53. The Difficult Choices.

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“William I am going to France now but i will be back here in two or three days. There is some business i need to take care of. Keep this Money and my bag for me here. I want to travel with nothing more than two phones and transport money” I said.

I had taken a taxi all the way from Uppsala to his apartment. It was expensive since i paid nearly the equivalent of €80 euro but i wanted to avoid public facilities coupled with the fact that I had some money to protect; I could run into uncertainties if I used public transport. One can never see the future.

I gave the entire €15000 to William and gave him my bag. It was already getting dark by the time i finished in his apartment. He had asked why i didn’t want to keep my bag in my own apartment. I lied to him that i didn’t trust Maria; there were always abundant and available lies to tell.


With me were a Samsung phone and a Nokia phone, one French sim, one Italian sim and two Swedish Sims. The French sim was already inside the Nokia E71 while a Swedish sim was in the Samsung phone with the ‘YOJ’ profile name, although it was switched off. I left my International passport in my bag and picked only the resident permit card. It was going to be very difficult returning to Sweden without international passport but going down to the Western Europe won’t be a problem. If I ran into trouble returning to Sweden, I could ask for my passport to be sent to me. I could also decide to abandon it and make a new one in France or Spain; it would cost me up to €800 but there was money for that.


I left the Williams and took another cab to a hotel near the Arlanda airport. I would have stayed behind in their apartment until morning but i didn’t want to answer questions about home from the old woman coupled with the fact that i was going to make some calls that i wouldn’t want anyone to know about.

I settled in the Hotel after little delay and questions from the receptionist who wanted my international passport before he could give me a room. It took the intervention of the manager before they finally settled with my permit card. It seemed that the passport was going to be causing me troubles in the coming few days but i didn’t want to travel with it. I didn’t know what was waiting for me there in Venice. I had told Aunty Joy that i didn’t have papers. If she happen to find out i had a passport, she could detect that i was part of the game. Not that she was going to search me but it was better that she didn’t get anything if she did. The sudden way she agreed to come up with €30,000 was suspicious. That was a lot of money for an African Immigrant anywhere in the World. It was true that Maria said she had Money but even Bill Gates wouldn’t want to part with such amount with ease.


The first person i called from the hotel was my Romanian friend George in Paris. I told him that i needed cheap ticket online to Venice but Via Paris Orly airport. He said he will book the ticket immediately and send me my ticket number as a text message. I told him that we will meet in Paris in the next day for his money.


I called Aunty Joy from the hotel and told her that i will come to Venice from Paris the next day. I am with the people who will make the card for me. I told her that i was scared but will manage to come. She encouraged me not to be scared of anything.


An hour later at the hotel bar, i received a text message with my ticket numbers from George. He booked Easy Jet flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Paris Orly and from Paris Orly to Venice Marco Polo airport.


I left my hotel by 8am the following morning And went to a cybercafe to print my boarding pass. George had told me to just open easy Jet Website and put my ticket number. That was what i did and my data came out including my name and seat number. After securing the ticket, I made a qucik search about Venice. It was a historic city with many attraction Centers. I printed out the San Marco Sqaure, the Grand Canal tour center and another large Church frequented by tourists. I needed some things to convince the Italian Immigration that I was just another tourist.

I printed everything I needed and went straight to the airport since my flight was an hour and half away. At the airport, i searched for the face of a black woman that could be from Benin Nigeria. I was hoping to perhaps run into Aunty Adesuwa even though we never met each other. There were some blacks at the airport both men and women but since i didn’t know exactly what i was looking for, i went to the easy jet waiting stand and waited like others.

About forty five minutes to departure, we were told to stand in line for boarding. There was no incident whatsoever while boarding. Nobody asked me about my international Passport or even the Resident card. The lady who checked us in just took my ticket and and boarding pass and keyed them in a computer, then she told me to go inside the flight. It meant that I just crossed the first of many immigration bridges I was going to counter on the way to Venice and back.


Maria had called me while i was at the airport and said that she spoke with Aunty Joy.

“Aunty Joy said you agreed to go to Italy, is that true?” She asked.

“Yes, i am at the airport already. Did you tell her anything?”  asked.

“I didn’t say anything but why haven’t you told me yet that you are going to Italy?”

“Maria this is not time for this, i believe Aunty Adesuwa is still here and could be in the same place with you. We will have a good talk when she is out of town. I am at the airport now going to Southern Europe. I will be back in Scandinavia in a few days; Pray for me. Take care of yourself and Rose” I said.

“Wait first, Precious called aunty Adesuwa and said she was at the Asylum camp. She is going there this morning to see her. What if she takes her back to Italy?” Maria said. It meant that Adesuwa was still in Sweden.

“Don’t worry about the things you can’t stop. If she follows her back to Italy, that means she never wanted to be free. Besides we have €15,000 which can be used to go to Italy and bring her back to Sweden or even send her to the UK. We will talk when i get to France” I said and switched off the French phone. The airtime prepaid Credit in it was getting low and since it also charged me for receiving calls, it could quit any moment.


We landed in Paris Orly Airport before 12pm that Saturday Afternoon. As expected, there was no immigration control whatsoever at the airport. I bought airtime at the airport and called George. I needed to give him his money back because he has been of immense help in the fight against human traffickers. He was the one who has been using stolen credit cards to buy tickets online for me. He has even booked a Hotel for me once with a card in Italy but i stopped using that kind of booking since Hotels can’t move. I could be easily tracked down and captured in the hotel if they found out it was booked with a stolen card. It was best used in flights since flights moved from a point to another, though it was still possible to track people down anytime.


I met George in the Center of Paris where we sat and had a few drinks.

I gave him double his money and Told him that i was going to Venice later.

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    Hmmmmmmm am loving this thriller,you such a great boss,May God reward u for dzi gud work

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    Enjoying my time here. isn’t it risky 2 go to Italy by ourself….mine while UP MAN UTD for dat superlative performance against bayern munich

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