50: The gateman and his new job

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The following morning, I drove to Trade fair and bought a small Nokia phone for our gateman Issa. I also bought him an MTN Sim card.

”Issa, this phone is for you and this is how to operate it” I said as I showed him how to make calls.
He was surprised and over-joyed. He actually believed I did that because he washed my car.

I stored my phone number on the phone and showed him how to call me.

”Issa, any moment Stella passes through here and go outside, just call me” I said as I handed him the phone.
He took it and nodded.

” one more thing, anytime any of the girls come looking for me, call me and tell me who it was first” I said and walked outside to the call center.

I told the call Girl that our Landlord had stopped us from inviting girls to the house. I told her also that I would be targeting when he was not around before I can ever allow her to come in. She bought into the lies and said that it must be his wife who came up with that devilish idea, I concurred.

I went up and called Zainab. She wanted to come during the weekend. I told her that I would come. I didn’t want any girl near my house.

I called daisy and told her not to come to the house. According to me, my landlord’s wife had threatened to attack any girl who visited me. The reason was unknown but I told her I would let her know when she was not at home. She advised me to look for another house and leave their house for them. I told her I would definitely do that.

Elizabeth from Jakande had been calling. She wanted to come but I lied that I had traveled to the east.

Liz from Aba wanted to come to Lagos. I told her not to do that but to rather wait until I come to east.

Rose from Port Harcourt had turned to text messages since I had stopped answering her calls. She wanted to know what happened etc.

I called Linda. She started shouting as expected.

”Everything you are saying is being recorded” I lied. She cut off the line instantly. I laughed.

After taking care of all the girls that could cause troubles for me, I drove out and got a Nokia 3310 and a new sim card.

I transferred all the girls numbers to the old sim and put it on the Nokia 3310. Then I put it on the small drawer near my bed.

Around 4pm, Issa called. He said Stella had gone out with a bible. I instantly knew where she was going and how long she was likely to stay there.

I waited at home with a bottle of JW until 20 minutes to 5pm, I went down and walked to the Church.

I went inside and sat on a chair down the hall from the Alter. She was kneeling down and praying. I waited for some minutes until she finished.
She saw me sitting there alone and walked past me.

”How long have you been sitting there” she asked as soon as I caught up with her.

I told her that I don’t know and that it didn’t matter. I made her understand that I could wait for her for a whole day if only to see her face.

She begged me to stop flattering her as we walked back home.

”I didn’t know you in our house, when did you move in and what flat do you live?” she asked.

I told her I had returned from Israel and moved in with my cousin. She knew my cousin but was surprised that I had gone as far as Israel. She was one of those people who thought Israel was in Heaven.

”Stella, can I get the number today” I had asked her.

She asked for my phone and I handed her the Motorola flat razor phone. She keyed in her numbers and dialed it. It rang but she said the phone was at home.

I saved the number and asked where she had returned from the very first day I had seen her. She was a student at the Covenant University somewhere in Ogun State according to her. Second year student.

I on my own side had gone to study Geography and History in Tel aviv Israel. I was pretty sure I could hold my ground on those two subjects.

We got to where we dispersed the first day and dispersed again.

When she left, I typed a message and sent it to her phone. It read;

Dear Stella, I know we just met and we don’t even know each other well but if there is anything I wish for in this life at this moment, it is to be with you for the rest of my life” I sent it and walked stairs.

The next day or so came and passed too fast. It was saturday all over again.

I didn’t see Stella on the friday. I had sent her a message telling her how much I had missed her. She replied and said a friend of hers had a birthday in Festac and asked if I would go with her.

Your guess should be good as mine on what my response was…..

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