55: Our Relationship With God

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Chapter 55.

4 Corners was a busy cross-like junction connecting Udi, Enugu, Agbani and Port Harcourt.

The junction was already busy when we arrived.

Ichie Okafor Ude didn’t say a word until i stopped the car,
“My son, you should have stopped there. What if we have died because of what you drove there, do you know that ..” Okafor Ude was saying.

If not that he was an elderly man, i would have given him some slaps.

But instead i said, “Oga those people were not after you. They were after me. If i had stopped there, i am sure they will not beat you or take your money because they know you dont have money”.

He was still arguing when i got down from the car to check the damages we had incured.

Sure enough, the two front tyres were deflated.

I stood in front of the car and wondered how i got myself into the mess.

There was no way i would have left my compound as early as that time if not that Okafor Ude said we were instructed to come as early as possible.

Black men were sometimes stupid enough to shift blames and change the topics when it didn’t favour them, it was one reason why it was very difficult for us to develop collectively.
This old man didn’t want to say anything about the deadly hour we left for Nsukka, he was more interested in why i didn’t stop for those who blocked the road.

“Let me see your phone” I had suddenly said to the man.

“My phone, what for?” He asked.

I nearly rushed to grab the phone from him using force but he handed it over to me.

I opened the phone and checked the dialed and received calls.

Of course, the native doctor from Nsukka had called him early that morning, but that wasn’t what i was looking for.

It was time to wear my thinking cap. Despite Okafor Ude being an old man, he could have alerted those who blocked the road.

The native Doctor happened to be the only person that called him that early morning and the night before.

Under normal circumstances, i would have probed more into why the native doctor was calling the old man consistently but since i knew that i had no intention of giving him any money, i disregarded their calls to each other.

It seemed the robbers who blocked the road were not alerted by Ichie. They were out there operating on their own.

As early as it was, i walked into a wooden open bar and bought a bottle of local Whisky called McDowells. It was the worst whisky i ever tasted but i wasn’t going to throw it away.
I sipped from the bottle and waited for the area to get more populated with people who did businesses there.

It was around 7am before the those who sold tyres arrived.

I bought two imported used tyres and changed the damaged ones, then we left 4 Corners and continued our journey.

Two hours later, we were still on the road to the native Doctor.

Occasionally, i would sip my shitty whisky and say nothing.

At Opi Junction, we diverted left towards University Of Nigeria Complex.
We drove beside the school fence until we busted out on Ibeagwa road. At Ibeagwa, we took a long stretched road all the way to Enugu Ezike and took left.

At a busy junction in Enugu Ezike, i got down from the car and asked someone where the major road headed to.
He said i could get to Onitsha from there through Adani and Aguleri.
He also said that the second road going North-West was Idah in Kogi State. The road heading North-East led to Otukpo and Gboko in Benue State.
It was clear that we were close to Anambra, Benue and Kogi States.

“Ichie, i hope you still know the road?” I asked.

It happened that Ichie Okafor Ude usually traveled to his native saviour with public transport.
He usually stopped at a popular bus stop along Enugu Ezike road and took bike twice before getting to the native doctor.
He complained that the way i drove the car confused him.
Since i wasn’t in a mood to argue with him, we started asking more questions.

Out osare network service range, there was no way we could reach the digital native doctor through the phone or any other western technology except the car.

Around 11am, we finally arrived to the shaby hut of Native Doctor Nwogwugu.

He was at home when we came. Apparently he knew that some people were coming with enough money to buy cow and other things, which would be used to locate a man that was kidnapped somewhere in Enugu Urban.

There was no other set of people who came to look for help in the perceived popular Messiah’s place, we were the only group with problems that required immediate solution.

“Welcome my son, sit down there” The native doctor pointed to a chair near the thatched mud house.

I did as he said and remained quiet.

Due to the bad road leading to his hut, i was forced to park my car about 50 meters from his place.
I had a lot of money inside the car, therefore my mind was there at all times.
Some hoodlums could have decided to have a field day and breaking the glasses wouldn’t be such a hard job for them.
From the look of things, it would take the Police about 30 minutes to arrive there from Enugu Ezike town where i had seen something resembling a government institution.

“You have arrived at the right place” The native doctor Nwogwugu continued.
“Before Nna anyi Ude came here the other day to tell me what happened to your brother, the spirits had already revealed it to me”.

Here we go.
Nwogwugu had just claimed that the spirits revealed to him about my missing brother.
What a lie.

How did Africa got into that mess in the first place.
Man, in his quest for power, had found ways to deceive others and when they wanted to confuse you, they tell you that the message was from God or spirit.

Who and who were among those scammers that had God’s phone numbers and e mail addresses?

TB Joshua,
Emeka Ozuo,
David Oyedepo,

Ejike Mbaka,

Chris Oyekhilome,

Emma Ukpai


Rehhard Bonke, the white conman,

and many.

These con men were the same thing. The differences were just their outfits.

You were in a better position to hear from your own God, no one else can interpret your imaginations better than you, Nobody.

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  1. kaybabat

    zuby u going too far mind d way u talk to some men of God like kumuyi.anyway nice update

  2. zenty

    You seem to have a warped view of man’s spirituality. Unless you sit on a judgement seat, you have no right to condemn the spiritual views or opinions of others. A few years abroad and you think you are all that. No one forced you to see those people. You only wanted to save face which is quite ironic given your strict unreligious views.

  3. MeKing王

    Hmmm… Comments is gradually dropping …. This your password methods on ur blog is total unnecessary ! Smh …..
    Make haste while the sun shine because I get-am before no bi property ^x^

  4. Konmight

    Nice one there Baba.

    The dudes you listed up there are actually scammers. They are many.

    Some Magas are still paying sha.

    I pay less.

    Patiently following.

  5. SEUN


  6. solomon sly

    Zuby u dont need to mention name, dat is one tin i dont Like u for, are u teling us dat dea is no really men of God. I dont tink u belief in d babe. May God have mercy on u.

  7. Aao

    Be careful to point fingers at men of God. We as humans have no right to judge anyone of them. Leave the judgement to God.

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