56: The Reunion

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The train crossed Ventimiglia and headed down to Monaco, then Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, Toulon and finally we arrived in Marseille. It was already getting dark when we arrived. There was no need to start looking for the girls immediately; therefore i located a hotel and paid for a night.
Early the next morning, i took a cab to the Ivory Coast Woman’s apartment where Naomi lived. I didn’t call to tell them that i was coming. After ringing the bell for a few minutes, the Ivorian woman opened the door. She was still in bed when i came. She grumbled a few words in French and allowed me in. Two taps on Naomi’s door and it opened. It was Ngozi. She jumped on me and refused to come down, she hung on my body with her legs suspended above ground for some moments.
”I was scared something happened to you” she said, as she looked all over me curiously to find out if i was wounded. Naomi had also jumped out of bed and had smiled while Ngozi was on me. She had eventually came forward to hug and kiss me too. It was an awkward moment as Naomi tried to register the fact that she was the woman numero uno. Ngozi didn’t care, i had previously warned her that Naomi was my girlfriend. I had warned her that if she hoped to stay with Naomi, she must respect the fact the i met Naomi before her.
”What happened? You said you were going back to finish what you started in Castel Volturno” Ngozi said.
”Maria and Fatimah, together with the thugs are in prison now” i said.
Ngozi stared at me as if she didn’t hear what i said.
”Fatimah in prison too, what happened?” she asked. Tears had started running down her cheeks.
“Fatimah was just caught in the web of things. I didn’t mean to send her to prison. I wanted her to follow us here but it seemed she wanted to taste the prostitution industry. The thugs came after me at the Sanremo station. They caught me and nearly killed me. It was that young taxi driver that rescued me by calling the police. The police took us to the station and asked what happened. I had no option than to tell them about Maria. They invaded her house in Volturno and arrested her with Fatimah” I said. “You need to stop crying before this woman hears you” I said as i pointed to the Ivorian woman’s room. A knock came to our door and the Ivorian woman opened the door without waiting to be told.
In a very bad English, she said ”You people, go out of house month end. You said only one person. Now three”
”Madam, i don’t live here. I just came this morning. I am leaving before midday” i said.
She said that it dididnt matter, she wanted us to leave the apartment anyway.
“Alright Madam. Balance us our one month rent and we leave” i said.
She went to her room and returned with the money.

“Park up your bags, we are going to a hotel” i said.
“Where is the red bag” i said to Ngozi. She brought it out from the wardrobe. I opened it and found the €4000 i left there.
“Naomi what about the house we talked about on the phone?” i asked. She said we could still go and check it out. After arranging our bags, we took a cab to the new apartment. It was just like Naomi said. Very good for students. It was perfect for two or three young girls. We called the owner and paid €700 for two months. I called the owner aside and asked if it was possible to pay for another two months, he said i could do that and get a receipt. I counted another €700 and paid for another two months. I figured that by the time they spent four months in the apartment, i would have been able to pay for more time. After the payment, we went back to the old apartment and carried our bags to the new one. For the rest of the morning and afternoon, we cleaned and arranged the apartment. It seemed that a student lived there before our arrival. There were some abandoned books, reading table, large bed, cooking pots, refrigerator and some other items. There was no Electronic gadget, therefore i went out to a used item shop and bought a 24inch TV, a DVD machine and an extension cord. I also bought a 25kg bag of rice and some tomatoes paste.
As we ate spaghetti later in the night, i announced to the girls that i may be heading up north to Paris in a day or two.
“My resident permit is expiring in a few days. I need to go up to Paris to check on the one i applied for” i had said.
None of them said anything. They didn’t know how to approach the matter. It was more like their protector and hero was about to leave them.
“Naomi, you took asylum here in France. I want you to prepare Ngozi for her own asylum. Give her a similar story to yours. You will also take her to camp. I want you to make sure she gets documented before she runs into one immigration problem or the other” i said.
“Ngozi, you understand that i may be out in Paris for some days or even weeks. We will all be talking on the phone. After your asylum, i may decide to send you to the UK to stay with Lisa, but you need to be documented first so that you can fall back to France if anything happened on the road. Remember that you must always respect Naomi. She will be doing the same to you too. If you people create trouble for yourselves, i may not be around to solve it. I have many enemies in Paris and i don’t know what they would do if they find me over there” i said and kept quiet.
They were both staring at me without much to say.
“I know i can’t stop you from going to Paris but please be careful. My Madam is still there and she must be looking for you” Naomi said.
“You don’t have to worry about me, just take care of Ngozi and yourself. I will take care of myself” i said.
“How are my going to pay you back for all this things you are doing for me?” Ngozi said.
“I have told you before and i am reminding you again, you don’t owe me anything. You are not indebted to me in anyway. Don’t feel like you are going to pay me someday. Just take care of yourself and Naomi. We will see again very soon and peharps go to Disneyland” i said.
“Where is Disneyland?” It was Ngozi.

“If you are reading this Chapter, I want you to smile now. It means that you are alive. If that is not something to smile about, then you problems are far beyond your reach”

This Chapter is dedicated to all the victims of accidents during the Christmas holiday.
“We all set out for something or somewhere but due to one thing or the other, you didn’t make it to your destinations. We miss you all and hope that one day, we will meet a good place you have sacrificed yourselves unwillingly to go and prepare for us”

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