31: Fadi and Jimmy

Fadi came to Berlin with Jimmy, another Arab man from Morroco. It was a pity that Jimmy bonded with Arabs from the middle east over his African brothers simply because our skin colour was black or maybe because they had a common ideology and Religion.

We met at the AlexanderPlatz train station and proceeded to my apartment in Pankow. After pleasantries, we got down to business. I had kept the highest quality of skunk weed for them, the irresistible type that everybody wanted. I told them that I dealt on the best qualities alone. He was happy because he had seen where to be getting the best qualities, or so he thought.
I took them to my apartment because I wanted to build some solid confidence in them. I knew it was a very bad move but I was not a tree planted in the apartment. In my kind of World, it was necessary to build trust and confidence no matter how little.
He wanted me to reduce the prize of the weed for him.
I had purchased the one Kilogram for €3800 and sold it to him for €4000, there was no much gain in it but profit was not the motive.
I told him that in order to reduce the prices for him, he would be depositing some money so that I would be able to purchase larger quantities in Holland. He agreed but said he didn’t have much money with him.

They paid for the drugs and deposited €2000 for the next supply.

Immediately after they left, I called Bolaji in Brandenburg and asked if Fadi was around in the HEIM, he checked his room and said he wasn’t. I told him to call me when Fadi returned. I knew Fadi was still on the way but I wanted Bolaji to keep an eye on him when he returned.

I got a call from Bolaji an hour later announcing that Fadi had returned. He also said Fadi had told him to come to his room and get his own supply of a new arrival of the highest quality weeds. I told him not to go near Fadi. He wanted to know why but I cut off my phone.

I dialed the HEIM administrative office and tipped them off. I told them that I was calling from inside the HEIM and that I had seen Fadi with a bag of Marijuana. They wanted my name and room number but I cut off my phone again. I opened the phone and removed the sim card.

I called Bolaji with another phone and asked him to come to Berlin. I told him to leave Brandenburg before 20 minutes.
An hour later, I met Bolaji at the zoo train station. I told him that I plan to put Fadi to jail as soon as possible.

I was still with Bolaji when he received a call from the HEIM. The Police had invaded the HEIM once again and had discovered some unknown quantity of drugs in Fadi’s room. They had taken Fadi away with them. Jimmy was not in the HEIM when it happened. The Arab community of Brandenburg had been hit by the Police.
The Drug supply route of Bratown as we called the city, had been cut off once more.

Johnson called me later and said Fadi had been arrested and taken to the criminal police headquarters in Potsdam. He said that Police had given Fadi warnings twice to stay away from drugs. This third arrest was surely going to put him behind the bars for long. Johnson told me not to worry about hitting Fadi again since the Police had done the job for us. He didn’t know that it was a setup. A setup from me.

I told Bolaji to go back to Brandenburg that evening. He wanted to sleep over in my apartment in Berlin but I wasn’t going to sleep there myself. Fadi could lead the cops to the place. Despite the fact that I removed every trace of drug in my apartment, there was still the problem of living in Berlin with Portuguese papers. It wasn’t allowed.

I slept in a cheap hotel of €25 a night and the following day, I bought a new house-for-rent catalogue and found another apartment further up north in Pankow Berlin. It was a one bedroom apartment. The type I had always loved. I sent a Nigerian owned truck to get my properties from the old apartment to the new one, I gave him my keys and told him to called me when he finished. He demanded for extra cash since he was going to do the loading and offloading. I paid him well for the risks although he didn’t know there was some risks involved.

The Nigerian People in Berlin were always looking for new apartments but it had always been difficult for them due to the fact that they needed a resident permit to rent a place. I found two of such people two days later and handed the old apartment keys to them. I told them that I had paid for two months; one month rent and one month deposit as the law demanded. I asked them to continue the payment to the agents account from two weeks time. I didn’t ask them to give me anything and they were so happy.

They went around telling people how I had given them my apartment and waved almost two months rent for them. Ozoigbondu had done it again. Little did they know that I was running away from the house since Jimmy and Fadi knew the place. I wondered when people would begin to suspect vested interests on some good deeds. It felt so good to kill two birds with one stone but sometimes, the guilty feelings would come.
In the game of drugs, conscience was always trampled upon on the floor.

The drugs gates of Brandenburg had opened again and since I was not a member of that community, it was left for the strongest to take. Bolaji, despite bribing me with €2000, could not control the traffic. He was too dull for such business. Jordan had stopped dealing, Tony had ran to Spain, chibuzo had ran to London, Filas had ran to France, those where the people who lived with me while I was in Brandenburg.
The new arrivals were too scared to touch a gram of weed let alone a kilogram. Johnson who would have been the ideal replacement was still busy trying not to stir up problems that could affect his young resident permit, coupled with the fact that he had money already.

Looking at my finances in Berlin, I had returned with about €10,000 from Portugal, Johnson had given me €15,000, Bolaji had given me €2,000 and Fadi had given me €5000 for drugs (€4000 for weeds and €1000 for Hashes) and €2500 for deposit and goodwill gesture.

I had spent €1200 on the first apartment, €800 on the new one and €3800 on the drugs I sold to Fadi.

I had close to €28,000 left with me. It was dangerous since anything could happen to it. I decided to buy a vehicle.
I searched ebay.de and found BMW X5 for €11000. I called them and traveled to Cologne to buy and bring the car to Berlin. I had hired a driver who went with me since I had no German Drivers license.
I sent the ride down to Nigeria the following week….

News had started circulating in Brandenburg that I was the person who ratted Fadi to the police. Some believed it but some said I wasn’t even in Germany. From what I heard from Bolaji, Jimmy had started plotting his revenge.
I was sure he had checked on my apartment and maybe had been told I didn’t live there anymore.

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