57: The returning leg

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Chapter 57: Time to Payback.

”Master how much will you pay me to take care of him” Ricardo said.

Money was everything to those Suriname people. They could kill someone for as low as €500.
On my own part, i needed to teach Mr. Clement some lessons, not kill him. Ricardo could kill him. I didn’t want any death on my conscience.

”No,  Ricardo i need to do this myself. I want to watch him cry for mercy and help” i said.

Ricardo hesitated a bit before telling me that he could get the gun from Dennis. He asked if i knew how to handle the piece of metal.

”I need to know how to release the safety latch. Apart from that, i can deal with any other thing” I said.

Belgium was not far from Holland. The country was just a stone throw from some parts of Holland especially Breda.

A day after taking delivery of the Pistol Gun from Ricardo, i started announcing to everyone around town that i was traveling out of Holland. The concerned people asked about where i was going and what i wanted to be doing there. Some asked about the Jokes on the newspapers and what would happen to it after i might have left Holland.

The news that i was leaving town circulated fast. People had seen me carrying Samsonite bag in Amsterdamse Poort.
People called and wished me well.

Three days after leaking the information that i was leaving town, there was a huge get together of the Igbo community in Amsterdam. A certain self-crowned Ezendigbo of Holland was celebrating his son’s Church dedication in Gazenhoef. Many people were there. I had intentionally dragged my big luggage through the party field and took a cab to the Amsterdam Central Station.
I had purchased a one way ticket to Brussels and traveled to Belgium that evening.

I got to Belgium before 7:40 pm and checked into a cheap guest house. They charged me €30 per day but when i told them that i could spend up to one week, they reduced the price to €25. I paid for seven days and went into the room to drop my baggage.
The room wasn’t a standard one but it would serve its purpose. I only needed a place where i could be sleeping outside Holland for the time being.

After settling down, i went outside and bought a simcard. Then i called About ten people and told them that i had already left Holland and that i was in Belgium.
After making the calls, i went back to the train station and entered a train going back to Holland. Luckily for me, i followed the French TGV fast train which had just arrived from Paris to Brussel.
When we got to Rotherdam, i stepped out of the train and hired a snoda down to Bijlmer.

I got to my apartment in Krainest some minutes past 2am. Robin was home as expected.

I woke him up and called him out to the parlour.

”Brother please pay attention. Clement tried to kill me some days back. He hired two people to kill me. They pushed me inside the Gasperdam Lake to drown and die but i managed to get myself out of the water. I didn’t explain all these things to you earlier because i believed you Could have confronted him or even started to tell everybody in Bijlmer” i said.

I could tell that he was already very angry despite the fact that it had been days since the incident occurred.

”Clement now lives in Ijburg. I have succeeded in locating his place and i am going after him anytime from now. I don’t want anybody to know about this. That is why i told people that i was traveling out of town. I just returned from Belgium where i had rented a guest house. Here is my phone number from Belgium” i said as i handed him the phone number written on a piece of paper.

”Now i know why you started newspaper distribution in Ijburg. You have such a criminal mind” He said.

”I gave you this number because people could start asking for me anytime from tomorrow or next. Tell them that i travelled to Belgium and that i plan to leave Belgium for France soon” i said.

When i finished telling him what i wanted him to do, he asked what i intended to do to Clement.

”I am going to give him a mark he won’t ever forget. Don’t worry, i won’t kill him. You know i can’t do that” i said.
Robin made several efforts to discourage me from doing anything to Clement but i made him understand that if i didn’t attack, i would be defending. I also made him understand that i preferred to attack rather than defend.
When he discovered that i already made plans on how to hit Clement, he just asked me to be careful.

Robin and I stayed awake all through the night. He had brought out a bottle of Jack Daniel but i refused to drink. I needed a very clear head to operate. I planned to go to Ijburg in a few hours time and it could be complicated for me if i took some alcohol.
We sat there in the sitting room reflecting on how life had been for us in Amsterdam. We discussed how it all started from Nigeria.

At exactly 5:30 am, i picked up two bundles of old newspapers and tied them on the back of my bicycle, then went up to my room and picked up the piece of Gun i had rented from the Surinames. The gun was a 12-Round live ammunition Pistol that was very light in weight. It was an American Military Issued Pistol which i didn’t know how the Surinames came across.

As i walked down to the sitting room, i looked at Robin and told him to stay strong.

”Trust me, i will be fine but if anything happens, stay strong and tell my story the way it happened. I can’t sit duck and wait for Clement to Kill me first and i can’t run away from Holland because of him” i said.

I rode out of Bijlmer where the Nigerians lived and headed past Diemen to the edge of the levee that held the Ij Lake from spilling into the town. The time was already a few minutes to 6am.

The first time i distributed the papers in Ijburg, i had seen Mrs Clement leaving at a few minutes to 6am. I believed that it would be the same every other working day and i was right.
Since i wasn’t going to distribute the old newspapers, i stopped at the beginning of the street and smoked a cigarette.

Then i saw Mrs Clement.

” Grudges are for
those who insist
that they are owed
however, is for
those who are
substantial enough
to move on.”

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