56: Impossible is nothing.

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Chapter 56.

“Pay me?, i don’t care about your money Aunty Joy. I am doing this because fate involved me in this whole thing. Please don’t tell me about paying me, settle those mad people and get your girls back” I said.
“Do you want to eat something, i have some food in the fridge” She said.
“You haven’t explained what you were doing with two men, maybe i will eat after that” I said.
She explained that they were the people who sold drugs for her in Venice.
I knew she lied but i decided to go along with her.
“Aunty Joy, i don’t trust you and that could be because we just met each other. I won’t eat anything except whisky if you have any” i said.
She opened a small cupboard there in her sitting room and brought out a bottle of Hennessy.
“You behaviour is mysterious” She said.
“Yes i am a very mysterious man and that was why i was the only person the Arab Bastards contacted out of the entire black men in Stockholm Sweden. I can easily appear and disappear from anywhere” I said.
There was something i was trying to teach Aunty Joy. I wanted her to start suspecting that i was either part of the team that kidnapped the girls or that i was the one who even kidnapped them. Either way, i wanted her to center her thoughts on me. There was a time i thought she already suspected me or knew it was me but she continued with the original idea of the Arab people; perhaps she was just pretending.

“I am tired and need to sleep now. If they call you, please let me know” She said.
“Give me your phone, i need to copy out some number from my phone with it” I said.
She stood one place and looked at me for several Seconds before she handed the phone to me.
“You don’t have to worry, I will be done in a few minutes” I said as i stared at her face.
She left me and walked into the room.
I opened her her dialed numbers and checked on all the calls she made on that very day.
At the top was ‘Silvio Taxi’, followed by ‘Bonaventure’, ‘Efosa’ and ‘Maria Sweden’.
I checked the time she called Maria; it was while i was in the plane to France.
Why haven’t Maria called and told me what she discussed with Aunty Joy, was she selling out already? No, she can’t be selling out because i haven’t given her any money from the Adesuwa deal. I decided to hold on to that money as part of my security. I had decided against leaving the first ransom money with her for the fear that she could decide to run with it and destroy other plans. I couldn’t conclude what she discussed with Maria but i needed to be careful; therefore, i copied the two numbers that belonged to Bonaventure and Efosa. One or both of them must be among the two black men i saw with Aunty Joy.
When i finished saving the numbers on my phone, i called out Aunty Joy and gave her the phone.

“I have decided to sleep in your house this night. I want the money now” I said.
“I don’t have it here Austin, we will pick it up in the morning and go to Sweden together. I have decided to follow you to Sweden so that if we finish with those people, i can just pick up my girls and return here” She said.
“Fine, then call me When you are ready in the morning because i have just decided to leave. I hate sleeping alone because i always have scary nightmares when i sleep alone. I want to go out in the Street and look for a girl who will stay with me on the same bed until day break” I said as i got up and walks towards the door.
“Call me in the morning when you pick up the money, so that we will find our way to Sweden” I said and opened the door. After copying the two contacts from her phone, i had also opened the ‘call settings’ and diverted all her calls to my phone. I was going to be receiving her calls from then on until she finds out what i did.

“What if you sleep with me on my own bed instead of going out there by this time, Is there any problem with that?” She said with a smile.
“What about your husband or boyfriend, is he not going to be angry if he finds out?” i asked.
“Nobody will find out anything?” she said.

Everything Aunty Joy was saying or doing starting from that point made me believe that she didn’t trust what i was telling her about the Arabs. I wondered why she agreed to allow me sleep in her bed; she wouldn’t have agreed to that under normal circumstances.

“Fine, that means i need to go and take a quick bath” I said.
I walked into the bathroom and quickly typed a text message that read “Lets communicate with this my old number. Don’t call the other one, it is my main number. If i call you with the other one, please don’t answer it, i will explain later – Joy”. I sent the message immediately to Efosa and Bonaventure.
Two minutes later, Bonaventure sent a reply.
“I hope there is no problem”. I sent another one to him alone. “There is no problem, just being careful. We will talk tomorrow”.
I sent it and another minute later, Efosa sent his own message that read “Did he contact you again”. Damn, that was it. That was the one i was waiting to receive all day.
“No, you don’t have to worry. We will talk about it tomorrow” i wrote and send it back to him.

The bathroom was very close to the one room and Parlour apartment where Aunty Joy lived alone. Everything was connected to each other since it was built for just one person. She knew that i would hear her speaking if she made a call, therefore she didn’t make any call.

After taking my bath, i walked into the room and put my folded jean on the table with my pullover; my jacket was already in the sitting room.

Aunty Joy was already on the bed when i arrived.
“Joy” I said without adding aunty or madam to her name.
“Yes Austin” She replied.
“Shift to the wall, women don’t sleep in this position when a man is around” I said.
“But this is my bed” She replied.
“I know but i am a visitor and should be taken care of properly” I said.
She groaned and shifted to the wall.
I lay on the bed slowly and turned around to face her immediately.
“Do you really know why i agreed to sleep with you this night?” I asked.
“Tell me quick because i am feeling sleepy” She said.
“Its because i think you look very sexy” I said.
“Really” She replied.

“If you want to open up yourself to every possibilities; you must first of all understand that impossible is nothing”

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