58: Our Missing Identities

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My mother was sitting in the compound when i returned.

“Thank God you are safe. I was calling to know what was happening at Nsukka. Okafor Ude said that you disappeared without telling anybody where you went” She said.

“That was true” I said and asked for a cup of water.

“What happened?” she asked.

“My spirit just told me to leave the place. My spirit told me that danger was coming, so i left” I said.

Since every black man believed that it was the spirit that thinks for them, it was better that i followed them.
There was no need trying to swim against the water current.

I was going to start flowing with everything else until i found a way to get myself out of the entire mess.

“So what happened with the sacrifice?” She asked.

“My spirit also told me that we must not serve two masters at time. It told me that we must concentrate our search through the Church” I said.

“I think you are right. A pastor in Enugu told me not to go to any native doctor. He said they have no powers to do anything and that their god is not a living god” My mother said.

That was the kind of belief i also wanted her to have.

What she didn’t know yet was that a large percentage of the so called pastors were just in the business to make money.
Prayers had become for sale to the highest bidder.

It was clear that if you and I approached a pastor to pray for us at one particular time, the Pastor would most likely go and pray to the person who will bring the bigger money.

I had seen where rich people died and instead of the Parish Reverend Father to do their burial, they would go and invite the Bishop. But when a poor man died, the Junior Reverend Fathers would come and do the burial.
Salvation had been put up for sale or hire to the highest bidder.
The Black Race had managed to confuse themselves with foreign Religions.
The result was affecting the system because the Pastors had also become dedicated prayer warriors to the corrupt politicians who kept the society in the dark for ages.

“So where is Okafor Ude?” Mama asked.

“My spirit told me not to carry him back. I am sure we would have had an accident if i carried him” I said.

“Is it through that armed robbers blocked the road on your way to Nsukka in the morning?” Mama asked.

I told her everything that happened and how we nearly died as a result of jumping over the artificial bump.

“I told you people to wait until day break but you refused. I don’t want to lose a son while searching for a son. I think we must begin to leave this matter in the hands of God” She said.

Good news.
I was going to tell her something like that.
Everything was supposed to be left in the hand of God. We were only required to go to the Police and make reports.
But after making the report, we had resorted to every kind of diabolical way to locate my brother.

I had done enough to please the villagers and as i sat there discussing with my mother, i vowed to punish anybody who came to tell me about one Native doctor or the other again.
The missing guy affected all of us and if anybody wanted to help, he or she should have done that on his or her own.

God was never foolish and never reasoned like men. If He had allowed Mr. Albert to be kidnapped, He must have had His reasons. He must have wanted us to learn some things from it. He must have known how long it would take for him to return if he would return.
If we defied the omnipotent God and went to Native doctors and pastors to look for what he allowed to happen, then it meant that we had no faith in his abilities.
This contradictory activities just confirmed to us that we didn’t know God. We had no faith in him. We didn’t know his ways and we never trusted him.
We just said our prayers with hope that He would answer them.

Some of the time, what we asked for come to pass in a different form without our knowledge. Most of the time after praying, things got worse.
Everything had always happened by mere chance. But black man was too blinded by hypocrisy, underdevelopment, mental idiocy and illiteracy to know that a car cannot move without petrol no matter the amount of prayer we said.

Yes, we had managed to merge reality and fantasy together, and the result was just to sit back and hope that Someday, our Goat would give birth to a cow. Nobody ever thought it possible for his cow to give birth to a goat, it must be the other way round.
Impossibility had become one side for them because they were engrossed into believing that only positive things should happen to them but unfortunately, good and bad were equal and opposite.

The number of people given birth to in this World were the number of people who were going to die.
The story of those who flew to Heaven from earth were all fantasies..
They were just stories told by those who knew how to write and record things before others.

There were numerous folklore tales our own culture and people were know for.
Stories such as the ‘Tortoise and the ghosts’
‘How Tortoise flew with the birds to have a feast in the sky’.
If our forefathers were able to record and write those stories down, they could have also traveled like the whites and spread the book across the World. If they were lucky like those who brought the Bible and the Koran, they could have convinced some people that the Tortoise actually flew to the sky to have a feast.

Life was about survival of the fittest. But the level we black people operated was below normal. We were still being told how to live daily. We still depended on eevrything the West and the middle East packaged for us.

History showed that Africa existed before Europe and Middle East.
But somehow, God managed to originate from those areas.
As a result, our role models had became the actors in the Bible and the Koran.
Moses, Elijah, David, Samson and Paul became our names while our own origin died slowly and got wiped out from history.

It was a pity because we lost our identity to the biggest Scam of all times, yes we did.

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18 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Life is all about the survival of the fittest. You put this into action by taking to suggestion of visiting the dibias; you even have to drink Emeka’s preparation to survive which ever evil plan he has for you. Dont blame the pastors or their comrades in the other religions; the enlightenment should be for those whose hearts have not been emancipated. Happy sunday to the Global runners and the anchor; Zubby.

  2. MeKing王

    As I get older I pay less attention to what people say but pay more attention to what they do … ((((((((((SmH))))))))))

  3. Anonymous

    the Dibias are worse than the pastors Zuby,you never went to a Pastor since you started running,why run them down?

  4. olenyi

    After so long, an update. Thanks man. Still following.

    But I taught something would have happened to the dibia’s daughter the way you called her out.

  5. Chidex

    Boss…. the truth remains that everyone of them are in business. so the native doctors want to stay in business by Convincing people they got solutions to every problems on pIanet earth, same goes to our prosperity pastors teIIing you the dibias don’t ave solutions to thier problems and. That thier gods ain’t Iiving. But which ever way….. don’t pray for problems cuz u will be forced to find solutions within the bIink of an eye…. God heIps us aII……………… stiII I run!!!

  6. solomon sly

    Zuby it seems u are unique in one way or the other. I can’t just figure out the kind of human being u are.

  7. Alakzy

    Finally I have caught up with Ozoigbondu 1…it’s really sad that ur brother is missing?…I guess it’s part of the downs destined in one’s life…u re a great writer…

  8. Tloc

    Good one Zubby. I like your line of thought on religion but read deeper and know the real genesis of all races.

  9. Konmight

    It’s all about Kowope(Money Must Complete). I was so annoyed yesterday when my Pastor told me I wasn’t paying my tithe completely. I prefer to give to the less privilege than to take all my money to the church all in the name of tithe. Scammers everywhere, one must be a Wise Christian. Nobody can Bobo me layelaye.

    Nice One Oga Zuby.

    Patiently following.

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