56: The deal and death agents

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“My friend, this is my partner Helena. She is our Manager in Milan. I called her with the proposal you brought yesterday and she decided to come around” Mr. Pimp said.

I was expected to say something; therefore i asked Mr. Pimp his name first.
He said i could call him Charlie.

“Mr. Charlie, here are the girls i told you about. This is Grace and this is Tina. They arrived from Africa one month ago and wanted to go out to the streets to work but i stopped them. I told them that it would be far better to be part of an organised group. That was why i came to Frankfurt Yesterday” I said.

“Good, very good, you did well. It is better for them to belong to a syndicate that can protect and take care of them. Our Organisation is large with offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Milan, Paris and Denmark. You see we are large” Helena said and smiled at me.

“If we have a good agreement, i can be getting you more girls if you want. They are many young girls who want to come to Europe to work” I said.

“Sure, we will have a good agreement for you and the girls. We have two ways of dealing with our workers, we secure a place for them in the market and pay for it. They will be working there and every evening, we will go and take money from them. We can also keep them in our various apartments and manage their businesses for them by arranging the deals and taking the payment, then we pay them on weekly basis” Charlie said.

“That is true. The girls will chose whichever one they want. We already have three African girls in Milan who live and work in our apartments. Men visit them there and we arrange for prices and take the money; then we pay them depending on whatever agreement we have with the individual” Helena chipped in.

Living and working as a prostitute in an apartment was far better than standing in the streets every night. However the truth was still that they were still teenage prostitutes.
I knew they were some Italian Mamas who also paid for apartments for their girls and allowed them to use the place as their workplace. They would bring men there and Fvck them for money. I believed i might go after that group someday but first of all, i needed to conclude with the two pimps before me.

“Where do i come in here as the manager of my girls? Where is my own payment going to come from?” I asked.

“If you want money outright for both of them, we can reach an agreement for that and pay you instalmentally. If not, the girls will be working in our organization and then pay you from their share of whatever money they make. There is also the percentage sharing between our group and your group. We can reach an agreement of how much money you get from each deal. If a client pay €100, your percentage could be €20 or €25 depending on what we agreed upon” Charlie said.

The business of the pimps were becoming clearer now. Apparently i had no idea what i was going into. I had believed all along, that the pimps will just buy the girls with some huge Amount of cash but as things unfolded, i found out that it wasn’t that easy.
I understood them, everybody was trying to protect his or her money.

Sitting there and listening to them, i was able to know the kind of syndicate they operated.
There were many types of operations about prostitution. Some organisations were more into organising girls for politicians and rich business men.
The politicians and the rich business men have agents which would in turn, contact the pimps to send them girls.
The demand for African girls were not as large as the demand for other continents. The reasons were the same reasons why African products were never marketed in Europe.

Forinsntance, no amount of sugar manufactured by Dangote will be allowed into the German Market. No matter how good the sugar was, they will always find one reason or the other to reject it. But the European products were all over Africa.

It was that same reason that made them tag Africa as the black continent. African girls, according to them, have diseases ranging from HIV to other manufactured diseases.
Yes, manufactured diseases. Those Europeans and Americans and recently Asians, manufactured diseases and tested them on Africans.
In the past, We Africans outlived the whites naturally but the reverse was the case recently.
They used Africa as the testing grounds, manufacturing and sending ailments such as Ebola and HIV to us.
Originally, HIV was injected into the native South Africans to wipe them out so that the Boers and other white supremacists would own South Africa. The idea was to wipe the blacks out of the Country but according to Bob Marley, ‘Who Jah Bless, no one can curse’.

Recently, 10 Bulgarians were captured injecting HIV to children in Libya. The then president, Mumar Ghadaffi jailed them and threatened to kill them before the whites, through one of their Channels, reached a deal with Ghadaffi to pardon him on the Lockerbie Bombing of an airplane in exchange for the release of the Bulgarians. Over four hundred children were already infected with the disease in Libya before they were caught. Many of the children died in a few days.

That also brings us back to all the vaccination we received in our schools as kids.
Who exactly inspected those things before allowing them to inject us? The same bunch of greedy people who would import and manufacture fake drugs just to make money.
Africa was doomed from time. Our history was that of hopelessness and on top of that, they imported their Religion to stop us from thinking. They want us to only believe and have faith and hope that some God somewhere will take care of us.

They don’t like us, forget that you have a very good and caring white individuals. The general agenda was the real deal.

Africans has always been the hunting ground right from slavery days down to Colonial days and now to testing ground for whatever death day manufactured in their laboratories. And the people who could fight them were killed. Ghadaffi, Abacha etc.

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  1. nnanna

    I concure with the assertion that Africa and Africans are world guinea pig.May God turn around our captivity.amen!

  2. aao

    God bless we Africans. Not much action in this episode, just a solemn reminder that if a white man smiles at you, there’s something he has seen that he wants to obtain.

  3. Emarhdre

    I agree with you man . . . There is always a reason to doubt any smile a whiteman gives you. As far ar I am concerned, exploitation is their common denominator n we Africans do not even help matters cos we just continue to treat ’em as gods or even demigods.

  4. Emarhdre

    Na only you be guinea pig o cos as far as I am concerned, I no dey for that bus.

  5. Runner12

    Somebody is talking about how we have been brainwashed to accept whatever the white man tells us and all some people can come up with in response is ‘first to comment’ . I want to believe that this blog is not for pre adolescence but I may be wrong.

  6. ikachi81

    The above stated facts about the whites are the things I have known before now. My father will say these guys are fair in complexion but darker than Charcool in their hearts. I have read some many books on how these whites have tried all they could to wipe us out. Its terrible. But God dey. Yet our people worship them like something else. A Nigerian can betray a fellow Nigerian in the presence of a common Lebanese, Indian etc .we have a long way to go

  7. Anonymous

    ”Originally, HIV was injected into the native South Africans to wipe them out so that the Boers and other white supremacists would own South Africa. The idea was to wipe the blacks out of the Country”’ Wow tot abt it before…Zubby u so on point

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