51. The first Pay.

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“Follow me” I had said to Precious.

I had walked up to the point where she was with the young men and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hey Brother Solomon, what are you doing here?” She had asked.

“I was on my way to another city and decided to check on you” I said.

“How did you know that i am here?” She asked as i held her hand and dragged her away gently to the utmost surprise of the young soldiers with her. I wondered which one of them that was paying for the cola; they all looked hungry. For the fact that Precious called me Brother Solomon was all the permision I needed to take her away from them. I would have kicked at anyone of them that tried to stop me. I was sure their time to continue their wooing game would come soon enough but there was urgent situation that needed to be solved. Precious was a Benin girl anyway; she would make them pay.


“Asylum seekers never did any other meaningful thing in their first week except walking round the malls admiring the things they couldn’t buy” I said to Precious..

“Pay attention. Your Madam is here in Sweden. Did you contact her?” I asked.

She denied ever calling anybody.

“Good, what time does the camp gate close?” I asked.

“The gate don’t close, people go out and come back even after midnight” she answered.

“Good, we are going to my hotel room; I paid for a night there”I said trying to make her believe that I was leaving town soon enough..

We walked to the counter and paid for a bottle of Cola and a cake she had picked up, then we went outside and took a cab to the hotel.


“Like I said, Aunty Adesuwa is here and she wants to speak with you. I told her that i am holding you hostage and that she must pay before she take you back. I will call her now and you talk to her. Pretend that you are being starved. Ask her to bring you anything you can eat if she would be coming to take you. I will shout at you and grab the phone midway through your talk with her. As soon as i took the phone from you, don’t shout or cry; those were old fashioned. Just beg me to give you something to eat, I will leave the phone open for another ten seconds after your talk with her.” Do you understand me?” i concluded.

She nodded as i placed a call to Adesuwa. She was already with Maria when i called.

I told her that i was going to contact the guard with Precious and ask him to allow them talk for one minute.

I called adesuwa with the Samsung Phone that had ‘EDA’ as its profile name; however the phone identity was locked. The number was blocked from showing to the receiver.


Ten minutes after i finished talking with Adesuwa, i called her back and gave the phone to Precious.

Before i gave her the phone, i warned her to remember that i was in France.

“Don’t say anything implicating about me. Tell her that you don’t know where the person who tricked you into following him went. Remember to tell her that we took the train and drove for over two hours before we stopped in the current location where you are now. After that, i will give you some pocket money to use in drinking your Cola and eating your cake” i said as i dialed Aunty Adesuwa’s phone with the Samsung again. The phone was on speakout.


“Precious are you Ok, where are you?” It was the voice of Aunty Adesuwa.

“Aunty please help me. I have not eaten anything since yesterday. I don’t know where i am. It is in a house somewhere in a village. Aunty please don’t leave me here” she was shouting softly.

Aunty Adesuwa asked Precious to keep holding herself while she did her Best to settle the matter.


Five minutes later, my French number vibrated on the table. I was busy admiring the round waist of Precious and considering if i should have a go at it but the vibrating Nokia interrupted that handsome thought. I cursed the Nokia as i picked it up and looked at the screen; it was Adesuwa.


“I have told them to call you, why are you disturbing me again?” that was my first reaction.

Aunty Adesuwa said she had spoken to them and asked how the exchange would happen.

“I told you to give the money to that woman who spoke with me. The one you called your friend. Since she lives in Sweden, i will tell her where to take the money. She will drop the money and go back. When we are sure that you didn’t set any trap for us, your girl will return to you” i said and cut off the call.


“Here is Sek2000, you are returning to camp now. I will find you anytime i need you. How many years did you tell them you are at the camp and what name did you use?” I asked.

She confirmed that she used Precious Ese and that she was 16 years old in Sweden.


Precious left the hotel and returned to the camp. Immediately she left, i packed all my things inside the bag and left too.

I found another hotel at the back of the previous one and rented another room there.

It was already getting dark when Maria called my French number and said Adesuwa had given her €15,000. She asked where she will take the money to in Sweden.


After settling down at the new hotel, i went down and bought another sim card. Less than an hour later, it started working.

I sent a message to Maria with the new simcard. The message read “There is a small city called Avesta, it is not far from Stockholm. Come there before the next two hours. If you bring anybody with you, the deal is off. I have a direct order to disappear if i sense any danger. Stay very alert for subsequent messages” I sent the message to Maria. I figured that she might show the message to Adesuwa; therefore i included some threatening words.


As soon as she received the message, she started calling the number.

I wrote a second message that read “Don’t call this number again, do as i say and we won’t have problems”.

After receiving the second message, she didn’t call again.

I walked out of the hotel and took a cab to Avesta. It was a small city not far from Uppsala. I saw some buses going there from Uppsala Central station earlier and the good news was that the Europeans usually wrote the train and bus destinations in front of the carrier.

I got to Avesta less than forty minutes from the time i sent the text message to Maria. I figured that it will take her more than two hours to get there. I walked around the train Station and concluded that it was very dangerous to do business there. I walked out of the station and saw a very large Ancient Catholic Church standing magnificently down the road.

I got to the Church’s Entrance and pushed the door, it was not locked. I entered inside and closed the door behind me.


“Don’t pay attention to everything people say-you may hear your servant insulting you, and you know yourself that you have insulted other people many times”

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  1. Admiral

    This guy zuby is one hell of a creature. You are really talented but i don’t support your lifestyle. So many atrocities starting from Fornication, Adultery with married women, Gambling, Smoking, Drinking alcohol, Aggravated robbery attempted murder, to mention but a few.
    I pray you change.

    • Anonymous

      I guess you missed the bus, drool off please.
      You don’t have to really write, you know?

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    @Admiral I don’t recall any where from the 1st season to this episode where Zuby slept with a married woman.

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      Well my mistake. By the way, altering one crime from the lists i’ve mentioned still is much to ignore the fact that he is a sinner. I mean the guy really believes in nature and not the Almighty creator who created him and the women he rams.

    • akpos4uall

      The sinner we know is better than the saint we don’t know much about.

    • Admiral

      I’m on track bro. just because he entertains us doesn’t mean i shouldn’t tell him my mind or the truth.

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    Zubby never slept with married women as far as this whole is concern. Maria could end up being a victim of zubby’s adventure.

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    Just for the record, i’m not here to cause any rift. Just airing my views. I wish i can think fast like zuby. Mehn it would have been awesome.

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    Thanks Mum. I was actually expecting the prayer Ma. Thanks again Mum-love you <3 😎

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    I can smell the euros right here in my room. Zuby Don chop beta monitor finish.

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    I hope Maria always delete every text message you sent her !!!

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