58: UK and the disappointments

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It took us over an hour to agree on the amount i was going to pay.
We settled for €3,500 for the two girls and they were going to move the following morning with cars.

When they left, i called the UK and made arrangements for who will receive them. My squad in the UK has grown large and it wasn’t difficult to find who will receive them.

As the girls slept, i thought about the next thing to do. I had just paid for an apartment in Stegen Freiburg and it would pain me somehow to abandon it so early. But judging by the amount of easy money i was able to make from Tina and Grace, it wasn’t going to be a big deal to forget about it.

My next movement was going to take me to Paris or Italy.

Within the few days i spent in Freiburg, i was able to find out that there weren’t joints for black Prostitutes. The two places i was directed when i newly arrived were occupied by white girls who worked strictly as call girls; the kind that have their naked pictures and contacts everywhere online. The only one i asked out said i was going to pay her €150 for an hour; something i was sure was never going to happen.

When we woke up the next morning, the taxi driver and his partner were already at the hotel. I gave them the money completely and the girls followed them. I also reminded them that i would be in town until the girls were successful crossed to the UK.
I usually paid half of the money and paid the rest when the job was done but on that occasion, i decided to give them their money completely.

I walked the girls down to the cab and picked up the taxi number. I had a feeling there was going to be some kind of trouble. Some human beings were known to change plans as long as the money was with them.

When they left, i returned to the reception and paid for another night.
Back in the room, i started making calls to my squad in the UK.
For unknown reasons, i have not been able to reach out to Blessing and Angel, the girls i sent from Sweden to the UK. I didn’t know why they didn’t call me either since i gave them my French phone number which was always active.
They didn’t give me good excuses on why they haven’t called, Rather they said they didn’t want to bother me since i already helped them a lot. What they never knew was that i usually sent some money to my girls whenever there was some catch from the Madams.

I called Peace in Sweden too. She said their resident permit were being processed. Sharon lost her phone by throwing it into a bucket of water. According to her, she has no money to buy another one yet.
I promised to find a way to send them money in a few days.
I called Rose who said she has been given a one bedroom apartment in the outskirts of Stockholm. She was happy and thankful for my help, especially the money i paid to the lawyer and the international passport.
Rose was the only person that didn’t fetch me any money. I found her on the streets like every other girl but i never found out who her Madam was because she was already Free before we met. She was also an adult already and there was no need going after her Madam.

Before i finished talking with Rose, i told her that i will send some money for Sharon through her and that i would want her to give the money to the girl. I also advised her to look for work through the work agencies since it was Sweden that gave her the papers.

When i finished with my phone calls, i went down and sent €700 to Sweden. €300 for Sharon, €200 each for Rose and Peace.

Then i called Berlin and asked Johnson to send my €2000 back to me. He refused and said he needed me to return to Berlin and explain what i have been doing running around Europe. He even hung the call before i could explain that i needed money.
I called Maria and asked her to send the €2000 i gave her to keep for me; she refused too and said she can only send me €300 to buy flight tickets to Italy to stay with her. Every pleading i made landed to deaf ears,
the money i had left in Lille was less than €200. It couldn’t do much for me and the way things stood, i believed i was going to pay another 60 for hotel since i wanted to hang around until the girls were safely crossed to the United Kingdom.
I swore inside me to punish Maria for refusing to send my money and as for Johnson, i knew he was right. I had been running around Europe like a fugitive without explaining to him what i was doing.
I blamed Maria more because she knew what i was doing.

At that moment, the best thing to do was to find a way to get money.

When Maria called An hour later, She gave me a pin and said she sent €300; she wasn’t joking as i thought, she really sent €300. I wasn’t going anywhere near the money.

In the evening, i called the cab driver; he confirmed that the girls already left but never told me who was crossing them over.
I didn’t go out from the hotel room until the next morning.
I had gone down to pay for one more night when the British bound girls called and said they were in London.
According to Ini, they were crossed with a truck carrying cartons of fishes. They were hidden behind the cartons where the immigration couldn’t search. She also narrated how they suffered inside the truck as they drove through the Euro Channel where they said everything sounded strange and scary.

When they finished telling me how they were crossed, i was very angry with the taxi driver and his friend. In a bid to make more money, they have opted to use cheaper methods. I knew about the truck crossing long ago but never used it because it was dangerous.
I have heard stories where cartons would fall on people and wounded or even killed them. I also knew that if the truck had any kind of accident, it would have been very unlikely for the girls to survive it giving their positions inside the truck.
As a result, the taxi driver will have to pay me back some money;
the money i have been looking for has been there with me in Lille.
I was going after the driver and as for Maria, we will square up when i got to Italy.

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  1. Dejust

    I know it, …..this ur intuition always pick signal from nearer trouble comin, before it happen..

    I wonder what triger it in ur mind…..zubby

  2. horlabiyi

    I don’t see you getting your money back from the taxi driver.

  3. Zacchaeus

    Please, don’t punish maria. You know she’s carrying your child.

  4. achi4u

    But Maria should’ve sent like €1,000 knowing who ozoigbondu is and what he is capable of doing.
    As for the driver,I don’t think he may pay.

  5. eulag

    Maria is just being a woman,infact women are the most selfish being on earth.

    • Emarhdre

      Eulag . . I disagree with you. Women aren’t the most selfish.

  6. Corpspissed

    In all honesty, I don’t blame Maria- women are known to be very possessive and pregnant women are known to be more, they just want you to share the emotional, physical and all kinds of changes they are going through. It’s like, they don’t wanna go through it alone, they want the father of the baby to have a share, well somehow. So, Maria mean no evil Oga Zubby. 😎

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