55: Dear Maria

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Chapter 55. Dear Maria.

The rest of the day was boring. It was true that i was not under arrest anymore, the police had told me already but staying in one place the whole day wasn’t my ideal way of resting. They had taken me to a small room with a bed and a TV. ” this is where you sleep” the young police lady had said. She was in her early twenties and was beautiful. I had smiled at her while she showed me the room.
“You are a beautiful police woman” i had said.
“Shut up and let me know if you need anything, i would be at the big office” she said and left. She didn’t lock me up, the door was open. It meant i wasn’t under arrest, however, there was no way to leave the massive police compound without going through the office first. They had deliberately placed me there. I had nothing with me except my trousers. I would occasionaly touch the money i stuffed inside the belt hole to make sure it was still there. The coming of Maria was sure going to complicate issues for me. Her statement could get to a stage where she might mention the money and where it was hidden. I knew she was going to deny being a trafficker which also meant denying ever giving me money. I even prayed that she denied me as well. I knew how Nigerians behave in foreign lands; she was sure going to deny me.
The police didn’t give me my phone, i would have played some games with it. I had to stay on the bed and wait until they brought food for me. It was the same until they brought another food and tea in the night. At around 8 pm, i forced myself to sleep. I woke up early the next morning and waited for my tea. They brought coffee later. It was the beautiful lady police with long legs.
“How was your night?” she had asked.
“It would have been better if you were here to talk with me” i joked as i took the tea from her.
“Why should i be here talking with you?” she asked.
“May be because i am good guy” i said. She laughed and left the room.
About 10 am, she came and asked me to follow her. Maria and Fatimah had arrived from the South. They were waiting at the hall with the round table.
I walked in there with the lady police and sat down.
“Hello sweetheart, how was the night Journey from Volturno?” i said. She ignored me.
“You devil, i told you to follow me. Look at the trouble you have put everybody into” i turned to Fatimah and said.

“Do you know this man” the Police asked Maria. She denied.
“Do you mean you don’t know him” the police asked again. She denied again.
The officer turned to Fatimah and asked the same question. The little brat denied too.
“How did he know your house address in Castel Volturno?” the police asked Maria. She said she didn’t know.
“Who is this and what is she to you?” the officer asked Maria as she pointed at Fatimah.
“She is my sister” She answered. The officer asked when Fatimah came to Italy. Maria said it was two months back. She asked why Fatimah was not documented yet, Maria said nothing. I sat there and watched the session progressed. “Mr. Solomon, you said you know this woman. Who is she?” the police asked me.
“She is my Fiancee. We got engaged last week and plan to marry soon. However i found out she is a human trafficker and decided to take the girls away. This one here refused to follow me and alerted Maria. She sent the thugs after me and they nearly killed me” i said, trying to avoid the proposed Libya trip by all means. I felt that bringing the Libya into the matter would mean mentioning and relinquishing the money with me.
“Officer, this is not a complex matter. Check her phone, my number is there. Her number is on my phone as well. She is lying and i hate lies” i said.
The policeman turned and looked at Maria.
“Do you have his phone number or not”.
She kept quiet. Fatimah had started weeping like a woman who lost his son. I had no pity whatsoever on her. She was going back to Nigeria unless the Police decided to document her and send her to asylum camp.
After some more questions, Maria and Fatimah was taken away. I was told to visit the store room with the lady cop and take my belongings. However, the police officer reminded me that i was told to leave Italy at Genova. I laughed.
I picked up my phone, my wallet and my documents and left the police station. Outside the police gate. I stopped a cab and followed it to Sanremo train station. I, the Snake had eventually riggled my way out of the net once more. I had hoped to start a big fight with Maria and her thugs but as fate may have it, the Police got involved and closed up the war. Peharps the war could have claimed me as a victim since i was going to fight in a territory i didn’t know very well.
As i sat inside the train heading to the border town of Ventimiglia, i wondered how exactly things would have turned out. The fortunate truth was that Maria and her thugs would be off my tail for a very long time. I didn’t know what would become of her and the thugs and the little Fatimah who was just caught in the net spread for others. Despite being a stubborn girl, she was still just a kid. She didn’t know that i was capable of implicating everybody. She didn’t know things would end up at the Police station. She had hoped that Maria would bring Ngozi back to Castel Volturno where she intended to blame her for running away with a stranger.
I didn’t want to call Ngozi or Naomi. I wanted to just show up in their apartment and surprise them. Ngozi would be the happiest person on Earth when she sees me, Naomi too. There was still the case of whose man i was. I wondered what the reactions of Ngozi would be if Naomi just jumped and kissed me on arrival and vice versa. It was true that Naomi was there before Ngozi but i had gotten intimate with them both and it was only fair that they shared me. One good thing was that i planned to leave Marseille a few days after my arrival. I just wanted to help them secure a better place, then i would be on the run; it had turned out to be my destiny. The only thing we can’t run from.

“The worst mistake of first contact between different individuals on both sides of every new encounter, has been the unfortunate habit of making assumptions”

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