55: The unusual visit

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At about 2pm, Daisy called me. She asked what time I was coming to their house. I told her I would come within the next hour. She begged me to come with my car.
Women and impression.

I waited until 3:30pm, then I walked down, started my car and drove down to Daisy’s house near Tedi Bus stop. I got there and packed outside the compound, then I walked inside. The smaller gate was open and there was no gateman whatsoever.

It was a big one-storey duplex and they lived alone. There were some boys quarters at the back of the building. I had seen two boys washing cloths and a mercedes ML SUV.

”Hello guys” I had said while waving at them. They just looked up and decided to Ignore me. Apparently they hated strange men coming to their house. It could be that they knew I had come for Daisy and one or even both of them could have been habouring some feelings for Daisy. It was a common practice between apprentices and their master’s daughters.
I didn’t care about them anyway. The world was all about competition and survival of the fittest. Be it sports, jobs, education, businesses etc, everything was about competition.

I walked to the entrance door to knock but the door was opened before I came in. Someone had probably seen me walked in or even seen my car drove up to the front of the house.

The interior of the house was elegantly furnished. The Maxony wooden ceiling glittered from the roof of the sitting room where the chairs where properly arranged as well.
The flat screen television was mounted on the wall opposite the three-seater leather sofa. A giant Samsung fridge stood down the right near the properly arranged dinning table that boasted of six equal chairs.

A young girl of about 15 had opened the door for me.
”Good afternoon Sir” she had greeted.

”Thanks and how are you”. I had replied her.
She asked me to sit down while she fetched Daisy.

I sat down and fiddled with my Motorola Razor phone. There was a tetris game in it, therefore I played it for the lack of what to do.

”Hello Dear” a voice said from soft steps coming down the staircases.

I turned around and saw Daisy at her best appearance. She had worn a nice gown, elegant pair of ear rings and she had also applied some sort of oil on her lips.

”Wow” I just said, deciding not to add ” you look good. I figured out that ”you look good” would put a full stop to the ”Wow”.
”Wow” alone can be translated into so many positive things such as: You look fine, your dress looks fine, your ear ring is cool, etc. It would be better for her to add her own translation behind it.
Ozoigbondu was no longer a kid in the game of love, sex, deceit and pretence. I had seen things first hand and all I did was to pull them from memory based on the current situation.

She walked down to where I was as I stood up to greet her like the Queen of England.
She sat down beside me and said her mother would come out soon.

”How about your Father, am I not meeting him today too” I asked.

”He traveled abroad to import goods, he sells electronics at Idumota” she said.

The Aroma of the stew brushed past my nose as her mother walked out of the Kitchen.

”How are you Azubuike” the woman asked.

I stood up as I answered her that I was fine.

”Nneka said you are from Enugu State” she said with a smile.

I decided to keep quiet since I didn’t know who Nneka was. I hated tricky questions that required urgent answers.

She must have discovered my confusion as she quickly said that Daisy’s Igbo name was Nneka.

But what the heck was I even doing there? Why were these two women encroaching on my freedom?
Why was the woman so excited that a man had come to their house?

Too many unanswered questions but I was ready for any surprises.

”Yea, I am from Enugu, the coal city” I said.
She said that Imo was a better state but since I haven’t grasped the full control of my visit, I decided to agree that Imo was better. St Peter denied Jesus. I even denied Nigeria back in Germany, no big deal denying Enugu state.

The woman excused herself and walked back to the Kitchen after instructing Daisy to get me something to drink from the fridge.
I demanded for Water. I was sure they had some kind of alcohol in the fridge but since I didn’t know their main intention, I decided to go for that wonderful universal drink called ‘Water’.

I sipped my H20 as Daisy wagged her tongue in excitement. She talked about school, about Church, about Extra Mural Lessons, about Dresses, about shoes and market. It was all too much to comprehend at the same time, so I just nodded in agreement to whatever things she agreed was the best.

We chatted in the sitting room until the mother brought out food and placed them on the dinning table.

”What did you do in Germany” Daisy’s mother asked from nowhere.

What! How on Earth did I not cover that part since I returned. Could have been that I never anticipated visiting anybody but I was in that situation now and some sort of convincing answer was required.

”Cars Ma, I buy cars and used vehicle spare parts and ship down to Nigeria” I said knowing that I could answer any question concerning that business line.

Daisy was smiling as I narrated how we bought cars and ship them to Cotonou, then clear them and brought them to Lagos. They listened as the woman prepared the table.

When she was done, she invited us to the table and also called the going charming girl who had opened the door for me. We all sat on the dinning as she dished out food for all of us.

I was impressed and I loved what was happening. It was so good to see people eating together as a family. I had only seen such things on TVs.

Where I was born and raised, such things didn’t exist. In my own family, we all had our plates. Whenever food was ready, your shares would be dished into your plates which you would carry, find a vacant corner and eat there alone.

But there inside that large sitting room, we were all eating together.

”Daisy said she met you at the cyber cafe. You see Azubuike, I told all my daughters to bring their friends home instead of just meeting them on the road” Daisy’s mother said.

What the heck was she saying in front of the young girl sitting opposite me, she wasn’t more than 15 According to my own estimation.

”That is very good of you Ma, I am sure they will appreciate that one day” I said, not really knowing how best to follow that topic.

Daisy was seated beside me. I on the other hand had suddenly learnt to eat with a knife.
All my life, I had always thought that food were eaten with either a spoon or fork. Who on earth started the idea of eating with a knife?
But since everybody else was eating with a knife, it was fine with me…
Daisy would never have forgiven me if I messed up her special day.

When the eating was over, Daisy’s mother announced they would be going to Lekki beach on the coming Sunday and asked if I would go with them.


”How srange can it ever be to be surprised with what happens in life”

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