56: Mind of the Gods

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Chapter 56: Mind of the Gods.

”They are with me now” the female voice said over the phone.
It was Chinwendu in far away Island of Ireland. Thanks to the wonderful technology called ‘aircraft’.

I had just returned from seeing them off at the Schiphol international airport where they had boarded a flight to Dublin. I had decided to catch some sleep since i had woken earlier that morning to distribute the newspapers.

I had slept for an hour or so before my phone rang. It was Chinwendu. She had just received my family over there in the Island of Ireland.
”Let me speak with Ify” i had said.

”Hello” i had said.
She had started crying. I expected that. I knew she would get emotional. Everything that happened between us must have been like a dream to her. I had spent over €20,000 on Her. Money that i didn’t know i ever made. She wasn’t even married to me. Who could believe that? That was the real definition of my person.
I was the kind who could remain poor as long as my friends remain rich and safe. I was that special. It was the reason why i was not one of the richest people in my place. I never worshiped money. I had my own set of rules which was closely guarded. Break any one of them and the consequences would definitely hit you.

”Why are you crying, you just got to a safer place” i had said.
”please don’t leave us out here alone. We need you, Samson needs you” She had said.

I told her not to worry since i would come there someday. I knew i didn’t mean it but one never knew where the machinery and journey of life would take him or her.

After speaking with Ify on the phone, i felt excited inside my heart.
The Gods that wanted me to revenge on Clement had safely seen my family out of Amsterdam and out of danger.
As a human, i was entitled to believe whatever i wanted. As a result, i had believed that if the Gods didn’t want me to revenge on Clement, they would have not allowed Ify and Samson to leave Holland very easily. But since the Gods approved their migration to that Isolated Island of Ireland, it all meant that it was time for Clement to leave Amsterdam.
Since i was able to send my family out of the entire Holland just to protect them from the looming war, was it not foolish for Clement to remain in Amsterdam?
He was supposed to run even further. He was supposed to leave the entire Europe. But the Bastard had chosen to take just a small leap. He had the entire Netherlands to choose from but he chose to move only two kilometers away from Bijlmer.
Unfortunately for Clement, he had a Holland Passport. It all meant that he was aready a citizen. Holland was the only foreign Country where he could receive half of human rights as a black man. It all meant that it would be very hard for him to leave Holland.
His Foreign passport which should have been a blessing to him had just become a curse.

Mr Clement, you better start running. When i said running, i didn’t mean relocating from one part of a city to another.
When i said Run, I meant leaving Europe.

Since My Family had left Holland for him, it was only fair that he left Europe. He had tried to kill me.  He had threatened to kill me and despite every report i made to people, he still went ahead to pay petty thugs to come after me.
The thugs must have told him what happened but he must have foolishly believed that he was unreachable and untouchable over there in the small Ijburg Islands.

As soon as i came to terms that Ify and my son had finally left, i called a small bus, parked some important items and sent them to Krainest. The Bulewijk apartment had just been closed down.
I had called the house agents who gave me the apartment and told them that i was coming to take my €450 deposit which i had given them the very first time i moved in.

After settling down in Krainest finally, i called Maria and told her that i could be in Napoli in a few days time. She wanted me to tell her the exact day and time i would come but since i didn’t know how things were going to turn out with Clement, i told her that i didn’t know.
”If you have anywhere to go, please do that. I will stay in a hotel and wait for you” I had told her.

Napoli was an old city like many other Italian cities. The Italians were one of the oldest civilizations in Europe. Therefore i believed that there would be cheap hotels and guest houses all over the old monumental buildings that adorned the cities of Naples, Florence, Venice, Roma and others.

After talking to Maria, i called Nnamdi in Switzerland. I told him that i could come to Switzerland anytime from the following day to the following week. He said he was waiting.
I called Johnson in Berlin and told him the same thing.
After talking to Johnson, i called Mike in Belgium and told him.

Since i had covered all the neighbouring countries of Holland, i felt a little sense of safety.
If operation ‘Hit Clement hard’ failed, it could be important that i sneaked into any nearby country first before going to another Country. I wouldn’t need a long Journey. I would need short journeys at intervals. I recalled in 2006 or 2007 when a bomber hit the train station in London. He was tracked and captured because he had sat in one train from London to Paris which was a long Journey. He could have stopped at the entrance of France and diverted to a smaller city, then to another smaller city and probably go back to a previous city where he had been or even start going back to London. Such unpredictable moves were capable of throwing the authorities off chart but luck also counted.

After making sure that i had secured the areas where i could run to, i called Ricardo.

”Are you at the warehouse” i had asked.
He said he was.
I took a cab and went to his warehouse. He was alone when i came which gave me the opportunity to discuss what i had come for.

”Mr Ricardo, i need a Gun” i said.

”Gun, what for”? he asked

”I found the man who wanted me dead and it is time to square things up with him” i said.

He smiled.

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    Yea… zuby, distributing news papers is not enogh! De main reason u took dat job waz to have access to mr clement, apart frm dat i dnt beliv u can do dat kind of job.! But, am on ur side… bkos d best form of defence is to atack first! Waiting 4 ur new update am enjoying my self! Gudluck.

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