The Rhodesian girl started touching my chest romantically, we were still under the large padded blanket. ( Zambia and Zimbabwe are the Rhodesians).

I reminded her that the door was open, she said nobody would enter the place without knocking first.
I was still uncomfortable but not in the mood to argue. I already had enough ruffles for the day.
In the middle of our touching, our hands moved to the private parts. We kept touching and smooching until the heat to fvckk built up. We threw the blanket out and started removing our clothes at the same speed.
As we were about to start the action, a knock came on the door. We scrambled back into our clothes.

When she opened the door, it was Ugoo and Afam.
I was sitting on the bed when they came in. I stood up when I saw them. They were still feeling cold. My cloths were on me, so there was no cause for suspicion.

After drinking hot coffee made by the Rhodesian girl, we went back into Ugoo’s room. The Benin guy who chased me out of the room had returned. He was explaining to Afam that Ugoo didn’t properly introduce me to him. Afam was angry and wanted to fight him.
I suceeded in averting the crises.

From then on, the only thing on my mind was how to go back to Brandenburg. I was supposed to go back anyway. The police had seized my Ausweiss and I couldn’t stay long with the paper they gave me.
The instruction on the paper they gave me was to go back to Brandenburg immediately. If I was to be controlled by another police, they would send me home themselves and I would pay for the transport from my monthly allowances.

Later that evening, Afam and Ugoo left again. I got up and walked back to the Zambia lady’s room but before I got there, I saw a very beautiful young girl from Esan (Edo State). She was a resident of the HEIM too. She was in the kitchen when I walked past her.
”hey bros, are you new here” she had said.
I replied yes and told her that I came from Berlin Area. She said it was a far Place and that it was in the East Germany.

*East Germany was the poorer part of Germany just like North Korea. The only big city in the whole of East Germany was Berlin which was agreed to host the Capital city before the unification of East and West Germany. Every other satellite city in the East Germany such as Leipzig, Dresden, Cotbuss, Brandenburg an der Havel, Potsdam were just average cities. Average cities in European standards, all of them were still better than our Lagos and Abuja.*

I went inside the kitchen where the Esan girl was cooking, her name was Mary. She was lively and chatty. She had been posted out of camp a few days before I came. She had not found work. I liked her instantly and collected her phone number.
When her food was done, she invited me to their room. She shared a room with another lady who was not living in the HEIM. When she finished eating, she asked me to follow her to the mall to buy powder. We strolled down the street like newly wedded couple on their honeymoon.
She asked what I would be doing and I told her that I didn’t know yet. I told her I would be returning to my HEIM in the morning.
We got th powder and went back to her room.
I told her that I liked her and would like to be her boyfriend; the problem was that I had no money yet. She laughed and said everything would be alright.

My phone rang and it was Afam I told him that I was close to the HEIM and would be coming in 20 minutes.

Out of nowhere and with a collectively summoned courage, I held Mary’s waist and turned her around. I kissed her and she responded at the first attempt. I looked into her eyes to register a fake love and care like Tom Cruise. She smiled while searching for my eyeballs.
We kissed again while my hand ventured into her breastsss. It was tight bosoms and firm too. I removed the top of her dress and sucked on the bosoms. She held me tightly and kissed me while I kept my hand busy exploring her soft young body.
A few minutes later, I carried her to the bed and made her lie on her back. I pulled down her skirt and removed her undies at the same time.
She was already moaning as my finger found her already slippery wet cunnt. I manipulated her for several minutes since I didn’t want to suck her kitty-kat.
When she couldn’t take it any longer, she looked at me and begged me to come inside her.
I slipped down my already lose trousers and slipped a condom on my hard disk.

I climbed on top of her and in one swift move, the whole length of my JT entered inside her.
I pumped away with fury and pleasure. She was moaning louder now and I feared that people passing in front of her door would hear her.
” Baby you are killing me” she said over and over again as the pleasure increased. She climaxed twice before I released. I got down and removed the condom. She laid there on the bed sprawled like a dead spider while I put on my clothes.

” Knock knock knock” the noise came from the door.
It was the Rhodesian lady who nearly seduced me a few hours ago. She wanted her pot back. She had given it to Mary to cook since mary was new in Camp.
She looked at me like a piece of trash and when she was told that the pot would be available in ten minutes, she offered to wait for it.
I bet she wanted to prevent us from doing anything but unfortunately for her, the vehicle had crossed the bridge.

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