58: There was a guy here

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I brought out my wallet, counted €500 and kept it on the bed beside her.
“This whole money will become yours if you agree to have a normal talk with me. I am not interested in sleeping with you right away. I just want us to have normal chat” i said.
She took a quick look at the money and said, “what do you want us to talk about?”
Great, she had started to relax a bit.
“About anything. You, your life, how you come to Europe, where you live, your hobbies and ambitions” i said.
“hmm, i don’t know where to start” she said.
“Start with your name”.

“Esther, that is my name” she said.
“You have a beautiful name. Where do you come from? I said. She said she was from Ibusa in Delta State.
“That means you speak and understand Igbo Language” i said.
She said she did. Very good, it was going to make her more fluent in expressing herself.
I decided that she had revealed enough at that moment.
“Go to the bathroom and take your bath. Remember to go with your bag so that i won’t steal your money” i joked. She grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom without saying a word; she actually believed i really meant to steal her money.

When she left, i changed into my boxers and T shirt. Somehow inside of me, i already felt that i was going to initiate a run out of Paris with Esther. It was important that i tasted her first before things changed in the coming few days.
Ozoigbondu, Ajo Anu.

When she came out of the bathroom, she wore just a tight short pant and her bra.
I smiled at her and went to the bathroom too. While she was inside the bathroom, i had removed my wallet and put it inside the red small samsonite bag, then i had used codes to lock the bag. I also locked the hotel from inside and took the key with me to the bathroom. I didn’t want to take chances. I had some money with me and i was sure i was going to need it in the coming weeks.
Some minutes later, i walked out of the bathroom and applied some body lotion, then sprayed myself with some body spray and walked to the bed. I lay near Esther who was wide awake and playing some game with her mobile phone.
“What style do you like most?” i asked.
She smiled and continued what she was doing. I had decided that there wasn’t going to be kisses. I had decided not to kiss any other girl i wasn’t sure i was going to keep for long.
Suddenly, i grabbed her frail body and pulled her on top of me. Her phone fell on the bed but she ignored it. My Nokia had started to vibrate on the table.
Damn! Why can’t whoever it was wait until i finished what i was about to start.
“Excuse me” i said as i got up and walked to the table. The screen of the Nokia showed an Italian Number. The number wasn’t saved with a name on my phone.
Out of curiosity, i answered the call.
“You think the Police will send me to prison. You have only taken away my two girls and my money. I am going to make sure i find you wherever you are. Just watch and see” it was the unadulterated voice of Maria.
“How are you Maria? Good to hear your voice again. I hope the Polizia didn’t mistreat you. Ngozi is safe now. The Police will take care of Fatimah as well. I never wanted to involve you in all that but somehow you decided to show me that you are connected to the bad guys, now see the outcome. If you need money, i can send you some pocket money but the rest will be used to take care of the girl you brought to Europe. I have rented an apartment for her where you will never find her. She is in the asylum camp now, after that she will go to school and become useful for the society and not just to sell her body and make money for you. I wanted to change this phone number but now that you are out, i won’t do that again. We will meet again very soon” i said and cut off the line.
Damn! How did she come out of the Police net so fast? I never really trusted the Italian Police. They were not different from the Nigerian Police. They could easily take bribe and use the back door. Maria was a human trafficker. A teenage girl was found in her house as evidence. How on earth did they allow her to go? The good news anyway was that i had left Italy. Nothing will make me to return there with the Portuguese resident permit; it was expiring in three days time anyway.

As i walked back to the bed, Esther said, “What girls are you talking about?”
“How did you come to Europe Esther?” I asked without answering her own question. She got alerted and sat up. I on the other hand had lost the sexual appetite that had initially built up.
“What is the problem?” Esther asked. The atmosphere was getting tense and if i didn’t handle it with tact, everything was going to explode in my face.
A smile would do the trick.
“Nothing serious baby girl. Just some woman in Italy who brought a girl from Nigeria to work for her but she was maltreating her. She beat her everyday and said she must balance her €60,000 before she can be free. Others took €40,000 to €50,000 but she wanted more” I said, knowing that the next thing to come out of Esther would be very critical to the situation.
“One man also came here and took Naomi away. My aunty is still very angry and said she will kill the man with Olokun very soon” she said.
“Where is this Naomi now?” i asked.
“We don’t know. We heard she has gone to London with the man. They said he also took Lisa, another girl with him” she said.
“Did they say why he took the girls away?” i asked. She said she didn’t know.
“Maybe he liked them the way i like you” i said and smiled.
“For me, i won’t try that thing. I am sure they are all going to die. Olokun will kill them. If you go to Benin city, you will see the pictures of the people who died as a result of running away from their Madam” she said.
I allowed her to say her fears without interruption. The way she sounded, i was pretty sure she didn’t like what she was doing. She wanted to run away too and peharps do something different for herself but She was afraid of Olokun.
We shall see in a few days time. Olokun may be powerful in the minds of teenage girls but never in mine.

“Everyone must leave something behind when he dies.. Something your hand touched some way so that your soul has somewhere to go when you die.. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it, into something that is like you after you take your hands away”

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