49: Church was better

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I walked into the Church and saw her kneeling down at th Chapel.

I walked up to the chapel and knelt down three meters away from her.
Naturally I started with the sign of the cross. I wasn’t there for prayers, I was there for my landlord’s daughter. Therefore the prayer point was very clear ‘God please give this girl to me’.

I even mentally promised God that I won’t talk to any other girl if she gave me the girl beside me.

She had started the Rosary. Naturally a full round pf Rosary usually took more than 30 minutes and since I didn’t know how many rounds she would go for, I decided to conclude my prayers and go out.

I said one ‘hail mary’ and ‘ our Lord’s Prayer’, then I made another sign of the cross and stood up.

I walked outside to the street and found a beer parlour. They sold chicken parts as I could see them on a glass showcase.

I ordered for one and a bottle of guinness stout. It was time to wait and I believed it was going to be a long wait.

Over an hour later and after three bottles of that bitter liquid called stout, I saw her come out of the church.

”How much is your money madam” I shouted to the beer parlour owner as I stood up.

She said it was N900. I gave him N1000 and told her I was coming for my change.

I walked fast up to the girl and said ”excuse me”.

She looked back and kept walking.

”I have been waiting for you at the beer Parlour” I said.

She kept quiet and kept walking.

”Please could you stop for a minute, I wanna ask you something” I said again.

She said nothing and continued walking.

I decided to talk anyway. She could chose to say nothing but she can’t close her ears from hearing me.

”I don’t know your name and I didn’t wanna ask anybody. I hoped to get it from you. I think I started wrongly but the point is that since I saw you, I have been looking for a small opportunity to talk to you. I followed you to the Church even though I was a Muslim” I lied.

She laughed at what I said but kept walking. I had abandoned my car near the Church and followed her all the way to the back of our house.

As soon as we got behind the building, she stopped and turned.

”My dad will kill you if you follow me to the house” she said.

”Your dad is not a killer, he is my landlord” I said as I stopped in front of her.

She looked at me pretty close and remembered me.

”You are the guy I saw with a girl yesterday” she asked.

I nodded and decided not to say anything more. She pretended not to have cared about the girl.

”I just need your name and your number.
I want to be looking at them on my phone every morning” I said.

She laughed again and said her name was Stella but refused to give me her number.

I told her that she had done enough for the day by giving me her name.

” I am going back to get my car Stella” I said.

”To get your car where” she asked.

I told her that I left it near the church just to follow her on foot.

She watched me walked back the way we had come and disappeared.
I was the happiest person in Nigeria. Stella was just perfect.

Tall with long sexy legs, pointed nose, slim round waist, fair with long hair.
I had prayed to get her, she had given out her name and I hoped I would get a number soon enough.

Patience, just have patience Ozoigbondu, she will be yours..

I whistled all the way back tp the Church, picked up my car and returned home. There was no need going anywhere anymore, the chicken itself had returned home.

I parked the vehicle and walked down to buy recharge card at the call center. The ‘call girl’ had suspected that it was Stella that I followed.
She accused me of that which I wasn’t even interested to deny. If I was going to win Stella, I must sacrifice some of the girls, especially those who lived close to my house.
On that very list included

Call Girl

All three of them must go by all means.

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