items he offloaded at Ladipo market in Mushin. I told Daisy we were going there and she agreed.

We got to the Toyota bus stop and diverted right towards the market. The road was bad but one good thing about German cars was their ability to power out of almost every situation. We got to Ladipo and parked our car inside a street which I had forgotten its name.

There was a warehouse called ”first bank” in Ladipo street, we entered there as was directed by my friend. The whole place was packed with imported goods as always. We got inside and saw Jude, my friend. He had loaded two mitsubishi L300 buses with used items that included Juice, wines, used phones etc.

He rushed and hugged me as soon as I came.

”This is Ozoigbondu 1” he shouted excitedly to some people who had been begging him to sell some items to them at a cheaper price.

I waved at them and cleaned a small seat for Daisy to seat down. She sat on it.

I called Jude aside and told him never to mention anything about drugs in front of my girl. ”I am a car dealer” I had told him.

We returned to his wares. He lamented about how the traders were under-pricing his articles. I told him that most of the times I sent such things was just to bring money home and not to make profits.

Since I had missed the German quality juice, I bought the entire ten dozens he had imported. The people who were there to buy them were disappointed and angry at me…
One of them lamented how he was close to buying them and was going to retail them in his supermarket. It wasn’t my business.

He opened a bottle of wine for me which I drank through the bottle since Daisy said she wasn’t interested.

We chated for over an hour and when I was tired, I told him to call me when he finished selling his goods so that we can go out and catch fun in Lagos together.
She asked Daisy to organise a girl for him and we laughed over it.

”Don’t worry, I will find you a girl” daisy had said.

We left Ladipo and drove back to My house.

We offloaded seven dozens of Juice in my house and took the rest to Daisy’s house. The Mother had returned from market and was at home when we came.
She was so grateful when I gave her the juice. She said it was too many and that I should take some back. I joked that she should keep them since I could come and drink from them whenever I wanted.
Daisy squealed that I had dropped off seven cartons in my house too.

I had also bought daisy some two used leather shoes in Ladipo. It had been imported from Europe or USA as well but since I didn’t know where the owner had gotten them from, I didn’t care to ask.

I got home and gave my cousin a carton of Juice containing 12 packs of 1 litre each.

The day finished slowly as it had started. I took my bath and slept.

”Tomorrow will naturally come soon enough and as usual, it must come with its own agenda”.

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