51. The Distribution of Funds

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When i got down from the hotel after my prayer questions to God, the entire street was bubbling with life. It was hard to believe that it was the same street i saw yesterday.

I even saw numerous black people walking all over the place.
“Excuse me Sir” I said to one black man whom i believed was a Nigerian.

“I am new here and i am looking for where i can find some African Sxs workers”

He looked at me scornfully and continued his walking.
Damn! That was a bad way to approach the matter especially to the religiously blackmailed Africans who thought that every thing sex that came out of a mouth was sin.

I approached a white young man and asked him the same thing.
He directed me to a place called Tiengener Strasse and said that i could also check out RosaStrasse but adviced that i go in the night.
I thanked him and went to eat at a Chinese restaurant. I didn’t remember eating anything the day before except for some fruits and as far as Nigeria was concerned, Fruits were not considered to be foods. We preferred Eba/Garri, Yam, rice or at least Bread and Akara.

I was still eating when Madam Grace called and said she has sent the money. She encouraged me to tell Jennifer to pay the rest of the money and even promised to give me another €2000 when Jennifer paid.
“I will tell her to pay up but don’t forget to send the two thousand you promised” I said and continued my food.

The Mulhouse contingent haven’t been able to reach me because i switched off Sandra’s phone which i used in dealing with them.
I knew i was going to switch it back on soon enough but not yet; i wanted things to calm down a little. It would make Tina to fully grasp the fact that her €10,000 and her girl were gone for good.

As soon as i finished my food, i called my younger brother and gave him instructions on how to distribute the money.

I sent him Maria’s account number and told him to pay the equivalent of €3000 in it and also pay the equivalent of €4500 to my own account.

When Maria called and said she received an alert of cash deposit of 600,000 Naira in her Nigerian Bank account, i told her i was the one who put it there. I also reminded her that it was for her baby.

I also called my account officer to confirm that about 900,000 Naira was deposited in my account.
The rest of the remaining 95,000 Naira was for my brother who withdrew the money. He thought i just gave him the money as pocket money not knowing that it was his own percentage from the dangerous deal.
Madam Grace could have tagged the money with Police and the guy would have been arrested over what he didn’t know. I didn’t have any remorse over what i did anyway; he was a man and every man was supposed to be some sort of a soldier.
I recalled that it was in Israel that every youth have to go through some military training at a stage of his or her career before continuing whatever he or she was doing.
The world was full of evil and only the fittest survived.

Before i left back to the hotel room, i sent €4000 to Berlin and asked Johnson to take his €2000 and keep the rest for me. I sent €2000 to Italy and asked Maria to keep it for me; i knew she would use it if her money finished but if i had given her permission to use it, she would have started to buy even the things she didn’t need.

Since Naomi started living with Eric her boyfriend, she never cared to call me again or ask for money; i didn’t care either. Ngozi was the person who needed money and when i called her, i told her to get a name of someone who has papers so i can send her some money.

Ify was apparently living large in Dublin. The UK contingents should take care of themselves; afteral i have never been to England.

Our beautiful earth don’t need this.

After distributing my easily acquired funds, i took a cab and went into the Swarzwald.
Swarzwald which means Black Forest or Black Wood was a massive area that touched many towns in Baden-wurtemberg including Freiburg, Baden Baden and one other city known as Pforzheim or something.

There were tourist agencies advertising for people to pay and join them.
I decided to join the hiking group which were to visit the feldberg mountain. We were going to be driving and walking at intervals for the entire day and next.

The Black Forest was, according to the handbook we were given, about 160km in length and 60km in breadth.
Who cared since i wasn’t doing anything for the rest of the day and for a few days ahead.

One thing i really loved about the European inter city operations was that each city i visited and rescued someone, the news would spread and the other teenage prostitutes would hear that one of them was taken away without the fear of Olokun. It was then left for the other teenagers to find their way and run if they could. If they ever waited for me to come for them, then they were going to be disappointed because as i was rescuing them, i was also wary of the thugs and the madams who were bent on harming me. I was sure one of them could have killed me if she had the chance but one thing i learnt how to do from the days of Madam Grace in Portugal was to dictate. As long as it was me who fixed venues and times, it was very difficult to be captured. It was very important to be in charge because it gave me the freedom to change plans and alter agreements.

What i was doing was nearly equivalent to abductions but then it could be classified as legal or consented abductions since all i ever did was to convince the teenagers that what they were doing with their young bodies were very wrong and bad. Most of them, including most of the adult ones were very stupid and naive.
Imagine Tina telling me that God would never allow her to contact AIDS; has she ever asked herself why the same God allowed her Madam to contact the same disease?
Someone needed to teach those girls that Heaven only helped those who helped themselves first.

But that was why Ozoigbondu was born, raised and sent to Europe.

“Whatever we do here on Earth was destined somewhere beyond our knowledge” – Zuby.

Thanks to all my Fans… I once promised that if you can be able to read past Chapter 3 of Season 1, You will never stop reading..
I hope i lived up to that.

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  1. Juliusdubem

    Ozoigbondu 1 of berlin! I envy ya bravity and fearlessness. You found ya path, I hope to find mine…write on!!!

  2. Green

    sure zubby u lived up to that if not we wouldn’t have followed u up to this season. from nairaland to globalruns, the run continues. tuale

  3. Dejust

    yes u score a high mark on ur promise

    Even the average mark in today jamb u score above expectation….

    Thanks u Very much

  4. Olaxxx

    Thanks to all my Fans… I once
    promised that if you can be able to
    read past Chapter 3 of Season 1, You
    will never stop reading..
    I hope i lived up to that.

    @Zuby u kept ur words. Now I checked on this site more than nairaland. Who says you can’t beat them.

  5. Chanchit

    I’ve been following this story from NL, I joined around seite136, und truely es ganz gut… You have really stayed more than true to ur word.
    I just told a friend about this story and he has not been able to do anything else since then..

  6. kajiang02

    Moving on is an understatement. I see a larger you and a larger project beyond imagination.
    Pls keep writing for fun. Success will chase you pants down.

  7. zubis05

    That is what makes a man,his word! You promised and delivered..oh well,my birthday is tomorrow people! Please pray for me as you wake up. Especially for a job because that is my most pressing need right now!!!! Thanks you all in advance!

  8. Konmight

    Yes Boss, you’ve kept your word.

    I thank heaven who protected you throughout your encounter with the Madams in Europe.

    The Lord is Your Strength Boss.

    We are patiently waiting for the next update.

    And Boss,

    What about the idea you posted some weeks ago where you sought our opinions if some other people(Nigerians/Non-Nigerians) home and abroad could also share their experiences here without derailing your beautiful updates?

    It was a good idea Boss, there are lot of Nigerians who have true life experiences to share on this blog. I personally know of someone I directed here. He was in USA for about 10yrs, he made his money and returned to Ile-Ife. He’s now a politician, he usually tell us stories about life in abroad and I believe he would contribute greatly if the idea came into fruition.

    Cheers Boss.

    Konmight, one of the Runners.

  9. Delis

    Yes you certainly did.

    Please lets remember to endavour to continue to update/share the chapters on our social networks.

  10. Delis

    The links has filled up my timeline thereby making it (my timeline) look weird but I don’t care provided it draws attention.

  11. SuperV

    From Mazi threads on Nairaland, to LOTR, to there and back in time n now globaltuns. I have been following you bumper to fender. Woow!!!!!! It has past a year now n the runs still continues. I doff ma hat.

  12. Jerald

    Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Cheers

  13. #MC OlIVeR............

    You have indeed lived up to your promises. If I haven’t read atleast 10 chapters in a day then that day is not complete. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

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