57: The Revelation

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Chapter 57. The Revelation.

“Yes Joy, you are a very sexy lady. How old are you?” I asked Aunty Joy.
“It looks like you don’t have any fear or respect in you” She said.
“Fear of what? Should i be afraid to say how i feel about something?” I asked.

Aunty Joy was in her mid 30s. She was older than me but not such things hardly mattered to me; perhaps some three or four years older and I didn’t consider that a wide margin. It meant nothing to me because in this dynamic universe, we were designed to suit our egos with phrases that fitted into what we wanted. In that very period, what i told myself was that age was just numbers; the mentality was what mattered. I had vowed never to date a woman older than me but i wasn’t going to date Joy; we were just in for a business and we will go our separate ways after the deal. I knew that right inside her, she was thinking about how to entrap me but unfortunately for her, i didn’t give her any chance to do that. She was not happy with me but perhaps, some touches and massage could change things. My silly manhood was already getting excited because i already felt that something was going to happen that night. I was hoping that a little play could change her plans or atleast derail it.

“Do you know who i am?” She asked as she turned her back on me and faced the wall.
“No, but i want to know you” I said. My right hand was already resting on her hips.
“Why are you not afraid of anything?” she asked again.
“Joy you already asked this question. You are very attractive with nice curves. Infact i was jealous when i saw you with those two ugly guys with huge biceps at the hotel” i said.
“What is wrong with you?” She said as i placed one finger on her lips to make her stop talking.
She kept quiet but as soon as i removed my finger from her lips, my own lip replaced the finger.
She shifted back slightly and made me kiss the air.
“What do you want?”

“You, I want you Joy. Show me what you have and i will satisfy you. This is why i agreed to sleep here. I have been crushing on you since i came here” i said as my mouth moved further towards her.
“Your mouth is smelling Whisky” She said.
Great. Whisky was the issue at hand. I would gladly vomit the Hennessy i took if that was what she demanded but as a master, i needed to be in control.
“The smell will disappear when you kiss me back” I said.
“So its a kiss that you want?” She said.
It was then I knew her resistance and power had finished.
“Yes Joy, lets start with a kiss. We could go further than that” I said.
“Do you know that you are crazy?” She said.
“Yea, crazy for you Joy” I said, borrowing from Maria’s method of answers.

The pretalk had gotten too much and it would get to a stage where she could easily remember something and decide to get aggressive. It was time to make a bold move; if it worked, fine but if it didn’t, i would turn around and sleep or even leave her apartment and look for another hotel because I was never going back to the previous one.
My right hand had started massaging her soft arse slowly while my mouth found her right breast which was still inside the silk transparent night gown.
Aunty Joy pulled down her gown to release the breasts which dangled in my face. We were still lying down as i swallowed her nipple and sucked on it professionally.
She moaned as my hand worked tirelessly on Her arse. She didn’t know when she grabbed my manhood with her left hand and started squeezing.
We both moaned as the pressure increased gradually.
My right hand worked its way slowly from her arse towards her thighs as she spread her legs slightly and allowed my hand to move through her honeypot. She moaned loudly as my middle finger was inserted into her well shaven cunt. She was already holding me tight like a baby who was scared to fall off her mother’s back.

Ten minutes later, she was totally down and asking me to go into her.
“Condom, i need a condom” I said.
She pointed to a drawer as i got out of bed and found a pack of durex condom inside the drawer.
“Give it to me” She said.
I threw the pack at her and she brought out one unit from it and tore it professionally.
As she worked on the condom, i worked on her body with my hands and lips until she inserted the condom into my stiff manhood.
Since she had large arse, i turned her around and made her lie on her stomach. Her arse protruded as i spread her legs slightly to expose the lips of her cunt. Then in one swift move, I mounted her from the back and pumped away.

It was almost 1 am when we got exhausted and lay on the bed panting.
“I don’t believe this, you charmed me Austin” She hissed after several minutes of resting.
“Relax Joy, i didn’t do you anything. The better news was that you liked what happened. The temperature is very cold now and we needed that” I said and we both laughed.

The incident was my best card in a bid to be in control of what was happening. Everything Joy planned must have been re-planned. There were moments in my life that i did crazy and extra ordinary things. I knew Joy was an Enemy. She was after me but we found ourselves on the same bed in the same apartment. If i had not made that move, she would stay awake the whole night planning on how to either get his boys to the apartment or harm me. I wasn’t going to stay awake all night. I had made some travels from Scandinavia to France and then to The Adriatic Sea City of Venice. I needed to rest and relax my body.
About an hour after we finished, i slept off. It was already 8 am when i woke up. Joy was still on the bed; probably thinking about what we did last night. It was time to talk to her about her girls. The problem was that i didn’t want to implicate Maria in the whole thing since i was sure she will return to Italy soon. The issue of marriage was just a plan from her to hook me down.

“Let us go to the sitting room and talk” I commanded.
She looked up at me and said, “Why can’t we talk here Austin?”
“I don’t discuss serious issues on the bed” I said.

My phone started ringing with an Italian Number but i didn’t answer it. It was from Bonaventure; one of Joy’s foot soldiers.
“What is it you want us to discuss that we can’t do in the room?” Joy asked as she settled down on a sofa and picked up the Television Remote Control.
“I know where Sharon and Peace are staying now. It wasn’t the Arabs that took them, it was me. My reasons are not to demand for money but you will pay” I said as i stood up and opened the door.

“We will be in touch Aunty Joy” i said.

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    Thinking and acting ahead of the enemy by suspecting everything is a 90% guarranteed success.

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    Crazy move! There’s a lil mix up here, you said Maria instead of Joy.
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