57: The Final Decision

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“Mr Charlie, we have heard everything you and Helena said. I think we will take up one of your offers but i need to explain everything in details to the girls first. I have lived here in Europe for long but they just arrived a few weeks back. We will get back to you in a matter of two or three days” I said.

We left the hotel and returned to Stegen. The mood in the train told me that the girls were not happy with my ideas.
The entire plans and proposals were not clear to them and as a result, i decided that the deal was over.
The entire thing also sounded vague to me. I was expected to hands-off the girls as soon as i hand them over to Charlie and Helena. What they did with them afterwards were never going to be my business. I would have loved to go on with the deals but the girls looked so naive and young.
I doubted if they were even able to read and write properly; it meant they may not be able to tell me where they were taken if they ran into trouble.
I would have gone ahead with the proposal if the girls were at least 24 or more. I won’t be able to forgive myself if anything ever happened to them and it could consciously destroy every good job i did for teenage prostitutes in the past.
As a result of the above factors, i decided to wait until it was time for me to leave Europe, then i would gather some more matured girls, take them to the pimps, gather as much money as i could from the deal and fly to Murtala Muhammad Airport somewhere in Africa where no pimp will be silly enough to come looking for me.

“Charlie, i am calling off the deal for now” I said.

“Why my friend, we gave you good offers, the best you can get in the market” he shouted.

“The girls are scared. I am going to talk to them and try to convince them, i will call you with the outcome. Please don’t call me” I said and cut off the line. That kind of bad news were always better to be delivered over the phone.

The girls were there when i talked to Charlie, they didn’t say or do anything. They only looked at each other and sat where they were.

The month of May has approached and the temperature has dropped to near summer. People could be seen wearing short clothes; the cold has gone. It was that time of the year when girls and women exposed their skins and breasts and arses all over the place.

To make the girls happy, i took them for shopping and bought them some summer cloths.
They didn’t talk about their future ever since we returned from the meeting with the pimps; they just lived each day as it came.

“I think it is better i sent two of you to the United Kingdom” I announced one evening.

My finances were running down and i believed it was better to use the money remaining with me to send them to UK rather than spending it on them daily.
I was also going to return to dealing with the Italian Mamas, therefore, i needed them out of the way.

“George, have you finished with the permits?” I asked him on the phone after deciding that the girls were heading To the UK.

He said he was still looking to steal them from black girls in France.
I told him to forget about them and wait for me in Paris in a few days time.
I was going to take the girls across the border without permits. If they were caught, they would surely be sent back to the camp in Mannheim. There was no reason to be scared.

I called the girls out and told them about the plans. I made them understand that since their finger prints were already in the system, there was no reason to be afraid of police control.

“We will travel to Kehl and cross the border from there to Strasbourg. We need to avoid the major borders because those are the places where the cops control more” I said to the girls.

They asked when we were moving and i told them it would be the next day. I wanted to get their future sorted out before deciding the next move to make.

As for the pimps, i was surely going to do business with them. They were the people with the drugs, the girls and the weapon. If i could be able to break into their ranks, two things would be involved; either i got killed or i got rich but knowing how i operated, the chances of getting rich was far bigger than that of getting killed.
I have always believed that success required risk in whatever thing we did in life; there were of course many other factors but risk was certainly up there with luck and dedication.

Ever since i announced the move to the UK, the girls have been doing nothing else except arranging and rearranging their clothes inside their bags. They would smile at me each time they walked past where i was. I believed it was a new one to them since i didn’t make any attempt at sleeping with any of them. Both didn’t know that they already fetched me a combined fee of €18,000. I believed relocating them to the UK was not going to cost more than €4000 unless they ran into trouble.

Maria has been calling from Italy; she wanted me back to stay with her even for a few days. According to her, she was missing me every minute and sarcastically threatened that she will come to Germany to see me if i didn’t return within one week.
I assured her that i will come to Italy as soon as i see the girls off to England.

The following morning, we parked the things we needed and left Freiburg for Kehl. At Kehl, we took a cross border cab and found ourselves in Strasbourg Hauptbanhof some minutes later.

We left Strasbourg with a TGV heading North West to Lille Metropol.
At Lille, i rented a large hotel room and relaxed with the girls. It was already night when we got to Lille; therefore we settled for fruits we bought in Strasbourg.

Around 9pm, I found the number of the rogue taxi driver whom i used to cross girls to the UK in the past and called him. He promised to come to the hotel immediately.

An hour later, he showed up with the same woman whom we have also worked with in the past.

“I am sure you know why i called you here” I began.
They both nodded.

“Tell me how the road is now” i said.

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