55: Hope

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Chapter 55

My second day at work was pretty much the same. I had almost quit the job since i had found out what i wanted at Ijburg Islands but i wanted Ify And My Son out of Holland before taking that decision.

According to Chinwendu, she had sent the document a day after i asked for it. It will arrive a day after she sent it. She had used fast express delivery. It all meant that she was really eager to help my family relocate to Dublin. She was also hoping that i could show up in Dublin as well. She said she had missed me and wanted to set her eyes on Ozoigbondu again.

After the second day at work, i went to the Amsterdamse Poort and bought a large Samsonite bag for Ify and Samson. When i got home, i helped them packed everything they needed into it. Ify was surprised at the speed at which the preparation was moving. I was surprised too but soldiers were not created to show their surprises like women.

I spent the rest of the day with Ify, preparing her for the Journey ahead.
I told her everything she needed to know about Dublin. According to the lecture, Dublin had only one airport; the Aerfort Bhaile Atha Cliat airfield which served the city and its environs. The country used Euro Currency which had been as a result of their agitation to separate themselves from the Imperial Number 10 Downing Street London and join the Eurozone that was powered by German Economy which was the richest in Europe. The Irish had also opened up their doors for the rest of Europe to come in and develop the Country. New Structures could be seen emerging from every angle. Half of the Poland citizens had migrated to the new Haven and so was many other countries from the Eastern Europe. Ireland had also opened up for Africans especially the pregnant women who would get instant resident permit as soon as they delivered a baby.
I had known a little about Ireland from the research i carried out in Germany when i wanted to run away. I had decided not to run to Ireland because it was an Island. I hated living in Isolated countries such as Ireland or England. The reason was that as a hustler, one thing or the other could easily triger a police hunt on you and it would be pretty difficult to run away from an Island. There were usually only two exit methods and entrance routes to an Island and that were through the air and through the water. Those were the two easiest places to catch a criminal.
But in Continental Europe, Germany alone had land borders with Holland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg. Nine different countries. It all meant that one can sneak in and out of Germany from any angle.
For instance, if one committed an offence in Munich Bavaria in the South, the authorities could be searching the Switzerland and Austrian borders down there in the south while you head up North to the Denmark border. It was true that the whole thing seemed like it was hinged on illegal business but the truth was that i was Illegal in Europe. Seriously Illegal and yet was doing illegal business as well. It was always a matter of time before luck ran out on people like us and before we knew it, the cops would be all over us. One goodluck i had been having was that i knew when to run.

Then in Amsterdam, i knew that it was time to run. The only good reason why i was still there was because of Ify and Samson. I didn’t have a clear picture of what would become their fates if i had left them behind in Amsterdam.
I recalled what happened to Jennifer when i left her in Berlin. As a result, i was paying the prize of that single action by sending her money from Amsterdam every month. It was true that i had a stone heart but when it comes to women, i hated to see them suffer while there was something i could do.
Women were generally vulnerable in our World. Men were general mean to them as well.

After making sure that Ify had learnt everything she needed to see her travel safely with Samson to Dublin, we played together until it was time to sleep.

The following morning, the DHL courier agent brought the resident permit document to our door step in Bulewijk. After receiving it, i took it to a Ghanaian travel agent called Mr Osei near Venserpolder. He sold a one way ticket to me with the KLM Royal Dutch airline.

Ify and Samson were traveling the next day. Robin had called and asked why i had not returned for two days.
I told him that Ify and Samson would be leaving for Dublin the next day and that i needed to be with them since it could be the last time i will ever see them. I didn’t wish not to see them again but i was a person who embraced reality.
The truth was that Samson was my son but not biologically. There were slim chances that Ikenna or his people could make big money someday and come for their son. There were chances that Ify could get Married to someone else someday and reduce the chances of me claiming Samson as my son. There were also chances that i could end up somewhere where i could not be able to see or hear from them for many years.
As a drug dealer, one never knew where he could end up. I knew people who were jailed in Spain and Portugal for over twenty years. I had a friend who was captured in New York while transporting one kilogram of cocaine to USA, he was handed a 30 years jail term.
Imagine me spending 30 years in prison and coming to claim a son who wasn’t biologically mine?
Samson would be over 30 years then and the truth was that you can’t claim a man of 30 years, who wasn’t even yours in the first place.

My friends, That was the truth about ‘Life on the Run’.
That was the reality that awaited everybody who was dealing on illegal materials such as arms and drugs.
That was the fate of everybody who had a heart as large as mine.

What baffled me was that i had no fear whatsoever. I was no longer human. I was no longer normal. My life had been stolen by circumstances but i had one thing; Hope.

Yes, i hoped to someday retire in my own Country.

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  1. stan

    ozoigbondu 1…I admire your courage alot! u are a high risk taker and a true game changer!!!

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    That’s 1 of the vitamins a real soldier needs… to know when to much and much fast. Weldon bro

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    I’m no longer smiling. I’m not even screaming. Just livid 😡

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