58: The True Warning

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Chapter 58. The Warning and the truth

The ‘Arab men kidnapping story was weighing me down. I liked it when i took responsibilities for my actions, it usually gave me more things to think about and more control over the operations. It was difficult thinking for myself and the Arabs. I was sure i slipped up somewhere and raised Aunty Joy’s suspicion. She had been acting weired since i came to Italy. I knew that if i didn’t meet with her the previous night, she would have started hunting for me without my Knowledge; therefore i had told her that i was responsible. For the fact that she now knew who was responsible for sure, she was going to first of all stop trying to trick me into meeting with her somewhere.

My phone was ringing as i walked down the stairs of Joy’s apartment. I had decided not to use the electronic lift. Being in control required that i changed a lot of normal things people did.
  I didn’t answer the call until i came outside to the street at the back of the building.
“Aunty Joy, what can i do for you?” I said as soon as I picked the call.
“Please come back, let us discuss how to give you the money, I need those girls back” she said.
“Joy listen, One of your thugs called Bonaventure already called you this morning. Since you didn’t answer his call, he could be on his way to your house. We will discuss this thing on a public place where they can’t do anything to me” I said.
“But why are you doing this, is Maria involved in this?” She asked.
“Who is Maria?” I asked.
“Never mind. Where can we meet then?” She asked.
“I will let you know soon enough. You may be surprised at why i picked you of all people. I don’t like teenage girls on the streets of Europe. Those two kids you brought here to work for you should have been in schools and not cold streets. Was that your age when you came here to work?” I asked.
She kept quiet for a while before i cut off the phone call.
Then i called Bonaventure.
“I believe you are the guy with Aunty Joy yesterday. Listen very carefully, i don’t want you standing between me and my business here in Venice. I came here for a business with Joy and will finish in a day or two. If you disturb me here, i will punish you before i leave town” I said.
“Who are you, are you the Austin guy?” he asked.
“Just do what i said, tell your colleague that i don’t need you people on my way. That is all i am asking for. If you Disobey me, there will be consequences. Don’t ignore this warning, it comes only once in a while” I said.
“So it was you who sent us text messages last night?” He asked.
“Yes, i was with Joy on her bed that time and we didn’t want you people crashing into us. That was just one of the things i am capable of doing. I hope you understand that we don’t know each other, I want things to remain that way because I am not interested in knowing you. This is not about you, this is business” i said.
He asked that we meet somewhere and discuss further but i told him that he was very foolish to demand for such thing.

I didn’t return to my hotel room since it was going to expire in a few hours coupled with the fact that i had no bags with me.
I waited for an hour in a bar before going into the H&M boutique to buy a red Jacket and a cap. I needed to start changing colours like a chameleon.
I found another hotel later and paid for a night, then i went to the room and called Maria.
She said she was worried something happened to me.
She also said she spoke to Aunty Joy the day before but didn’t say anything about knowing Me. She also wanted to know how things were developing.
“I have told her that it was me who took the girls but didn’t tell her it was in your house. I denied even knowing who you are. As it stands now, she knows that i want money and she is going to pay. I may leave here and return to Sweden tomorrow but lets wait and see what happens between now and tomorrow” I said.
She told me to be careful and hung up.
Since i was doing nothing else, i called Naomi. She said she has been trying to reach me on phone and was worried about me.
“Ngozi is in my school now. They admitted her last week and i wanted to tell you but nobody knew your current phone number. Where are you?” She asked.
I told her that i was in Italy and may visit Marseille. She said she will send me Ngozi’s phone number after the call.
I called Jennifer, she was happy as expected. She asked where i was and how life was with me.
I told her that i was in Italy and that i was fine.
I called Agnes Kuka. She was fine and wanted to know when i would be in Berlin. I told her that i would be in Berlin in the coming week. It seemed that it was going to be our last conversation on the phone.
Lisa and Esther in London were fine. Esther claimed she was no longer in contact with her Madam. Lisa on the other hand had grown over such things; she was working and saving money for herself now. Efuah was fine and in a vacation somewhere in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Ify said she was fine but as usual, she wanted money. Those Igbo women always believed money was everything. I told her i will send her money before one week. I also vowed that it could be the last. I was determined to stop running in circles with them. Britain were not paying Nigeria for giving us independence.

After making the calls, I called Joy and told her to prepare €30 000 or forget about the girls.
“Aunty Joy, the truth is that i didn’t really pick them up because i wanted your money. I am just pitying you because you said you know their parents and that you brought them here by yourself. I have done this more than five times already. In fact this is what i do for a living. If you send your thugs after me, you will never see me or see the girls again” i finished.
“I will give you €20 000 but i will see the girls first” She said.
I cut off the call and when she called back, i told her that i didn’t accept such conditions.
“I am going to send those girls to a Country where you will never see them again. Aunty Joy i have money too; you are not the only person with money. I heard you took large amount of money from a business man and killed him. You can see that i have information about you. I did a lot of enquiry about you even in Benin City. I know your house in Benin city. You are not in a position to make demands. Prepare the money before the end of the day or you will bring it to Sweden by yourself” I said.
“Where do we meet for the money?” She asked.
“We are not meeting anywhere again. When you have the cash, i will tell you what to do with it” I said and cut off the call.

It was time to wait but i had a feeling she won’t pay easily.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hmmm some hustle……u do your rescue missions for the money or just for fun. Hmmmmmm

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    Getting really interesting the more..Such a weird situation she found herself in.

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    Keep going like unstoppable train but focus on ur front so as nt 2 quench. U are d man

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    Zubby this will be a deadly adventure but I knw u capable of making things out….keep it up sir

  5. Manshyne

    Keep Others in Suspended Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability, Enter Action with Boldness and
    Plan All the Way to the End.
    Laws 17,28 and 29…
    A true master in the act of combat, Zubby you ‘re a combatant. Gbam!

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    This tension Α̲̅πϑ suspense is getting much ƒøя M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ liking.

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    It’s me Tony Obaze. How are you? I haven’t commented for a while. As always your blovel is riveting. I have shared to my friends on Fb and g+. Weldon and keep it up.

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    she will never pay easily i swear but she will definitely pay. cheers!

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    “Aunty Joy, I have money too; you are not the only person with money.”
    This makes me lol- as in ‘don’t think am a golddigger that my life depends on your money. I don’t even know how to explain it, but it really got me laughing 😎

  10. Delis

    “I heard you took
    large amount of money
    from a business man and
    killed him. You can see
    that i have information
    about you. I did a lot of
    enquiry about you even in
    Benin City. I know your
    house in Benin city”.

    Don’t you think she will suspect Maria?

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