53: The European Pimps

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Pimps. These were the group of people who made up huge syndicates that controlled the prostitution industry all over Europe. The more adventurous ones usually traveled to Africa and Eastern Europe to recruit teenage girls who would in turn, turn into body hawkers all over the European RedLight districts. They had money because according to a report i once watched on Aljazeera TV network, the European prostitution industry was worth hundreds of millions of Euros. The pimps were the people in charge of the industry because they had guns and connections.

I sat down in my sitting room and considered whether it was safe and advisable to go after them. I could get killed and as a black man, the European government would treat it as just another dead nigga. But if i succeeded even in one or two deals, i could make as much as €50,000.
I was sure that if i grabbed that kind of money once, i would either vanish into one Eastern European Country or one Mediterranean Island and never set my foot on Mainland Europe again. The route to richness was never smooth unless through inheritance but since my father and his father left nothing tangible to inherit, it was good that i took the risk so that i would be able to leave something behind for my own kids whenever they arrived.

‘Don’t do it, you will get killed. Go ahead and do it, if you get killed, go in peace’ the above war raged in my head as i sat there deciding whether i should just give up the idea but when i recalled that my young African sisters were also victims of the system i wanted to go against, i decided that i would go. I was going to maybe start somewhere away from Germany. It would give me enough confidence to know that i could easily be safe in Germany since the Country was relatively safer than the rest of Europe in terms of violence and gun control.

I was still wondering how to go about it when my phone rang, it was Sandra. She said they have been allowed to go out of the camp and that they have already been processed.
“Very good, where is Ini?” I asked.
“She is here with me” She replied.
“Do you have any money with you?” I asked. She said she had €90 returned to her by the immigration Police the day they brought them to Mannheim. She also said Ini had some money.

“I want two of you to go to the Mannheim Hauptbanhof and find a train going to Freiburg. Buy tickets and follow the train. I will be waiting for you in Freiburg Central Station” I said before the money she put in a public payphone finished.

I left Stegen and went to Bismarckallee near the Inter City Hotel; there was a cyber cafe i saw near the hotel when i was there. I walked into the Cafe and bought two hours voucher. I started with checking my e mails. As expected, there were numerous mails from some African people requesting for my bank account details to help them launder millions of dollars which their father or mother or cousin left for them in some African Bank. I replied some of them and ignored the rest.

As soon as i finished with the mails, i opened Google search engine and typed in ‘Red Light districts in Europe’. The result page showed the almighty wikipedia at the top and when i opened it, i found the list of Redlight districts all over Europe.
I didn’t see Italy or France but the ones i saw in Germany, Holland and the neighbouring Belgium, Spain and Denmark were more than enough.

Redlights were the place one can easily locate the ‘pimps’.

Pimps were usually referred to as the group of people who exploit the prostitutes and sometime coerce them into selling sex for money and giving them some percentage. The pimps were going to be my next targets for the few months i still have in my resident permit document. I was seriously determined to leave Europe as soon as the permit expired. I was no longer interested in developing the permit into a permanent one because i believed that i was going to run into trouble if i continued to stay in France. A trouble i also believed was capable of killing me. But instead of staying back to face the imminent death sentence by the Mamas and my soon to be new sworn enemies; The Pimps, it was better that i relocated back to Africa. It was only in Africa that i could face anybody who wanted war. I was going to stay close to home. I was going to stay either in Enugu or Onitsha or Owerri but it has to be a city that could easily allow me to go to my village and stay if the heat became too much. The original plan was to develop a small land in my village and live there but i knew that it would be difficult to have access to many modern things i could not develop on my own; things such as Internet network and good roads.


Red Light district Frankfurt am Main.

I wrote down the names and the addresses of some selected Redlight districts and left the cyber cafe. The visiting girls from Mannheim had no phone with them.
They were supposed to stop at the Freiburg Breisgau Hauptbanhof and call me from a public pay phone. As a result, i needed to stay close to the station and wait for them.

They came more than three hours after they called from Mannheim. We all took a cab to the apartment in Stegen.

“Brother, when are we going back to the camp?” That was Sandra.
“Not any time soon” I said. “What do you mean by that? They don’t allow people to sleep outside the camp” Ini chipped in.

“I know about camps Ini, i was there years before you came here. They have fingerprinted you people and that is enough for now. If you run into any problem that could lead to finger printing you again, your identities would be seen in their database and they will know you have been documented. The major objective of the whole camping thing was to make sure everybody is in their database; not that they want to give you food and money” I said reluctantly.
“But where are we going next since we are not going to camp again?” Ini asked.

“Frankfurt am Main” I said and kept quiet.

“To do what?” Ini asked again. “Work, something else has come up” I said to them and faked a smile.

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