50: Escape from Genova

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Chapter 50. The Escape plan.
We stayed back in the hotel until around 9:25 pm before I called Naomi. I told her that Ngozi will be coming to Marseille alone. She asked what i wanted to stay behind and do in Italy.
”I have some unfinished business here, i will be in France as soon as i am done” i said. She pleaded with me not to do something stupid or dangerous.
After talking to Naomi, I called Simeone. He said he was on his way to the hotel. I brought out the piece of paper containing the two taxi numbers the hotel receptionist gave me and dialed the first one. The Taxi driver answered and agreed that he understood English. I told him to come to the hotel and pick me up.
Some minutes later, Simeone came to the hotel. I opened the door of room 17 and allowed him in. We didn’t talk much since he didn’t speak English. We waited for a few more minutes before the second Taxi man came.
Simeone, Ngozi and I walked down to the reception with the red bag to meet the new Cab driver. We all walked to the bar and sat down. I explained to the new Cabman what i wanted him to do. I first of all, told him that Papa Simeone didn’t speak English. I asked him to interpret some of my plans to Simeone.
The plan was to plant the new taxi man in front of the big Restaurant where i had seen one of the thugs earlier. There were chances that the thugs didn’t come with their own car. I explained to the new Cab driver that i was going to enter Papa Simeone’s car with my girlfriend but since some people were following us, i wanted him to park his car very close to the restaurant and sit inside the car. The thugs would naturally come out and hire him as soon as they saw us. There were other cabs in the area but i wanted him to be the one to pick them up. They would ask him to follow us and naturally intercept us as soon as we enter the highway.
Two highways led out of Genova; Highway A10 went to Sanremo and the French Border while A12 went to Milan in the North. According to the plan, Simeone will slow down very well as soon as he get to the intersection. The new Cabman who said his name was Augusto, will overtake him with speed and join the A12 by mistake. Simeone would then join the A10 that headed to French border. According to the Map, there was no turning around for any vehicle that joined the A12 until it gets to a small city called Alessandria. Alessandria was more than 10 minutes away. The twenty minutes it would take the new Cabman to get to Alessandria and return to the intersection would be more than enough for Simeone to get away. I warned the new Cabman and told him that the success of the entire plan depended on what happens at the intersection; he nodded but said his prize was €200. I told him that it was too much but he insisted that he won’t take anything less than that. He argued that his part was the most dangerous one since the thugs could turn on him for that mistake. He was definitely right because they could detect that he missed the road Intentionally. I eventually agreed because he could cause us problems if i refused to pay the money. He already knew the plans and had every information. He could easily sell out to the thugs and i believed they would even pay him more. Even though i agreed to pay him the €200, i was still afraid of him selling out. The thugs might have seen him around our hotel and knew that he was working for me. It was going to be a gamble. I could have went into town to make the arrangements but since the hawks were already watching the hotel, they would definitely follow me and if they managed to apprehend me, Ngozi would be stranded in Italy. She would have no other choice than to return to Maria which would be regarded as defeat to me. The second reason why i didn’t want to go into town to make the arrangements was that Ngozi was still shocked by what happened at the mall. She had watched as Police took me away and had nearly had a breakdown. I wanted to be close to her all through the escape period. She needed my presence. The whole game was too risky and dangerous for me as well but i had been in similar situations many times. I had escaped from a more life-threatening situations before.

After making sure that everybody was on the same page, i asked the new cab driver to clear out first. He would go to the extreme end of the road and make a U-turn, then he would use a road on the right side to cross over to the back of the restaurant building. He will use a different route to come out to the road again and pack near the entrance of the restaurant. We would clear out as soon as we saw him stop his car in front of the restaurant. I gave him €200 and opened the door slightly for him to go. There was no guarantee that he was going to do what we planned. He could just take the money and varnish but ‘In life, we must always take risks for some things to happen’

We watched through the bar window Augusto left and three minutes later, we saw him park his car in front of the restaurant. His car stood in front of a Silver Peugeot 307 we suspected belong to them. One minute after he parked, i picked up my bag and held Ngozi’s hand with the other hand; then we open the hotel door and moved outside. With the corner of my eyes, i watched the two cars . As soon as we entered Someone’s car, i saw the thugs. Three of them came out at the same time from a bar near the restaurant. They quickly jumped into the Silver Peugeot and blew their horn for Augusto to move forward. As we were moving towards the highways, i saw one of them jumped out of the Peugeot and opened the driver’s side of Augusto’s car. Augusto jumped out and put his hands on his head as if his car was about to be snatched from him. That was the last thing i saw as i urged Simeone to move faster and join the Highway. Five minutes later, we were on highway A10. My eyes were fixed on the right side driving mirror to check if we were being followed but it seemed that nobody was interested in us. We had escaped.

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