56: Be a man

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”I think I would travel to East but if I am around then, I would surely go with You Ma, Thanks” I said, not knowing the best way to deal with that situation.

She smiled as Daisy looked at me as if to say ”I told you she will like you”.

Something had alerted me to all the drama going on between me and Daisy’s people. Her mother was still young. Daisy who was likely to be between 18 And 20 was her first issue. The woman herself looked between 35 and 40 which still placed her on my sexually active list of women. She must have given birth to Daisy at a very young age. She had not done much to make me suspicious but I had always succeeded over surprises whenever I placed every possibilities ahead of time.

After the food, everybody else left the sitting room for Daisy and her boyfriend, the car importer from Germany.
Daisy wanted to know everything about car business, how much I bought, shipped and sold them.
I carefully narrated them to her since she wanted to know. I would put the cost price as low as possible, shipping and clearance as low as possible too but would put the selling price at a high one. Since we were in the game of making money, it was good to show her that I knew how to do it.

She asked when I would travel again and I told her I still had some vehicles in ships on the seas. It all meant that I didn’t know when next to leave Nigeria.

She was with my phone when a call came in. She looked at it and handed it over to me.
It was from Olabisi.

”Daisy, this girl had been disturbing me. I want you to answer the call and tell her you are my girlfriend” I said as I handed the phone back to her.

She took the call and told Bisi to stop calling her boyfriend. There seemed to be some kind of misunderstanding between them but since I wanted Bisi out of the picture as soon as possible, I ignored them. The phone conversation eventually ended.
Daisy wanted to know who she was and how she had gotten my number in the first place.

”I gave her a lift from Iyana Isolo sometime last week and got her number from her” I had told Daisy.
She advised me on the dangers of getting numbers from strangers and advised me to stop doing it. I nodded in agreement since I wasn’t interested in argument with an amateur who probably thought she had caught a shark with a small fish net.

At around 6pm, I told her to go tell the mother that I was about to leave. She went upstairs and announced my leaving. The mother didn’t come down, she just told her to wish me well and to come to the house whenever I wanted. I agreed and we left. The two apprentices were sitting outside playing Ludo game as we walked out. They wasted some scornful eyes from my head to the toes as I watched them through my dark eyeglasses. Unfortunately for them, the K-Swiss boots on my legs which cost me €120 was enough to transport them to Idumota for over six months.

She walked me outside to the car. We leaned on the vehicle and talked for some minutes before I left.

Daisy was just a lovely girl who wanted a boyfriend. She believed that she had met the man of her dreams. Her mother had somehow licensed her to go find the boyfriend but had also ordered her to bring him home.
How I got into their net was still a mystery but I was my own boss and I knew I could decide to stop any relationship whenever I wanted.

I thought about Daisy and Stella on my way home. Two of then were the front-runners in the race to claim me totally. Daisy was after me while I was after Stella. The issue however was that Stella had started to behave like a kid. As a result I called Daisy from inside of the car and told her to come to my house tomorrow. She agreed and said she would come before 12pm.

I got home and packed my car. I needed recharge cards, therefore I walked down to the call girl and asked for N1500 MTN. There was a young man of about my age keeping her company. I didn’t care as I just bought the card and disappeared as slowly as I had arrived.

It was getting to 7pm and there was nothing to be done outside. I walked up and took a bath, then I sat down on the sitting room to watch a football Match. A call appeared on my phone. It was Stella. I ignored it.
She called again and I answered.

”Hello Stella” I had said.

”Are you ready to tell me who those people at the Church were” she ordered with enough shout to wake an elephant up.

”No Stella and if that is why you called me, don’t bother calling again” I said and cut off the line.
I was surprised at how bold Stella was becoming and it would be better to define our various power sharing percentages earlier if the relationship would stand.

I was not ready to play that kind of game with a 20 or 21 year old girls. If not that I had decided to date girls who were Atleast 5 years younger than me, I wouldn’t have gotten into such dirty games with those girls but I was neck deep in the game already. The only way out was to play it however it turns out.

”Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold”.

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