54: The Sudden Complicated News

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“George I need two authentic resident permit cards for two girls. We are in Freiburg Germany. Can you come here?” i said on the phone.

“Of course my friend, i can come to Freiburg tomorrow” he replied.

“I need you here tonight if you are not busy in Paris” I said.

He maintained that he could only come the following day without giving me any reason. I didn’t want to push him to come that night because there must be something important he was doing back then in Paris.

“I met with Tina on Sunday” I said to no one in Particular after speaking with George.

“Where, did she ask of me?” Sandra said after recovering from the news.

“Of course she asked of you but i told her to stop looking for you. I told her that the interpol arrested and sent you to the Nigerian Embassy to be Deported back to Nigeria” I said.

“Did she come to Freiburg here?” She asked again.

“No, i traveled to France and met her there. She was with another girl called Channel, do you know her?” I asked.

Sandra knew Channel well enough. She said Tina and Channel were good friends and that there was a time all of them lived in one apartment in Paris. “Channel was with Tina when i met them, she recognized me because i once invited her to my hotel in Paris. I had to disappear from them before they could ask me anything. I am telling you this because Tina could be looking for you. She may not have believed the Interpol and Embassy story. Channel must have told her that i wasn’t who i said i was but don’t worry because from now on, we will always be at the same place at the same time” I said.

The girls cooked some spaghetti and we ate and talked until around 6pm, then i broke the news to them. It was absolutely important that i told them why we were going to Frankfurt am Main. Having the information would mentally prepare them for the dangerous task ahead. They were also going to be on the run this time and despite the fact that i was going to do everything in my capacity to protect them, it must be noted that i had no gun or any weapon with me. I was going to deal with dangerous people and i would have loved to be carrying guns around if i had the rights to do so in Europe.

“Pay attention two of you. We are going to start some kind of business which could fetch you some money; it is capable of putting you in troubles too but if you listen to me all the time and do as i say, you will be safe. There are places called redlights all over Europe, They are places where sex workers live and work everyday” I said.

“Brother are we going back to work as prostitutes?” Ini asked.

“No, you are not going back. Rather we are going to be making money from the pimps and after getting money from them, we will disappear from the city. After two or three jobs, i will send both of you out of Western Europe to the United Kingdom” I said.

“This sounds dangerous to me” Sandra said.

“Yes, it is dangerous but we will be safe as long as we do not make them to be suspicious” I said.

“If you say so but i haven’t heard about such business in Europe here” Sandra said.

“Sandra, the most successful method of being successful in any business is to invent the business by yourself. If you start what someone else is already doing, it is called imitation and it means that people already know the secrets of that business” I said.

“I guess we just have to trust you” That was Ini.

The following day, i decided to leave for Frankfurt alone. I told the girls to wait behind in Stegen while i go and find out if the business could even happen. I would have gone with them but traveling with people without papers could be big problem. When George called and said he was in Freiburg, i directed him to meet the girls and take their pictures and Data. I wanted him to come and see them by himself because France was close to Germany and because i wanted to see if he could find a look alike for them rather than producing fake ones. I was already in Frankfurt before he called and said he was in Freiburg Hauptbanhof. I took a cab from the vast Frankfurt am Main Hauptbanhof to Bahnofsviertel where the redlight was located. Major activities has not started yet but one could easily find out what was going on there. There were some open bars and sex equipment shops; therefore i walked into one of the bars and demanded for A glass of JW.

One thing with Redlight districts was that everybody who worked there, no matter what your work was, was always part of the game. There were unwritten laws that guided humanity when it involved places of work. One really had to chose such things; not that they were always perfectly good or bad. There were the middle factors too. Forinsntance, a Reverend Father or Pastor cannot be selling alcohol in a redlight district. Neither would a prostitute be teaching religious Knowledge in the Church. Of course those things were possible but only at places where no one knew who you were. My point was that the bar man must have had the knowledge and contacts of the pimps because they must have visited his bar in the past.

“Hello Meine Freunde, Alles Klar?” I said to the bar man. He nodded and asked if everything was Okay with me too.
Since there were only two other people in the bar, i shifted my bar stool close to where the bar man was washing glasses and started a conversation.

“I am new here and i brought a business deal” I said to him. He asked the kind of business and i told him. He said he knew some pimps but wasn’t sure if they will like to work with African girls. He said the process to enroll the African girls into the system was complicated since they would also require resident permits from any European Union Country before they can be able to work in Frankfurt Redlight.

He eventually called one pimp who said he would be at the bar in 30 minutes. I drank my JW and waited until the pimp showed up.

The bar man introduced us to each other and after greetings, we walked outside to discuss in the pimp’s Mercedes SLS AMG.

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